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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires September 19th 2011

The thursday after Tango club i had no class because the tango class took the place of my gay buenos aires class. i still however came to school with susana, hung out and did some research for Salta (we booked 2 nights at a hostel in Salta and 2 nights at hostel in Cafayate). Thursday afternoon we headed to the Plaza de Mayo for another CEA excursion (i love the CEA excursions because theyre already paid for, give me something to look forward to, and i always learn a lot about the city.) we met pamela, one of the directors, at the plaza to watch las madres (mothers) de la plaza de mayo march. it was really powerful to watch these aging women march around the plaza holding up pictures of their missing children. it gave ... read more
mmm churros y chocolate!
madres de la plaza de mayo
plaza de mayo

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires September 19th 2011

Since my last post i was getting ready to go to a Gay Milonga (tango club) for my Gay Buenos Aires class. I dragged my housemate and new partner in crime Susana (we"re the only 2 in our house the have to make the trek to the global campus in retiro/recoleta everyday so we pretty much stick together for everything) with me and after arriving 20 minutes late we finally found the club in San Telmo. I cant say it was awesome because the teacher wasnt super psyched that we were all there and we learned the same basic steps over and over again for an hour. it was cool though because it was a classic tango club in the neighborhood where tango was born (it was also kind of mysterious walking up the stairs and ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires September 13th 2011

I'm in my second week of school in Argentina. Since my last blog post I've taken the colectivo to school everyday and I like it so much more than the subte. I'm really enjoying all of my clases and am trying to absorb all of the information about Argentina that I can. I'm a little frustrated by the language barrier because I feel like i know Spanish but can't understand what anyone is saying and can't get my point across. urgh. but i successfully went grocery shopping yesterday and made sandwiches to take to school because i realized how expensive it's going to be to buy lunch at school everyday and i want to save as much money as possible so i can travel. i've put machu pichu out of my plans because i just don't ... read more
puerto madero
la puente de la mujer

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires September 7th 2011

The internet has been a little sketchy at my house so I havent been able to write about school down here. (oh and by the way im writing this from a spanish keyboard that doesnt seem to have an apostrophe, i also cant figure out the @ symbol so ive just been copying and pasting it). monday was the first day of school and susana and i{s first subte experience. its a 10-15 min walk from our house to the subte stop and its pretty easy. the first day we took the D line all the way to 9 de Julio but we didnt switch lines and walked around 10 blocks from the subte station to school. after lots of walking, lots of subte and arriving 30 mins late for susanas class we decided there had ... read more
british clock tower
plaza san martin

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires September 4th 2011

Besides tons of walking... i'm living in a room that already has 2 girls in it. so it's a little cramped. my bed is just a mattress but it doesn't really bother me. we moved around the beds and furniture so that it's not so cramped and our room has become quite the hangout for the 5 of us. sept 2 was my 2nd day here and i had orientation at my school in recoleta. my host brother jose drove us in their van to school but we were pretty late because there was so much traffic. The orientation was pretty scary because they tell you about all of the bad things that can happen to you down here. but my impression so far has been pretty safe. my school program directors are gabriella, pamela and ... read more
museo de arte espanol
my backyard

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires September 4th 2011

I think i'm starting to get a feel for at least my neighborhood. i feel lucky to live in a really safe neighborhood where i feel comfortable walking around during the day and night (but still with a friend). I'm also really lucky to have four other exchange students that live with me and one that goes to the same school here as i do. its a little far so i think that we decided that we will take the subte together to school everyday and just hang out and do homework when the other one doesn't have class. there are so many things that are different here it's hard to think of all of them. The money situation is really annoying. Most places only take cash, so you always have to have cash on you. ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires September 1st 2011 i didn't blog anything the night before i left so id decided to combine it all into one entry. my last night in the u.s. becca drove up and we got our nails done, went shopping, and got dinner. which was just what i needed to take my mind off leaving the next day. after some heartfelt goodbyes, i got back to packing. well, it was more like my mom got back to packing and i watched (yes, that's right my mom packed all of my things...complete with all of my toiletries in separate bags so they didn't leak all over everything). the next morning went pretty smoothly, minus switching duffel bags because the first one was too big and moving toiletries because my suitcase was too heavy. but 1 suitcase, 1 backpack, 1 purse, ... read more

North America August 29th 2011

If i though i was packing yesterday I was wrong. Today, with the help of my mom I managed to pick everything that is going with me to Argentina. I even picked out the outfit I'm going to wear on the plane. I'm really glad I got it out of the way though because aside from a few errands and a dentist appointment tomorrow, I can pretty much just chill. Aside from packing I did a lot today: 1. lunch with grandma 2. derm appointment 3. went to pharmacy 4. went to starbucks 5. went to stein mart and got a passport case 6. made copies of everything 7. laid by the pool 8. read magazines 9. watched himym I really hope that I packed everything that I need. I have a general expectation of how ... read more

North America » United States » California » Temecula August 28th 2011

After lots of goodbyes in San Diego, I'm back at my parents house in Temecula (where it is currently 100degrees outside). Today I spent the day getting organized and doing a little shopping. I'm really excited to leave but I don't think it will actually set in until Tuesday night. For now, I'm starting early so I can enjoy the rest of the time here I have with my family. ... read more

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