Lee Howes


Lee Howes

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth May 17th 2013

Yulara to Perth. Leaving the big rocks behind us we turn west for the final leg to Perth. This proves to have a few challenges of it's own. Somehow I managed to get yet another puncture and this time in the new tyre and on sand. I think I have developed a new special talent. At least now we are all very adept at tyre changes and we are soon back underway. The great central road is a fairly decent dirt road with a few remote roadhouses and basically nothing else apart from the occasional camel. Our first stop is Warakurna Roadhouse, deciding to stay after being discouraged to go on to Warburton by the roadhouse owner. All this stretch is an alcohol free zone to protect the natives... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru May 8th 2013

Hello from red dirt central, The last 10 days we have been doing the gaps, gorges, chasms, canyons, holes and rocks out from Alice. We restocked all supplies including a necessary brake repair to our Prado, which saw it in the shop for a few days which made for some creative transport options as Julie and Craig have removed their back seats and we didn't have a spare bike helmet, but we managed and we left Alice with new supplies all round. We then headed west stopping by Simpsons Gap, Ellery Big Hole (water hole) Stanley Chasm, Serpentine Gorge before pitching camp at Glen Helen Gorge, which has a lodge, pool, bar and petrol as well as camping facilities. We make ourselv... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs April 29th 2013

G'day from sunny Alice Springs! We arrived here at lunchtime yesterday after an action packed few days along the Oodnadatta track. We set off from Leigh Creek fully stocked up and having caught up with the family having got some scarce mobile reception. Our first stop was Maree and a very relaxed set up then off to the pub for a meal on Craig after he had a nice little win on the pokies then back for more beers around the shed fire. The next morning we explored the train ruins at the old Maree station and brushed up on our Ghan Railway history which Tim was happy to help with. Then off to William Creek supposedly an easy 209kms. The first stop was to look at Lake Eyre which is totally dry at the moment ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Leigh Creek April 24th 2013

Week 1 Hi All, Well a week has passed and it seem there is just too much to tell, each day has been fulled to the brim and yet we are all relaxed and definately into holiday mode. Our first stop was Nyngan to get west quickly. The next two nights were bush camping at Gundabooka Nat Park just south of Bourke. We did have a few interesting moments when we first hit the dirt, when Julie and Craig's roof rack broke but the outback engineers fixed that in no time but were soon put back into action dismantling a locked gate that was threatening to bar our way. Two nights of bush camping thrust us into serious camping mode with fires, camp stoves and baby wipe washes. We did a visit to Bourke to check ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Maroochydore August 10th 2010

Hello Again, Last entry as we are nearly done! This last 6 weeks has felt like 6 months. Well here I sit in sunny Maroochydore except it's teaming down, not happy Jan! The last few days have been quite full as seems to be the way with most of our travels. We left our paradise at Hydeaway and stayed a night at a place called Carmila. The site was perfect on the beach with no wind and no other people next to us, unfortunately this stretch of coast is where the tide disappears for miles. We arrive at low tide and the lads spend the next hour walking out to the water across the mud flats while Tim and I battled zillions of cats eyes, the natural born enemy of the self inflating mattress. Nothing that ... read more
Connor's Catch
Wide Bay
Lake Wabby

Oceania » Australia August 4th 2010

Hi All, We have finally found some sun and beach and have been busily working hard at relaxing. We had a lovely couple of days at Mission Beach which ended with an impulsive Sky Dive from 11,000ft to land on the beach. Cal Tim and I all did it and it was truly fantastic. Cal and I were keen to go again straight away with Tim a little dazed and not quite sure how he got talked into it. We then drove to Townsville to catch up with Sue,Steve and the kids, which was great, we had a real bed for a change(thanks Nicky) and was able to relax, restock and recharge. We even got in a few laps at the local pools. We have all decided that Townsville has more shops per ca pita than ... read more
Hydeaway Bay

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mission Beach July 28th 2010

Hello Again, Time for an update as plenty has happened over the last few days. For a start we have covered over 1000kms and left the red dirt/mud behind us, and am now happily nestled at Mission Beach with ocean you can actually swim in(this time of year at least). We left Cape York a little unsatisfied as a lot of the things we wanted to do were all booked out for days in advance, including the ferry to Thursday Island, too windy to go boat fishing, and it was still raining so we decided to head south. Our drive back down was hampered by rain making the roads very, very dangerous, Bushy put the car and van into a slide but executed a perfect recovery to remain on the road. Some fellow travelers weren't ... read more
Jungle Surfers

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape York July 22nd 2010

Hi All Finally made it to the "glorious tip", the last three days have seen us cover about 800kms of red dirt along the Peninsular development Road aptly named as it sure needs a hell of a lot of development. We have discovered that the road signs (when there is one) have a whole new meaning up this way ie DIP mean Doom Impending Pit, as they are car swallowing depressions that your car may not emerge from. Also a bend sign means you better slow to a crawl as the roads is about to disappear at right angles then drop into a creek or other hazard. Reduce speed means you'd better stop or your gonna wear a grader and sections of tar are for overtaking- this you have to do at 150kms/hr as everyone wants ... read more
Twin Falls
Car Swimming
The Tip

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape York July 18th 2010

Hi All, Just a quick update before we disappear in the cape for the next few days. We fare welled our travel companions Julie and Craig at Mt Surprise as their inferior vehicle is not up to the testing conditions ahead. They have been great company and we will miss them as we travel north. The last few day has been very full. A visit to the Lava tubes in Undarra- impressive mostly for their sheer size and way they are formed. Then on to Chillagoe via a very pretty 4WD track and some bush camping by the Chillagoe creek. The cave at Chillagoe are amazing sort of like Jenolan. We also looked around the smelter site a photographers dream dilapidated buildings rusty machinery and red dirt hill and brick smoke stacks. The next day saw ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Normanton July 14th 2010

Hi All in civilization again after a few days in the back of BFN. Or Lawn Hill National Park up near Burketown in the Gulf, and what an amazing place it was. Here we are in red dirt hell, dry dusty and sparse vegetation nothing but emus and kangaroos and loads of nothing and sooooooooooooo many kms of red dirt roads and then LAWN HILL. It's an absolute oasis, a spring fed water source flowing through towering red cliffs that forms a gorge about 6kms long. There are pristine water falls and gorgeous spots to swim and bask in the 30 deg heat and walks to the top of the gorge that afford spectacular views. A little paradise. The only draw back was no open fires but I learned to cope. From here it was up ... read more
Lawn Hill
purple pub Normanton
Cal 1st road kill

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