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Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Schiphol-Rijk August 16th 2015

M & A are there, of course. They give us the last ride to the airport and wave us goodbye in front of the control pass. A short farewell is the best farewell, but the camera catches it all, so we can watch it over and over again. The flight to Reykjavik is short, we scale there for 2 hours before the last jump over the ocean. When we get out of the plane we are hungry though, and the nightmare starts. We told us from the beginning that we want to stay on a low budget, so the extremely high prices in the Iceland International Airport makes us struggle. I scrap my wallet and find some old British pounds. Together with the last Euros we own I go to the changing office and hope to ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich August 5th 2015

The time has come to drive to the Netherlands, in less than 2 weeks we will fly from Amsterdam Airport and we must get closer. After a long trip in the bus from Munich to Utrecht we finally arrive at our Dutch friends in Bilthoven. During the week, more and more old friends appear, and the atmosphere becomes special. The Netherlands are a wonderful place to live, if you can cope with the prices :S :S ;S... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Titisee-Neustadt August 2nd 2015

It's been a day and 315 km since our drive among the birds. The hot air balloon took us not further than 20 km, so we drove with M&A to Titisee, back in Germany. Now we camp in front of the water, swim to the other edge and paddle in circles. (Yes, I know it is stupid to paddle in circles, but Elisa and I can't manage better than that :') The black forest around us provides the perfect environment to relax. We feel no excitement about the fact that it is not long to go for one whole year into a world trip. We are fine. If you are wondering why the lake is called Boob lake,... well it isn't! Boob in German is written with double t "Titti". Always thinking dirty...... read more

Europe » France » Lorraine » Metz August 1st 2015

The 2 days we spent in Hageville, near Metz, France, were a rush of impressions. The view of hundreds of hot air balloons starting at the same time was pretty impressive, but to jump in one of them and see it all from the air was amazing. The sun raised from east and the sky got full of little and big balloons of different colors. The pictures attached speak for themselves, but believe me that they can’t tell the thrilling joy we felt inside that basket.... read more

Europe » Germany » Saarland » Saarbrücken July 31st 2015

Dear friends, the time has finally come. After days of preparation selling our cars, our furniture, our decor, our books, and everything that isn't essential, we leave Bielefeld and start the trip of our lives, a round-the-world journey for the next 12 months. Our first destination is still in Europe. We join Elisa's family in east France as they take part in one of the world's biggest hot-air-balloon meetings. For that we take a bus to Saarbrücken, the closest German city to the border. There we meet Tony, our Couchsurfing Host for the night. Tony's house is a really cool students flat. We meet all the people crowding the kitchen, speaking up to 4 different languages and finally go out all together to the street festival in the old quarter of the city. The next morning, ... read more

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