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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune June 10th 2008

A quick note from the hill station of Panchgani, high in the Western Ghats. It's beautiful here, surrounded by woods, and it's cold too; i need either a jumper or a constant supply of warming masala chai. We're staying in a tiny bungalow on the hill, overlooking the valley below and the true blue reservoir of Dhom Dham. At night, fireflies flash green around the windows and in the morning you can hear wild peacocks calling. We came here to visit the nearby town of Wai and the village of Menavali. These places don't feature much in guidebooks, but we've seen a handful of Hindi films shot in the area, and the temples and ghats (steps leading down to a river or tank) are gorgeous. In Wai, we visited the Ganpati temple and walked around the ... read more
Shiva Temple at Menavali

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai June 8th 2008

I thought i had experienced India's monsoon back in 2006, but now I'm not so sure. I've never seen India quite like this. It rains, hard, night and day, and when it stops you find yourself looking at the sky and thinking, 'something's not quite right here.' Then the clouds come again, and all's right with the world. Most of the things i own are drenched, and we are often in cabs that conk out in the puddles, but Mumbai has never been so charismatic in my eyes. In our two days here, we've been busy. The Mumbaikers are mad for this monsoon weather, and people at the Gateway of India were deliberately standing right by the sea wall so that the massive waves would drench them. Why not, eh? We walked out to the Haj ... read more
Haj Ali Dargah, Mumbai
Banganga Tank, Mumbai
Crawford Market, Mumbai

Middle East » Qatar » Doha June 6th 2008

I'm deeply opposed to thumb twiddling in airports. But what can you do with three hours in Doha? Lots, as it turns out. We met camels, saw the sunset over the Dhow Harbour, and walked the Corniche, where local lads had parked up their cars and turned up the Arabic pop full volume. There was a very fitting crescent moon once it got dark and a hot, foreign breeze. All of this was much better than mooching around in Duty Free and was only made slightly tense by the fact that it took us forty minutes to flag a cab to take us back to the airport. (I am useless in these situations. I'm so blind i can't see a cab until it's ten metres off and by the time my lazy brain has clocked this, ... read more
Camel Market, Doha
Corniche, Doha
Corniche Sundown View, Doha

I love Chinatown and whenever I’m in London, I always end up here, even if it’s by mistake. I’ll be walking in Covent Garden or Charing Cross, and it’s as though my feet pull me here. It’s not the world’s best Chinatown - it’s small, and Gerrard Street is touristy - but the place has charm. If you come here at eleven in the morning, before it gets crowded with visitors spilling in from Leicester Square, you find the streets jammed with vans and delivery men wheeling boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables to small supermarkets like Seewoo, where I buy my Korean ginseng tea. Hardcore shoppers are already squeezing down the narrow aisles of these stores, carrying instant noodles and vats of Chinese cooking sauces. Girls wearing marigold rubber gloves wash the windows of restaurants ... read more
Chinatown, London
Chinatown, London
Chinatown, London

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