My name is Elizabeth. I currently attend Old Dominion University and am exploring travel journalism. Traveling has become a newly acquired interest of mine. I am excited to explore this site and everyone's adventures, as well as, sharing my own. Hopefully I will be able to share more as the year goes on and into next year.

North America November 1st 2010

The trip was awesome. The trees were changing to the beautiful hues of fall, red, yellow, gold, orange. Driving along the parkway was like a dream. The overlooks that we stopped at were mainly overlooking the valleys. The tree covered mountainsides reminded me of a patchwork quilt. we slept under the stars at different campgrounds in a tent. Natural Bridge was one of the stops on the trip. It was HUGE and amazing. it is hard to fathom a natural piece of earth making a bridge such as that. There was also Lacy Falls, which were beautiful. Another stop we made was in North Carolina, after traveling all day on the parkway, called Linville Caverns. The caverns had very interesting stories associated with their founding and the caverns themselves. After the tour, we explored the, I ... read more
the most AMAZING colored tree
Natural Bridge
Lacy Falls

Bahamas My family and I traveled to the Bahamas years ago. The intention was to get away for a nice tropical, family vacation for a week. When we arrived, the weather was hot, sunny, and beautiful, but we had not gotten our baggage yet, so we lounged around by the pool, grabbed some lunch, etc. in the clothes that we had traveled in. we got our baggage, but the next week the weather was cloudy, the temperatures dropped into the 60s- low 70s, which is cold for a "tropical vacation"! We tried to tough it out. We lounged by the pools, rode jet skis, walked on the beach, did some shopping at local vendors, swam with dolphins, etc. I especially liked the "infinity pools", I think that's what they are called!...you know the ones that look ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine October 4th 2010

St. Augustine, Florida is a beautiful historic town. I went to St. Augustine a couple of years ago to visit some relatives. Unfortunately, i got sick on the plane ride down, so I spent a lot of the time in the house trying to get better! ugh... BUT, I did get to ride my bike on the beach, go fishing, watch gorgeous sunsets, browse around the historic district, and go to the famous Ron Jon surf shop! It's always better to focus on the good parts of the trip, right?...so that is what I did! Next time i go back i will have to enjoy seeing the Fort and exploring some of the museums in the Historic district.... read more
the outside of the Fort
Historic District
amazing Ron Jon surf board

North America » United States » Ohio » Columbus September 20th 2010

Today is Thursday, August 26, 2010. I have been in Ohio for exactly one week. At six am on Thursday, August 19, 2010 my friend, Kay, and I hit the road for a ten hour ride to Ohio. we were going there to visit her mom. Kay is a close friend of mine who asked me to go with her on her eight day vacation. So, we traveled through Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and finally arrived in Ohio. we hit little traffic and there ride was beautiful; there were clear, blue, sunny skies with wonderful scenery. Thursday night we went to this Japanese steak house which was really neat and delicious! I snapped a picture of the chef making an onion volcano; it blew fire! On Thursday night we also set up the camping tent as ... read more
Welcome to Ohio
Zip line Bridge
Rock House

Central America Caribbean September 13th 2010

Cruises are Awesome Have you ever been on a cruise? I went on a cruise on a Carnival ship some years ago with a group of my friends and family. We all had a great time! They have a 24- hour pizza bar, which was exciting to me at the time, a formal dining area, where we had many family and group dinners, as well as many other forms of attaining food and nourishment. The pool was always crowded but most of the time there were lounge chairs for sunbathing. The on shore excursions seemed too short, but they were fun!...exploring the ship was probably one of the more exciting things to do for a teen with her friends! On one of the shore excursions we did horseback riding. One of the girls got to ... read more

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