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14th November 2012

Malta Fantastic
Ah! Malta is fantastic! I'm in Malta at the moment. I'm really glad. My trip is very well organized. An advice: contact this company: https://www.culture3sixty.com They organize all how you want to! Have a good day! :-)
20th August 2012

Beautiful! We didn't make it beyond Siracusa this past June on our Sicily tour, so I am grateful for your writing and photos. My wife's family is from Santa Maria and Montalbano above the north coast of Sicily. My wife loves Taormina (what's not to like), and I fell in love with Lipari Island off the north coast. I hope we get to go back next year. A new cousin was just born in Pati. Mike
21st August 2012

Hi Mike, thx for the comments !! Much appreciated ! Maya is from Catania, so she invited me last year to see for myself and it's absolute fab ! Each little village/town has something else to offer and discover that it will definitely take a while to see all of it, not to mention the food and beverage variety !! Greetz From Madrid !!

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