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10th November 2012

Great to hear you are back home safe and sound and with lots and lots of happy memories. Pics are fab- you MUST do an album of the best!!! Hope you have got your thermals unpacked - goodbye sun- hello frost Much Love Aunty C xxxxx
22nd November 2012

Thanks Aunty C, hope all the christmas crafting is gong well. Yes we must do an albulm. There is a feature on the blog where you can print them all out into a hardback book so keep meaning to do that. Only one week to go until our next leg now, India next Friday!! Lots of love xxxx
30th September 2012

What a wonderful setting for a wedding - just like a fairy tale; nature at its best! The bridesmaids were plentiful & looked just the part for the setting.What an adventure for the happy couple, birthday girls and guests. Memories to treasure!
30th September 2012

Wonderful Pictures
and Laura looks so happy x
29th September 2012
Bunkers in Albania

Match the picture and the quote!
For some reason as it was published some of the comments don't match with the pics, sorry!
8th September 2012

More Blogs & phots needed.
Ere Bugger Lugs, good to see you are out seeing the world for once as you were a bit shy on sea time in the Mob eh? Lets have a phot of the BFG, What has happened to Bertha? Still stuck in Yeovil and need a meet when you get back. Later Bandit
29th September 2012

Still have Bertha, she's nicely tucked up in rally, make me an offer and she's yours! Included a pic of BFG in latest blog, she's a 5 berth motorhome with an over the cab bed. Back in November for a whistlestop tour for a month before heading out to India on 30th Nov. Hope you and family are well. Tommo
31st August 2012
WWII peace flame

Bad Spelling
Sorry for the typo's, Laura clearly needs to go back to teacher school LOL!!! :-)
27th August 2012

What great piccies and an amazing record of where you have been. Love the dragon, saltmines!!!hanging gardens, traumatic railroad, beautiful scenery, mountains, water. Have you worked out how many countries in how many days? Lots of love xx
30th August 2012

Hey Aunty C, Glad you're enjoyin reading the news and looking at the pics! We've been gone for 33 days and visited 9 countries so far, so that's on average a new country every 3 and a bit days, phew! I'm glad we're writing things down as Andy is already forgetting some of the details as we've done so much! Hope you're well. Love Laura xxx
27th August 2012

Wonderful Photos
You've certainly seen a lot of sights! Best? Brno, Czech! Very relaxing. Worst? Auschitz - a feeling of utter despair!
30th August 2012

Best and worst
Hey Dad, Tough question about best and worst. Auschwitz definitely the most moving and difficult. Some of the best have been the most spontaneous unexpected moments, like finding a crystal clear river next to the mountains in Serbia, with rapids that we swam down like a water ride! Great after the 45 degrees heat of the landlocked plains! xxx
27th August 2012

Looks like your'e having a great time both of you!
Hope you're having a fab time Laura and Andy! Its cloudy here so live the dream! All my love xxx
30th August 2012

Thanks for all the travel tips!
Thanks Amy :) I have written down all your top tips for places to visit, we're currently in a very quiet beautiful coastal village nr the border with Montegreo, called Molunat. Only prob is we don't have any cash to pay for the campsite, so Andy is getting ready to do some uphill mountain cycling tomorrow! Hope you're well xxx
17th August 2012

Profound Experience of the Horrors
I recall reading about the concentration camps in the 50's and found it hard to believe. Seeing the reality of the actual places now must have been a profound experience for you. How does mankind ever sink to such depths? Let's hope lessons are learnt so such depths are never plumbed again.
16th August 2012

Great Pics.... Hows the dreads going Lau? Xx
17th August 2012

They're ok thanks, not looking exactly like dreads yet though, more like loose curls, def taking a LOT more maintainence than I'd anticipated. On the plus side can wash my hair so not smelly at all! I'll whip them into shape by Santorini and just use loads of products to make them behave! xx
11th August 2012

We are watching!
looks like a great adventure - enjoy! R & L
17th August 2012

Glad we're entertaining you! More pics to follow soon! xx
3rd August 2012

Looking Good!
Cracking start to your European journey. Nice pictures. Keep cycling :)
3rd August 2012

how are the dreadlocks?
Gret to speak to you both today. how are the dreadlocks going Lorze? They lok like they have untwisted a bit in the photos - yes we can see your photos! Mum

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