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Europe » Spain » Catalonia April 28th 2013

Nice breakfast of croissants and coffee only 11 euro for all piffle us Discussions of tomorrow's route ended with ken announcing he needs to squeeze one out and see frank Bruno's toe emerge from his origins ax he can't walk and carry a load Educated at Henry the 8th in Coventry big we have kept that quiet as we passed through Aragon unless the locals sought revenge on young Catherine being be headed by the English Dinner last night was fun discussing merits of the British bike industry decline and we plan to have paella tonight ax it was invented here in Valencia. Tired we tramped home in the rain and final beer in a skinny bar we retire... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Alpens April 28th 2013

Windy so decided to go direct to Valencia We all froze over the central plain as we climbed to 1300 metres Shivered in the coffee stops Temp dropped to 3 degs Rain and snow, but Valencia 16 degrees but rain and more rain for Sunday Snow further north Day in Valencia Sunday Walk the old river which is now a park Onto guardamar next... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza April 27th 2013

Alarm rudely awakens me and looking omits grey and miserable, checked weather forecast and need waterproofs again. Need coffee and breakfast in Mac Donalds plus the normal hand signal lecture to kick off the day Goode putting left hand on helmet means he looking for fuel as his bike does 150 miles between fill ups rest of us can do 250 Low Waving left hand means he is lost or his sat nav has jumped a page forward again. Straight finger to the left means point of interest or Spanish lady with big chest or nice legs Niel Ashbourne found his wallet in his jeans thought had left it last hotel, will revert to calling him Neil AShton Now as he was correcting my spelling on my blog on first few drafts, he was statement reader ... read more

Europe » Spain » Basque Country » Bilbao April 26th 2013

Dawn day 2 After hearty meal in Bilbao old town and goode telling us the evil that TV is and blessed are the movie makers who send him Netflix for his ipad, we had final beer in skinny bar by hotel. Had hit skinny bar first when we arrived and ken ended up dancing with columbian ladies, as we told them he single and a rock star from show off hands group in Coventry. They his groupies now Not sure they know we're Coventry is but they keep calling "grande Ken" Team tired but in good spirits, bikes fuelled up and goode GPS to be tested to day, as road to Pamplona is back road not tolls or highways, but will it still think its in Guildford UK.? Breakfast shortly for €5 And BBC world news ... read more

Europe » Spain » Basque Country » Bilbao April 25th 2013

all had reasonable kip on ferry but lots of snoring mentioned by all Breakfast was nice as sea was flat and calm so great crossing, and all well. We had bikes parked on bottom of ship deck 1, so we all had the fear of riding up wet ramps, to get out of the hold, etc. We all made it but back wheels spinning to meet the front was a worry. Set off after passport control, border officer looked at my passport and nodded ok, which is a worry as had my helmet on, but hey Ho. In formation we left the quayside but Goodey was having problems with loading his sat nav, for the hotel in Bilbao, mile down the road he pulled in, thought he had a puncture but his sat nav was telling ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » La Roche-Bernard April 24th 2013

Still learning how to do my blog so bear with me Boys all gone for a kip left me on my own This was ken dynamo hall neck breaking Bless them ... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » La Force April 24th 2013

Team relax time, Neil nodding off, "big nose " fast asleep ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Portsmouth April 24th 2013

4:50am DC woke before his alarm for 5:00am and ANTON the guide stud dog we have hates me as After my shower put my motorcycle jeans, and slumped back int his bed. It's grey gloomy dawn 7degrees C yuk, roll on Spanish sunshine. Received text from Goode 5:10am hoping all the team are awake and playing music like the dam busters theme, Neil texted him back with "Thought we were going tomorrow" it's a worry!! Then the trip starts with senior moments !! 1, Ken rides halfway to Kenilworth start location, but checking his breast pocket at the "gibbet hill" traffic lights realises he has left his wallet at home. About turn and catch up. 2, DC loads his top box dresses for the off and the bike won't start, calls goode to get him with ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England April 23rd 2013

Just looked at weather forecast for Bilbao and Valencia, and rain storms forecasted bugger.!!! However we have our waterproofs ready and am sure the rain will be warmer than our trips to Scotland. Keep you posted Tomorrow wednesday 24th April we leave at dawn 6:00am head for mac Donald's breakfast on route to Portsmouth ferry terminal and the 24 hour crossing to Bilbao via the bay of biscay. Plan to lay up in Bilbao for the rest of Thursday to get over any seasickness, plus visit a bar or 2 Had lunchtime meet up today, ken announced he has packed 5 of everything, why has he packed 5 socks, and underpants? He has even bought shorts and speedos, pics to arrive soon Neil missed the meet up as he was saving the world from terrorist, DC ... read more

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