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We are an army family that moved to Japan and want to enjoy every moment of it. We want to share all our adventures with family and friends. After sometime of exploring Japan we will explore the rest of Asia. Our dream someday is to of course travel the world!

Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto April 18th 2015

Weekend of Apr 18 we took a tour with the outdoor recreation on base to Kyoto. Kyoto was previously Japan's capital and is now it's 7th largest city. We met the bus at 4am which was interesting since we had only 2 hours of sleep that night after going out with our great neighbors but thank goodness it was a 6 hour drive to Kyoto so caught up on some much needed sleep. I do have to tell you guys that along the way Japan has the most awesome truck stops. The bathrooms have warmers for the seats, flushing music to mask any unwanted noises :-), and bidets. Not only are the bathrooms amazing but it is like walking into a mall at a truck stop with all kinds of restaurants and shops. We should plan ... read more
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Asia » Japan » Tokyo April 11th 2015

Weekend of April 11 we had our first experience of Japanese baseball. Honestly not much difference from a baseball game stateside and no matter where you go in the world people are just passionate about their teams. We went to see the Tokyo Giants which is Japan's oldest and most popular professional team that plays at the Tokyo Dome with some of Anthony's coworkers. We took the train into the dome which was about an hour or so ride. Once off the train station at the dome the city just takes you all in with all the people, shops, restaurants, and once again an amusement park just in the middle of the city. I will get on one of these ferris wheels eventually and drag Anthony along with me! We first stopped to eat at the ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo March 28th 2015

Weekend of March 28 Anthony and I did different trips within Tokyo. I wanted to go on a trip that the base outdoor recreation was offering which had the word "hiking" in it so I knew I would have to go about this one solo LOL. The trip actually did not have much to do with hiking but was more a city walk but I was so glad I went because it winded up being a really nice day for a walk and at the end got a nice treat at a hanami (Cherry Blossom viewing festival). This is where people gather around having picnics around cherry blossom trees that are blooming. It is really a beautiful thing to see with all the trees in bloom in mostly white or pink. Anthony found a Brazilian festival ... read more

Asia » Japan » Kanagawa » Yokohama March 21st 2015

This one is a little late but 2 Saturdays ago we decided to go on another meetup with "The Tokyo Spontaneous Hangout" group. This meetup was to go to the Cup of Noodles Museum in the beautiful city of Yokohama. We have now been several times to Yokohama and really love it. For us "old" folks a little more chill than the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. We met up with the group at the train station not far from the museum and the museum was right in the middle of the attractions of Yokohama that we still want to go back and visit. First on the agenda is to ride the huge Ferris wheel ride they have in the middle of the city so awesome! When we first entered the museum we did the tour ... read more

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya March 15th 2015

This past weekend we decided to take a trip with Camp Zama's outdoor recreation. Every month this department organizes trips throughout the month where you can sign up for a fee and most are just a bus ride away. This trip was to the Fertility Festival in Komaki City which the description read that you had to be 18 and over and was one that you wouldn't forget. Not knowing what we were getting into that one sounded like a must do! After signing up though everyone kept saying "Oh you're going to the penis festival" and yes that it was! Just a brief description of the festival from their festival map: "Hounen-Matsuri (the Bumper Harvest festival) is well known as a unique festival. Villagers carry on their shoulders a Mikoshi (portable shrine) which bears an ... read more
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Asia » Japan » Kanagawa » Yokohama March 7th 2015

Anthony and I decided to join a fun group on meetup called The Tokyo Spontaneous Hangout and this has been the 2nd time we have decided to hang out with this group. For anyone that is not on please join. I have used this site from Charlotte, NC to Japan and have met some great friends and participated in such awesome events. This meetup started at the Kirin Beer Museum, out for dinner, & then night out on the town in Yokohama. Once again another weekend in Yokohama which is only about a 50 minute train ride for us which in Japan is nothing since the train system is so convenient and easy to use. The only problem we have had is getting on the express trains when we shouldn't which we did once again. ... read more

Asia » Japan » Kanagawa » Yokohama February 28th 2015

We have been living in Japan now for almost a month and loving everything that Japan has to offer. We reached Tokyo on Feb 5 and instantly fell in love with this country! On the way from the airport just driving through Tokyo I was thinking wow this is like NYC on steroids {Liz}. We have now been in our permanent housing for a week and just waiting for our belongings to arrive from the states. Forgot how nice it is to just live simple with just basics to make you appreciate that materials things are not what is important. Anthony & I bought bikes that we ride around to get from point A to point B around base. We now have a small little matchbox car to lug around groceries and if we just simply ... read more

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