Lisa Flanagan


Lisa Flanagan

I am a recently appointed Consultant Geriatrician and am currently on a career break following a prolonged period off work after two nasty and very memorable shoulder operations.
I've always loved Malaysia and visited annually for the past seven years. I have always wanted to explore East Malaysia and I am looking forward to eating lots of new Malaysian delights, whilst spotting proboscis monkeys and experiencing turtles laying eggs by night.

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Lisa and Becky in Positano
Sarah and Becky, Acqua Pazza, Venice

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi March 16th 2013

We have just had an extremely relaxing last few days. Lots of fun, delicious food and more wonderful wildlife. After days of waiting the monkeys came out in abundance, jumping in the trees overhead, spitting fruit skins onto the floor beneath whilst we relaxed at the beach. They really are photogenic. We even had a naughty macaque visit us at the villa before leaving. We finally left Langkawi late Friday night after saying goodbye to our Datai friends, the glorious sunshine and a wonderful setting. From Langkawi to KL, then onto Dubai with a brief risk of missing our onward flight to Manchester. Luckily the fog settled and we were permitted to land in time. To our surprise we were upgraded to first class with a real personal service, with your own host/hostess on tap to ... read more
Beach bar
Datai top pool
Wonderful weather

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi March 11th 2013

Hi all We have been missing for a few days - enjoying the glorious sunshine I am pleased to say. We left KL last Wednesday after a really lovely 4 nights together enjoying some of the many delights the city has to offer. Following a 50 minute flight we arrived at the island of Langkawi - an archipelago made up of 99 islands, known as the jewel of Kedah. Apart from the wonderful scenery you will also appreciate the island is full of culture and heritage. This is our 8th visit to Langkawi. Our trip, as usual, to the Datai resort included picturesque landscape with macaques and cattle along the route from the airport. The Datai is an idyllic retreat in the rainforest, with a pristine secluded white beach some metres away, located in the northwest ... read more
Villa 19
Our room
Our room

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur March 5th 2013

Apart from the mosquitos taking rather a liking to me and nibbling me to pieces, we have just spent a lovely 3 days exploring KL and all it has to offer. It won't surprise you to hear that food and drink have featured highly on the agenda. Sunday - following an extremely lazy day, feeling like lounge lizards, we started with evening cocktails on the Roof terrace before heading out for a truly delicious meal at Nerovivo, serving Italian cuisine. Unusual in Asia and very unlike us, but the standard of food and service were exceptional. Yesterday morning - first stop, Chow Kit market, named after the district Chow Kit and after the miner and municipal councillor, Loke Chow Kit. This colourful market is the largest wet market in KL, with narrow walkways leading to stalls ... read more
Becky, rooftop bar Villa Samadhi
Fried mozzarella with anchovy and a tomato sauce
Tuna carpaccio with olive and capers

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur March 2nd 2013

How did that happen? 40 ? Beginning of a new era? Maybe. March 2nd and finally I have company. Becky arrived today and now we can share experiences together. So lovely after 4 weeks alone. The nicest birthday present of all. After a reunion and an hour transfer back to the villa from the airport I was able to share our stunning room, followed by a beer on the veranda overlooking the pool. I could get very used to this. After finally speaking to my sister via Skype (its only taken her 4 weeks to get her head around the eight hour time difference!) we started out at the Sky bar, Traders hotel, overlooking the famous twin towers. Here we enjoyed a Margarita (Becky's favourite) and a Hemmingway Daiquiri for me before heading for another aperitivo ... read more
Lovely flowers delivered by the resident manager
Becky looking very relaxed

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur February 28th 2013

Having had a wonderful 4 weeks in Borneo I now start the next stage of my trip, beginning in Kuala Lumpur. Just arrived at first stop - Villa Samadhi. This is the second time we have stayed at this resort and I'd forgotten how idyllic it is. Hard to believe you are in the city centre. All peaceful, with the sound only of running water. Only one more day now until Becky too has the chance to explore, enjoy the sunshine and eat lots of lovely Malaysian food. The room is stunning with direct access onto the pool from the balcony. Pure bliss. Time for relaxation.... read more
Villa Samadhi

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching February 27th 2013

Just back from a two day trip staying at Kurakura Homestay, a guesthouse in the upper Sarawak river - a tranquil jungle paradise surrounded by Borneo rainforest. This is a longhouse built by themselves four years ago. Lars (Norwegian), Liza (from Bidayuh tribe), their 3 year old daughter Froya (who we named "Macaque" during my visit), two wonderful cats and three chickens surrounded by wildlife and wilderness. An absolutely wonderful trip. The family, together with Liza's cousin, Phyllis, made me feel so welcome and allowed me to experience a perfect place to stay with culture, local life and food. If you ever have chance to stay in this area this trip is a must. Although, selfishly I would like to keep it a secret. A 5 star trip advisor report truly deserved. The jungle guesthouse takes ... read more
Kura Kura pussycat 1
Kura Kura pussycat 2
Jungle life

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching February 22nd 2013

Hi all, With legs back in perfect working order it was a taste of culture for me today. I started off on a 45 minute trip to the Sarawak cultural village. This village is a living workshop. Sarawak was once inhabited by many different tribes, most of which live deep within the jungles of Borneo. Within the village you can experience a taster of the locals in a variety of dwellings, including the Chinese farm house, Malay town house, Melanau tall house, Orang Ulu longhouse, Penan hut, Iban longhouse and Bidayuh longhouse. Some of which have incredibly steep and precarious steps up. Pussycat steps to an experienced mountain walker such as myself!!! As you enter for registration they issue you with a passport to be stamped in every house you visit (a nice little piece of ... read more
Bedroom Chinese farm house
Chinese farm house tools
Traditional pepper grinding

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching February 21st 2013

Where oh where has the sun gone? It has been raining here for last 48 hours, giving me time to catch up on some reading. I have read quite a few books since being away but only one to recommend so far - Therapy by David Lodge. Following a second massage, at last I can walk down steps without having to side step! My legs finally feel part of me again and the climb will soon be a distant memory. Obviously never forgotten. Ahhha! Thinking my English had failed me, I have finally solved the Tiger Beer mystery - three or four as part of a promotion for 12 ringgit (just over £2) or Happy hour - 2 for price of one. This became clearer last night when I visited Ruai, an Iban bar, before dinner. ... read more
Ruai, Iban bar
Peels garlic all day

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching February 19th 2013

My second day in Sarawak and I am still conserving my energy for now. This morning I started off at a restaurant called Chong Choon, where I had rather a hunger on. I sampled Kolo mee (Sarawak speciality of noodles, minced pork and stir fried pork), Roti Kahwin and a KOPI (very sweet coffee with condensed milk). Following this I thought I would treat myself to a massage to sooth my aches and change my gait such that I no longer look like I'm walking with bilateral artificial limbs. Wow, what a massage. The lady was literally climbing on my back. Not sure what type of massage this was but it certainly helped! Not quite the traditional aromatherapy massage I'm used to. After a short rest I stroll along the waterfront, stopping off for a quick ... read more
Fort Magherita
James Brooke bistro

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