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21st February 2011

The photos are wonderfullllll!! Cant believe a bird shat on your head haha! Cant be lucky cos of the dog poo incident afterwards, D'OH!!! Glad to see that you got your fix of brie too! xxxxx
16th February 2011

looks very beautiful - makes me wanna go on holiday like NOW =P i thought St Bernad dogs r rescue dogs- they look like lazy dogs haha plus they must be quite hot the poor things with all that fur! lake views look amazing and shopping centre looks unusual in a good way! enjoy the rest of ur week guys xxxx
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12th February 2011

miss you!
you've got such lovely photos!! the loveliest thing iv seen all week is a bowl of noodles... im massively jealous that you're out there experiencing the wonderful world and im stuck in cov working on coursework! Got my uni trip to Brussels next week (study week) 16th-19th feb which im mega looking forward to! Also going to book tickets to thailand soon, hopefully 18th july - 26th august =) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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22nd January 2011

WHAT WERE YOU DOING ON THAT UNICYCLE, woman!!! I would have been brrrricking it haha!! Cant believe how amazing those views are! Just as you said =) the huskies are soooooo adorable!! x
16th January 2011

it looks faaab! i cant imagine what it feels like to see all this in real life! cute racoons bet they get to steals lots of shizzle from tourists =P had NO idea brazil and argentina had a "nice" side to it! xxx
16th January 2011

Those pics of the waterfalls are amaaaazing, ahhh =) And so is your purple dress!! Sorry to hear how grubby and rubbish Rio was, hope you were able to get hold of the insurance company for your camera in the end!! Also happy birthday to luke for yesterday, hope you had a great time! loove xxxxxxxxxxxx
6th January 2011

amazing culture
love the colourful traditional dresses =) and omg is that what they eat? those fish(?) dont look eatable! xx
6th January 2011

the place looks amazing - u have no idea how much i want warm weather! fed up of the cold gloomy weather here! hope you enjoying every single moment xx
31st December 2010
power wheels for rent in the park

but in brown bread!! i gave blood today and my arm hurts, owwwww. good chance i will be going travelling this summer with my friend steff and a few of her friends!! cambodia/thailand area. you will have to remind me the dates you'll be around there, and how you plan to cross the borders and stuff!! speak soon, and have a happy new year!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx
From Blog: Sweet as Sucre
28th December 2010

Happy Holidays
Loving all your blogs - seems I am there with you because they are in such detail and with loads of photo's. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year. Safe travelling ! Bob
From Blog: Sweet as Sucre
28th December 2010

Great commentary
We have been to Puno and enjoyed ourselves. The reed islands are interesting and amazing. Your photos are colorful and beautiful. Thank you for the memories.
21st December 2010

LOVE the flick one haha hilarious!! Sounds like you got to see some amazing stuff, it's just such a shame that you seem to get ripped off everywhere you go =( that would annoy me sooo much! Lots of love xxx
16th December 2010

pics of the llame foetus, not nice =( SCARRED FOR LIFE!!!!! that steak looks massive and juicy though!! iv kind of started eating steak recently would you believe! keep enjoying yourselves =) xxxxxxxxxx
From Blog: Bolivia At Last
10th December 2010

That sunset at Huacahina looks like something out of a dream!! soooo lovely. cant believe how hostile some of the locals are... just a different way of life there isn't it, weird =/ still, don't let it get to you!! LOTS OF LOVE xxxx
From Blog: Deserted Lagoon
2nd December 2010

when i read 'brown water rafting' i thought it sounded a bit dodge!! Wow, that view from your terrace literally must take your breath awayy!!! Amazing. Also... mayonnaise crisps - genius! Although I'd love to try garlic mayonnaise crisps...! <3
28th November 2010

spirit n looks horse
LOL ashame the spanish guy cant speak english maybe he would have been bit more helpful! love the pics =) snow in Cov but not up to knee height as u described =P sounds n looks like u had a fab bday missy xxx
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27th November 2010

The pics of the Quioto streets look soooo nice, amazing views!! And that comment about cov prostitutes made me laugh hahaha! Really great to speak to you last night =) xxxxxx
26th November 2010

Zicatela sunset
WOW n i that hamock chair thing!very tropical n relaxing =) x
From Blog: The Big Surf
26th November 2010

those sweets look yummy!n those lil turtles-cute! x
26th November 2010

amazing sceneries
it looks beauuutiful there! xxx
22nd November 2010

you took a picture of a LEG!!! haha!! looks like you had some interesting experiences in the city.... enjoyed seeing pics of the meat market and the mahoooosive stadium!! xxx
From Blog: City Life
17th November 2010

I JUST WANT TO COME OUT AND SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!! these places are amazing... and that hotel was a steal - barrrgain!! xxxxxxxx
From Blog: Going Loco
14th November 2010

Hostel looks lovely!! and the christmas tree waterfall looked amazing!!! xxx
9th November 2010

funniest pic ever!!
"after tequila" hahahahaha!! xxxxxx
From Blog: Turtle time
7th November 2010

A few near death experiences then!! It's all part of the fun =) Oh darling katie, where is your tan!!! haha, keep us updated ^_^ xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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