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Africa » Swaziland » Bulembu April 16th 2018

What a first day!! Up early for a 630 breakfast and on the road by 710. Started at the chapel, watched the high school assembly, then off to tour the schools. We started at the high school. It used to be a hotel but when they needed a new school they converted it to a high school. The wish list from bulembu made more sense to me after that. The youth have no cash but can earn merit points through their grades, athletics, behaviour etc. These points can be exchanged at the shop for luxury items. Luxury meaning deodorant, lotion, special clothes, personal soccer cleats, etc. The high school shop was quite barren actually especially compared to the primary school merit shop. If the school groups want to raise extra funds, they have to raise chickens. ... read more

Africa » South Africa April 15th 2018

11 hour flight beside a lady with a bad cold.. Here's hoping i dont get sick! Don't have time for that! The flight was good, managed to sleep some. Through all the landing, baggage picked up (all our bags made it!), checking in for the last flight to Nelspruit, through security and now waiting with coffee in hand to get on a bus to take us out to the plane. Thank goodness for Sherry who has lead this trip many times and knows where we need to go so able to navigate the airports wonderfully. One more short flight and we'll be meeting brendan and melissa who will drive us to Bulembu. So far I am 39 hours into the journey. We are all pretty tired but spirits are still high, patience being maintained, just all ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London April 14th 2018

Made it to London! Almost 2 hours to get through the customs line and out of the airport. found our way to the London Express so that we can get out and do some exploring. It was sunny, warm and green! Flowers in bloom and people out enjoying the day. Stopped to grab a coffee and the group broke into 2 - 20/30 year olds and the "Goldie's". The young ones decided I'm "minding the gap" lol! We walked a lot! We saw a bit of Hyde Park, visited Kensington Palace, and found our way back. Our feet were sore but figure if we manage to sleep on the next flight it will be worth it. With a 9 hour layover, we only ended up with about 3 hours in the city but enough to know ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton April 13th 2018

Woke to snow today. So glad we’ve booked a winter getaway for April!! Through security with no problem, bags tagged all the way through. And so my time immersed in God and Prayer begins. :) love that we can break into prayer when we feel lead to! Just finished our preboarding prayer to bless the trip, plus a coffee! ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta April 12th 2018

Well, I am almost packed and ready to go, just a few last minute things to do in the morning. I think I've got everything. May find out I'm wrong but I'm sure someone will have what I need if I don't! I'm so excited to get going now. Two weeks around people who love God as much as I do and aren't afraid to talk about HIm. My focus gets to be on nothing else but what God has in store for us. I aim to write here, when I can, to keep everyone interested up to date with our journey. We have many work projects to do in the mornings, activity time with the kids in the afternoons, touring the local area, concerts, hiking, hitting the market (Michele says there's a good one there!) ... read more

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