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Asia » Singapore July 8th 2010

Back in Singapore we did two things. We went to the Science Center and we went to the night safari at Singapore Zoo. At the Science Centre we saw optical illusions, played with tornadoes, fiddled with sound, learned the laws of robotics, forgot the laws of robotics and then went to the snow room. The snow room was fun and weird. There was about 40 degrees difference between the temperature inside and the temperature outside. Inside it was minus 6.9 degrees!!! We went tobogganing down a makeshift hill in inner tubes and went inside a fake igloo. It wasn’t real snow as you could not make snowballs with it but it was still very cold. We had to get Jackets, Boots, Gloves and Long Pants. I was covered up completely. At the Zoo we went on ... read more
New friends
Snow City!
Dinner at singapore zoo

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching July 8th 2010

Ku-Ching! Day 11 Kuching, means cat in Bahasa and is the capital of Sarawak in Borneo. It has an eerie sort of ring to it. We stayed at Four Points by Sheritan, which is like the best hotel we’ve been in. It was only 5mins from the airport which was good because we got their very fast. We checked in and all that usual stuff then went out to dinner. Luckily dinner was convientiently situated just outside our hotel. I had some Noodle soup, some roti canai and MILO while watching Soccer. My actual intentions for watching though were quite different. I only watched it to keep in “rhythm” with the Oohs and the Uhhs. From there we went to the hotel and so to bed. Full Day- Orang Utans yay! Day 12 We woke up ... read more
Orang Utans on their way to meet us
Man of the forest
Mama and baby

Asia » Malaysia » Penang July 5th 2010

Intermission Day Day 9 Today was the interval when we did nothing, or at least very close to nothing. Waking up was annoying. The usual was undertaken first, breakfast. Pancakes, French toast, orange juice, as usual. As I am writing this I am thinking of the intermission in 2001: A Space Odyessy (A 5 minute intermission on a DVD, WTF?) . As I said this was the intermission day, the day of hardly anything, the wait, whatever you want to call it. A rainy day it was, perfect circumstances for an imtermisson day. Most of the day up until about 2 or 3 pm I was writing this blog, part 1. I watched a movie on Star Movies (TV channel). If I were to be stuck in a deserted hotel room with nothing but a TV, ... read more
Sewer dragon
Monkey beach

Asia » Malaysia July 2nd 2010

NOTE: Pt.1 of 2 is referring to this series as being a multi-segment, telling of my travels in Penang, and that this is the first of 2 parts. Getting There Day 5 cont. As you can tell, judging by the title, we did make it to the airport but with only 5 minutes left until our check in counter closed. Sadly I had to leave my chocolate behind because it wasn't allowed through customs . Anyway, we got through customs, ate a sandwich, got on the plane, and 45 mins later we were in Penang. We took a taxi from the airport to our hotel. Compared to Brisbane there are Taxis available everywhere. The hotel we stayed in was the Evergreen Laurel hotel on Gurney Drive. Gurney drive is just up the road from a lot ... read more
Restaurant 'not enough money'
Local friends

Asia » Malaysia » Kuala Lumpur June 26th 2010

NOTE 1: If you are wondering what is with that title, it is actually a parody of the Oompa Loompa Lyrics. NOTE 2: Sorry about the quality of the videos. My camera is actually HD but travelblog doesn't seem to support HD Getting there... Day 3 cont. It wasn't a very long journey to Kuala Lumpur. We took AirAsia which even though being a budget airline had a very wide range of food available. The flight only took about 40 mins so I only listened to 2 songs on my iPod before the "Electronic Devices Off" sign lit up again. When we arrived it was raining and since it was a budget airline they didn't have a SCW so, we were handed umbrellas (genius wasn't it?) and walked through the rain into customs. We had a ... read more
The Twin Towers in KL
Relaxed in KL
Reach for the sky

Asia » Singapore June 25th 2010

Going to Singapore Day 1 The trip to Singapore from Brisbane was really fun. Instead of going on a cramped ugly aeroplane I went with Singapore Airlines which I am happy to say is my favourite airline ever. I watched a lot of TV including How I Met Your Mother, The Simpsons, Double Take, Mitchell and Webb and The Middle. I also watched the movie Marley & Me. Every passenger had a cable for watching iPod media and charging their device, a USB port for looking at media stored, and a powerpoint. Arriving in Singapore Day 1 Seven and a half hours later we arrived in Singapore. It was very hot but thankfully the airport was air-conditioned. We collected our bags, got our passports stamped and ate the complementary mentos. From there we took the MRT ... read more
Me entertaining the guests
The hotel pool
Some building...

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Granada July 13th 2008

I didn't get to rest much before it was time to go to the last country on my trip which was Spain. We got the train to Stansted Airport which is outside London and when we got there I had spaghetti bolognaise which was not very nice and then we got on the plane to Granada, which is in the south of Spain and it took about two and a half hours to get there. It was a hot evening when we got there and my Dad picked up the hire car and we drove into the city to our hotel and it took a long time because we got lost on the way. When we had checked into our hotel we went out and had a drink and an ice cream. It was really late ... read more
Fountain in Granada
The Alhambra
Me and Jude in front of the Alhambra

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh July 7th 2008

Early the next morning I woke up and we went to the train station to catch the train to Edinburgh which is the capital of Scotland. We had breakfast on the train. It took about five hours to get to Edinburgh. When we got there in the afternoon we walked on the Royal Mile which is a medieval street leading to the castle. My Dad went to collect the rental car and me and Jude waited and had something to eat. When my Dad came back with the car, we drove to the coast, to a fishing village called St. Abbs where we had afternoon tea. Then we went on a walk along the cliffs above the village. There were sheep on the hillside and when I shouted out something I could hear my echo. The ... read more
Me, Jude and a jellyfish in St Abbs
The cliffs above St Abbs
Me and Jude above St Abbs Head

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City July 7th 2008

The next day I went to work with my Dad. My Dad works at the Health and Safety Executive which is part of the Government. I got to have a keycard to go through the barriers. I kept using it all the time. The internet was no good because it doesn’t even let you into your email and only lets you do work stuff. At lunchtime we went to the Clink Prison museum near my Dad’s work. It was one of the first prisons ever because before that they just killed people. I found out that you can still shoot a Scotsman with a bow and arrow on a Sunday and I was going to Scotland the next day! But tomorrow was Friday so I would have to wait. Also my Dad said he thought you ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 7th 2008

My Dad woke me up really early in the morning and we got a taxi the short distance to St. Pancras station which is where the Eurostar train travels to Paris from. The Eurostar is a really fast train (about 300km/hr) When it gets to the south coast of England it goes into the tunnel under the sea called the English Channel. When it comes out the other end it is in France. Two hours after leaving London it arrives in Paris. We arrived in Paris at the station called Gare du Nord. It was really hot when we got there. I could only understand about two percent of what was being said when I got there. There are all these trains in Paris called the Metro and the RER and we bought tickets for them ... read more
Me standing in front of the River Seine and Notre Dame
Me standing in front of Notre Dame
Me standing in font of the Eiffel Tower

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