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17th July 2007

hell ya
i am so happy and jelous of you 2! have a blast then we need to scrap!
6th July 2007

How Awesome!
Hi, My name is Andrea, I am from Massachusettes and I am going to be leaving for Chile in less than two weeks. I will also be staying with a host family. What kind of program did you do down there? I will be teaching in Copiapo. If you can think of anything, do you have any recommendations? Things to bring, what to do, what to see? You sounded like you really liked your stay. Hope to hear from you. Andrea SomewhereIBe@gmail.com
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19th June 2007

Can't Wait to see you.
Hey love. I can't wait to see your beautiful face. Love you.
From Blog: Update #2
23rd May 2007

See you soon,
See you in less than 2 months. Did you send Aunt Amy a link to your blog?
1st May 2007

Sounds fun. Miss you lil sis!
From Blog: Mendoza
13th April 2007

Uncle Roger
Hey sis you send uncle ROg the link to your blog?
From Blog: Lima
10th April 2007

Your New Family
Your new family looks so nice. I wish we were having nice weather like that. Wub You!
From Blog: Easter
7th April 2007

it sounds so amazing.
WOW! what wonderful experiences you are having!! Keep updating, i like this! <3
5th April 2007

Miss you
Guess what...Matt got ring worm the day after I talked to you. Too weird! Looks and sound slike you're having an amazing time. Put up some pics of the new family! Call me Sunday.
14th March 2007

It looks soooo beautiful! I'm glad you are having fun! How is it that you have time to go to these places? Dont you have school!?
From Blog: Pucon
28th February 2007

Sounds fun. You know you love the late nights? Do you have your correct mailing addresss yet? Let me know. Luv you. xoxoxo
From Blog: Tours
28th February 2007

Do you have your correct mailing address yet? Miss you. How's it having a brother? xoxoxoxoxoxo
From Blog: Tours
18th August 2006

Hey I hope you can read this.. do you want to go to Vegas still? I think there's enough people to get a second room, so let me know asap if you definitely want to go. E-mail me. Hope your having tons of fun!!! Luv ya!
8th August 2006

Miss u & wish I was there
Hey girl, I wanted to say I miss you so much and I'm so board without you. I hope you have the time of your life and live it up while you can. It goes by way too fast. Tell Lou I said hello. Love ya, Lindz
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