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26th August 2019

My granddaughter Melissa loved it when she was there. I remember her saying she was walking above the harbour when she came to a break in the wall, upon stepping through she came to a little bar overlooking the water and was rather pleased with herself as the views were fantastic. Have a safe flight home and catch up on some rest and sleep!! I've enjoyed following your blog.xx
24th August 2019

Hi. Lee, this part of the trip sounds wonderful, I remember my brother and sister in law visiting all along this coast on a cruise and it looked wonderful with some spectacular scenery, I'm sure you will both enjoy Dubrovnik,xx
From Blog: Hvar Island
20th August 2019

Train to Croatia
So , it would appear that any travel through Eastern Europe should only be done by Air or Coach Tour!!
20th August 2019

Another place I've often thought I'd like to visit!! As I want to do my usual places one more time I'm not sure if I'll have the strength to carry my suitcase or the long distance travel by then as age will be a consideration!! I don't like the thought of that let alone saying it out loud, yikes I need a drink!!!!
From Blog: Budapest
20th August 2019

Train ride and Auschwitz
Well, I now know I made the right choice not to do any more train rides in certain countries!! Going through Auschwitz must be a really difficult thing to do as we know so much of the horror that happened there but, as you said..you could walk out again!!
20th August 2019

Beautiful Vienna
That is one place I would love to see, the Schonbrunn Palace and listen to all the beautiful music!! Like you, I like to sit and people watch and chat rather than be on my mobile!!
16th August 2019

Great things are better!
Great to hear that you are finally getting good food and seeing the sights!
From Blog: Budapest
14th August 2019

How did you cope with it
I could manage the grime and inconvenience I think! But not the lack of facilities!!
8th August 2019

Ouf !
C'est francais pour 'Phew!' I prefer the glass of wine in Vienna. See if you can find Schindler's list, it is missing. GCB x
2nd August 2019

Vienna sausage
Hi there, have you found a true blue Vienna sausage there. Surely this is their origin. Enjoying the warm weather no doubt - good drinking - have yourselves a good train ride or two - that is a better way to see more and less airports a favourable thing. Thanks for blogging us in enjoy your travels Cheryl and ?
14th June 2017

Hi Lee, I loved Mousehole and also had my first Cornich Pasty there. The tide was in the day we were there,and the weather bleak. If I'd known you were going to Lands End I would have suggested you go and have a look at the Minack Theatre built on the side of a cliff not far from Lands End.I loved it and as my friend hadn't told me where we were going it was a real surprise and well worth a visit.xx
28th May 2017

Sounds lie you're having a great time. Sorry to hear about John's fall - Glad he's okay. Jan wants to know where the pictures of John are!!! House and plants checked - all okay. Missing you - glad you're having a fun time. Love, Frank and Jan
From Blog: Italia!
28th May 2017

Thanks Lee. ...interesting blog. Italy sounds wonderful. Sorry to hear about John...is he going to hang up his pedals anytime soon?
From Blog: Italia!
27th May 2017

Cheers from Moana
Great to read your news Lee. Sounds like once again you are having an awesome tour. We hope JC is on the mend and enjoying his trip even without riding.
From Blog: Italia!
27th May 2017

From Blog: Italia!

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