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11th December 2016

I am playing uno, Jenga, obstgarten-a German game and this other game kinda like Chinese checkers, but completely differ at the same time.?From Renee?
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28th November 2016

You are playing a lot of games . . . what games are they? You have only mentioned Monopoly.
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24th November 2016

After seeing the elephant pics, Cara has requested we go on holiday "there" - do I have time to send her express delivery to you?! ;-) She particularly loves the pic of them by the water.x
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13th November 2016

Hope you manage a sundowner on the 14th - the date for the supermoon - biggest for some 60 years. we expect iconic African photos with the moon as a backdrop.
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8th November 2016

:) :)
1st November 2016

It is becoming quite a delight, to sit with my coffee and (vicariously) enjoy your adventure - if I could be anywhere with my family right now, Malawi would be right up there in my choices. :)
29th October 2016

Happy birthday mum x
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2nd May 2014

Stick the chopsticks in the yoke very close together and capillary action will do the rest.
26th March 2014

Tsingtao is a reasonable beer often have it here in the restaurants though always nice to see it is a proper beer as opposed to a pseudo beer like some if the others.
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23rd March 2014

oh dear, must make sure to allow a week to go through all the pictures
20th March 2014

We survived the night without the snoring warriors waking us up. There is a school next door so I can use the children for target practice with the bow and arrows!
19th March 2014

What an amazing bedroom!
19th March 2014

Are you allowed to play with the bow and arrow? Looks like an interesting apartment
17th March 2014

At least when the overhead cables break in the middle of nowhere you'll stay warm!
17th March 2014

Dear john & gillAs the most prolific commenter on your blog I must say that I only read the whole thing today and, of all your recent holidays, I find this the most inspiring. I do need to know where you would have chosen to spend more
time given that the goal is the destination and you have three weeks there.Best wishes to you both
17th March 2014

Mash, Thanks for this, it is good to know someone out there is reading it. John
17th March 2014

I hope you didn't see anyone breaking these rules
2nd March 2014

£1.50 for meatballs and hot chocolate for 2 in a workers café 30 years ago. Happy birthday when you are next in wifi contact
27th February 2014

Don't forget "lao" = elderly in China is a sign of means you are wise.!!

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