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Europe » France » Île-de-France May 26th 2012

we were up at the crack of 9am this morning, bought some pan du chacolat and walked to the downriver point of the island and read our kindles for two hours, another glorius day in Paris and the place is CROWDED as this is a 3 day weekend (Pentacost) with many schools out. we feel like we're "locals" staying in the Isle and our hotel is so wonderful. we walked around the island and visited a realtor to sort out square metres and local apartment rents, then found a sign for a piano concert this evening (we were planning on going to the Mozart Requiem at eh Elise Madelaine but changed our minds), visted a few shops and went back to the room and prepared for a tour of the Murais district where we went a ... read more
Que de Bourbon
sunbathing on the Quai
wall art

Europe » France » Île-de-France May 25th 2012

after a short nap, we went out for a dinner and found a nice little restaurant near our hotel then walked along the Seine before retiring. 4 hours later I woke up, so I went out and took some long exposures around Notre Dame which are attached. this morning we slept in and then went off to explore the Knights and Horses Stroll which showed us interesting statues from our hotel to Place de la Concorde . . . we found our way through the Louvre (where we visited the Apple store) and all over the Jardin de Tuileries and some side trips to see about tickets to Norah Jones tonight (sold out) but found that tomorrow night at Elise de la Madelaine there will be a performance of Mozart's Requiem, which we plan on attending. ... read more
a decorative hinge
view from l'Isle St Louis
Notre Dame at midnight

Europe » France » Île-de-France May 24th 2012

Our flight from SLO to LAX was uneventful if you don't count the process of going through the security which continues to evolve. We spent the night in Manhattan Beach with the Armstrongs (Toni's sister and husband Art). Reading the NY Times and the LA Times this morning with all of the ongoing disucssion about whether Greece will stay in the European Union I'm reminded about our previous trips to Europe . . . . it was a few years ago when we were in Paris and Governer Elliot Spitzer resigned and Bear Sterns blew up and the early days of the Great Recession were under way. Seems like we have a knack for being out of the US when big things happen and who knows how this current affair with Greece will turn out? But ... read more
we're waitlisted in 1st place
at the hotel
the view across the Seine

North America » United States » California May 22nd 2012

everything's packed, I took a nice hike up Laguna Ridge after coffee with the guys, Toni took care of some things for the Davidsons and we finalized our packing, double checked out paperwork and gear . . . . we're ready. Randy Harris will take us to SLO Airport and we'll be off to LAX and overnight in Manhattan Beach with the Armstrongs. we met with Steve S to go over what can be done with the addition while we're traveling and we're COOL.... read more

North America » United States » California May 20th 2012

typically these pair of Canada Geese come to stay with us for a few months every year in the spring but we never know exactly when they'll show up . . . this is the latest we've ever seen them and it's nice of them to visit just before we take off for (not Canada) . . Paris... read more

North America » United States » California May 19th 2012

for a glimpse of what our Aegean Sea sailing trip is going to be like go to this link read more

North America » United States May 16th 2012

Photos from previous travels . . . enjoy and feel free to send us comments.... read more
the Liberty Bell
Wilmington, DEL
London - 1st Coffe Shop

North America » United States » California May 16th 2012

we bought coach class seats on American Airlines and we paid to select seats on all flights (we are waitlisted for upgrades to first class using mileage but so far we haven't got them). we really wanted to fly direct LAX to Paris but that's only possible on Air France so it's LAX to Dallas then to Paris.... read more

North America » United States » California May 15th 2012

the packing has begun, all travel arrangements except renting a car are in place. we're hoping to do this trip with 2 checked pieces of luggage (one each) and one carry on . . . no problema. we have to sort through the gadgets and gizmos that seem to enable us to live life in these wonderful times down to a minimal few. Toni says I take too many gadgets with me when we travel and she's right, this time I'm only taking a camera, ipod, macbook air some reading glasses, she's taking her kindle for sure. we're still finishing up the addition project and looks like that will be done by this Friday!... read more

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