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10th May 2011

Great Reading from the other side of the world.
Loly-pop, You have given "P" and me a great time reading your blogs but it will be just so good to have you home again, Gran.
26th April 2011

Hi Lisa Sounds like you are having a fab time !!! xxx
26th April 2011

rain rain go away come again another day, at least it was warm
From Blog: G'day mates
25th April 2011

Woop dee woop woop!! SOunds like you're having a total blast as we knew you would!!! Wow what experiences Babe... You missed a treat here last night - Adelaide? Pah, Vodka Rev;s was where it was at ha ha! ;0) Miss ya loads. Hope you had some of those yummy Anzac biscuits in celebration of the national day! Lovin' your updates - keep 'em coming!! xxxxx
25th April 2011

G'day!! So glad you're having a nice time! Well jel that you got to feed the giraffes tho!!! Keep updating us all-I for one read every entry!! :-) Keep safe-xxx
23rd April 2011

Sounds wonderful, enjoy yourself and take care. Seeing your Mum and Dad tomorrow, so no doubt your ears will be burning. Lost of love S, R and C xxx
20th April 2011

Yeah, sorry about that, should never have made you watch that film! Have a great time chick. Looking forward to hearing about your adventure xxx
20th April 2011

See you soon.......!!!!
Hope you have a fab time!!! Keep in touch and keep safe!!! Much love, xxx

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