Nathan Ellison


Nathan Ellison

South America » Colombia » Bogota March 13th 2010

Before we start we should apologise for the lack of blogs!! we could easily write one for every place we visit, but at the moment time is essential, and we seem to have so little of it!! Since our last blog we have covered alot of ground and seen alot of places, i believe the last blog was from Taganga. Since then we have been to Cartagena, Playa Blanca (cartagena beach, but no where near the city!) Medellin, Bogota and we are currently writing this from Cali. We didnt plan to visit Cali but when we got the Bogota bus station we could not find a direct bus to San Agustin (hopefully our next destination) so ill try an pick up from where we left off from in the last blog! Since we kind of got ... read more
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South America » Colombia » Santa Marta March 1st 2010

When we first got to South America it was pretty much what we expected. Venezuela was crazy and crowded, and me and katie didnt think too much of what we saw there, so its a good thing we was only there for 3 days! although on the third day we felt we had made a mistake even coming to Venezuela!!! But all worked out and luck was on our side. Me and Katie were extremly happy to finally cross the border and get into Colombia, the whole vibe of the place was completely opposite of that in Venezuela. The people of Colombia seem very chilled out and kind. When we first got to Santa Marta in Colombia we only planned to stay two nights....that somehow turned into 5 nights, followed by another 2 nights in the ... read more
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