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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne June 1st 2012

we supposedly have free use of the Metro because they gave us cards for such but so far no one has asked to see the cards so I guess it really is free . . . we used the Metro to up towards the castle and got off at the Place d la Riponne and worked our way back down to Le Raison Restaurant for a glass of Prosecco and a pizza, lots of action here and at 9:30 still good light for a walk down through a few more winding streets and back to the Metro to our hotel for an early evening . . . Toni calls this her fall apart day and she's already had a 90 minute nap while I watched the French Open tennis tournament.... read more
typical street scene

Europe » France » Burgundy June 1st 2012

up early (7am) and it's gorgeous again, our weather luck has been incredible). packed and double checked our gear, enjoyed some tea and breakfast with Rob and Terry and disembarked Armida with Rob and Terry leading us through Dole to the train station. I bought our tickets for Lausanne and we met a nice lady who saw my mandolin case and asked me if it was a violin (her daughter played concert violin), she had returned to the area near Dole where she grew up. She had formerly lived in Oxford with her husband; she was on her way to visit her daughter. we took our luggage and crossed over two sets of tracks to the quai 3 and not too long after were reprimended by a guard for not using the tunnel . . . ... read more
Toni by the statue at the
Lac Lausanne view to west

Europe » France » Burgundy May 31st 2012

we seemed to have escaped the mosquitos, Toni and I were up early and walked the dogs up to the next village and back and by then Rob and Terry were up so Rob and I went into Rocheforte sur Nenon to buy a baguette and hiked up to an overview of the river which was spectacular (see photo), walked by a small sawmill furniture builder too. got back to Armida for breakfast and somehow we forgot that May had 31 days and for most of the day thought we were in June, duh? we headed up the river for a few miles and at the last lock encountered a problem Rob had not experienced before, seems two small boats (see the photos) had entered the lock and either left at the same time or because ... read more
Toni with Rosie and Lilou
house on the canal
garden on the canal

Europe » France » Burgundy May 30th 2012

After a restful night in the captain's chambers aboard Armida, we woke, took showers and enjoyed a bright blue sky and sunny morning . . . what day is it? Oh yes, Wednesday. Rob, Terry, Toni and I walked into Dole to see the cathedral, the birthplace of Pasteur and found a luthier (Italian, with relatives in Dole), Canova Roberto who was playing his mandola-guitar. We exchanged pleasantris and he let me play it, I told him I'd be back to show him my mandolin but unfortunately we never came back to town. We found the cafe where we thought we'd be able to connect to the internet but it was not to be. We agreed that it would be nice to head up river and see what we could find. After one lock we found ... read more
Captain Rob Davidson
Lilou and Rosey
Terry and Toni

Europe » France » Burgundy May 29th 2012

Packed up and readied to leave Dijon but not after a nice breakfast in the town at a pleasant patissirie then to a shop Toni fancied an Italian dress in and bought it. We then walked down to see the port and back through the town center to our hotel to check out and sit in the lobby and read our kindles til 12:45pm. Hauled our suitcases the 5 minutes to the Gare Dijon and bought 2 tickets to Dole, (22 euros), texted Rob that we were on our way - nice 37 minute trip and were met at the station by Rob. Walked through quaint Dole to the port where Rob, Terry, Rosie and Lilou were moored. Learned all the boat protocols (except going through locks) and went for a short trip down the canal ... read more
fountains of Dijon
fountains of Dijon
map of Dijon

Europe » France » Burgundy May 28th 2012

early morning rise to enjoy "our park" Place Louis Aragon with coffee, croissants, fruit and kindles. blue sky and cooler weather but whatever storm that was supposed to come in is gone and we take one last walk around the island, double check our packing and take a taxi to Gare de Lyon to catch our train to Dijon. Gar Lyon is a big train station with a very famous restaurant, Le Tren Bleu (which we've dined at with Ken Hunter during our first trip to Paris - not this time). figured out we depart at 11:57 from Hall 2 track 21 and have no difficulty finding our nice seats and 90 minutes (bullet train) later arrive in the beautiful Dijon, Capital of Burgundy - Côte d'Or! Toni can't find les toiletts at the station but ... read more
enjoying the morning
waiting for our train
not our tour

Europe » France » Île-de-France May 28th 2012

we enjoyed a light dinner on the Isle and listened to some jazz on the Pont Sully while having some Berthillon as the sunset. clouds were forming and it is predicted that some rain might be in the forecast.... read more
note the calendar

Europe » France » Île-de-France May 27th 2012

today was my birthday and we celebrated el sixty six in style by starting off with a walk to St Chapelle to be early in line to see one of the oldest and most beautiful collections of stained glass in Paris . . and it's inside the walls of the Palais of Justice. then we came back to the Ile St Louis and bought some croissants, cheese, grape juice and coffee and sat on the point at a our "favorite" picnic bench and read our kindles . . . I'm really enjoying "Anything's Possible" about Aesop; then we walked over to the Jeu de Paume; we're getting pretty good at navigating our way around this part of Paris now but one cannot simply walk somewhere without stopping a zillion times to take in the grandeur and ... read more
St Chapelle
Palais de Justice
jazz on the bridge

Europe » France » Île-de-France May 27th 2012

here's a link to all of the photos I've taken so far . . . . in no particular order either. you can bookmark the link and check back every day for more Craig read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France May 26th 2012

great way to cap off the evening by taking the M1 to the Arch and doing a little night photography. I'll upload more from the top tomorrow.... read more
Tour Eiffel

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