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3rd December 2011
Yes i'm quite proud of this one!

So you should be, it's fantastic. We've read a few of your Peru blogs and they are great. We're hoping to go to Peru in October next year and found your blogs really helpful.
4th December 2011
Yes i'm quite proud of this one!

Thank you very much! Glad you found the Peru blogs useful, we loved it there (illness aside!) and hope you will too :)
13th February 2011
Me and my gun

this is my rifle and this is my gun... bang bang your dead..x
From Blog: HunnyBunny
24th January 2011

Bloody hell! It sounds amazing, the pics are great.
29th November 2010

tight lines
I'm enjoying this, pity it wasn't around in my travelling days.. Hmm , maybe on second thoughts, keep it coming guys,, '..will the Flash and his sexy sidekick track down Mr. Grande, will Ginger and Algy suffocate under the bags of leaves tied to their heaDS. tUNE IN FOR MORE ADVENTURES OF fLASHeLLZ AND LIZ DAN DA DA DAAAAN!!!
From Blog: Nazca Lines
16th September 2010

Thank you both so much for keeping the blog going so well, it's the first thing I check for when I turn on the pc. I love the monkeys! Well done Liz with the portugese. Good luck with the next part of the adventure,we're all looking forward to the next instalment,and the photos get better and better too. Loving and missing you. xx
15th September 2010

You get us hooked on your wonderful blogs and then, all of a sudden.....nothing! We're suffering awful withdrawal symptoms. The empty days stretch ahead with nothing to enliven our dull existence. Get blogging you two!! But really ... enjoying your stuff enormously....both gifted travel writers. Great... keep it up.
13th September 2010

I know who it is
It was Kate.......... She came up to me at breakfast........ and I now recognise her in the pics :-)
12th September 2010

Wow! Sounds like a great start. Love the pics. Keep it coming,I'm really looking forward to the next bit. I hope your ear's OK now Ellz. Love you both, and missing you already. Mum xx.
From Blog: Rocinha
11th September 2010

It sounds amazing. Ellory your gonna put Ross Kemp out of a job lol....... Hope you's are well - take care oh and add me on skype bitches!! Peace.......... :-) miss you guy's man!
From Blog: Rocinha
11th September 2010

The views are really amazing!! was lovely skyping with you earlier :) I really miss you both and can't wait to hear from you again!! xoxox
From Blog: Rocinha
11th September 2010

Olly looks like he's teasing his nipple and enjoying it!
10th September 2010

Really jealous as it sounds exciting. However, we partly paid for the first skiing week today so we're looking forward to that.
10th September 2010

Too funny!
9th September 2010

YO!! How ya doing? Pictures from the leaving do are cool and also lovin the Rio pics - Hope your having a great time and the rain doesn't last for too long............ Fish are doing good by the way. Love to ya both!!!! Take care xxxxx

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