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25th September 2012

Hope Peter is feeling better. Sounds like a great trip so far .Tell him G is on shutdown and not liking the hours !! Have not had computer for 3 weeks so have just logged on to tou again.Fancy getting a free campsite very tinny !!
24th September 2012

hi suzanne/pete glad you are enjoying your tour i take it there are plenty of pete liking bugs about sorry ive not been in touch sooner been kind of busy with my golf fishing anyway keep enjoying it and will be in touch again soon.geoff
23rd September 2012

You are welcome in the Burdekin!
Hi Peter and Suzanne. I love your holiday snaps. If you'd like a photo of a huge snake, make sure you stop at Plantation Park in Ayr. You can sit on this one for a photo and he won't bite. Stop in at the Tourist Information Centre at Home Hill or Ayr to get a brochure. Also, there is free overnight camping in the town centre of Home Hill, with a free ammenities block.
23rd September 2012

Home Hill tip
Thanks for the tip Wendy. All suggestions and advice from fellow travellors always welcome. Still green horns at this stage but learning fast. ie. do not leave empty glasses on bench whilst driving!
19th September 2012

Hi Suzanne you are certainly having a wonderful time and your journey has just started, poor Pete obviously he is not of royal blood with all the bites he is getting (haha). I can see you running for your life after the snake incident, that is one thing that I think I would be afraid off after mice and rats ugh!!. Keep up the blogging I am enjoying every read. Cheers Lynley
13th September 2012

Hi Suzanne Well you are certainly getting around, my son once got attack by a magpie on the Gold Coast and we were then told if we wear a hat and/or sunnies they normally don't attack. Poor boy had just taken his hat off. What viscious birds they are. Never been to Fraser Is but have been told it is a must to see. We are having cold winds at the moment that go right into your bones and frosts for the past few mornings and thought of you in the warm climate. Well I learnt something today did not know the writer of Mary Poppins was an Australian, good photo. Until next time Lynley
9th September 2012

Hi Suzanne - Sorry to hear Pete not well, hope he is now feeling a lot better. When I was in England some 30 odd years ago, I worked with a girl who came from Towoomba, it must have grown some as she described it as a place at the back of beyond, or maybe she was just referring to it against the size of London. She said when she first arrived in the UK she was a country bumpkin but she soon did adapt to the way of life in London, am sorry have lost contact with her now. Obviously to get a free campsite you have to arrive early. Cheer Lynley
4th September 2012

so envious
Not many frosts too wet!! Love reading about your trip keep up the blogs
4th September 2012

Charlotte the cat
Charlotte is missing you! Won't have anything to do with me. Maybe because she got sprayed with Frontline for ticks.
31st August 2012

Hi Suzanne I do like the signwriting, not long to go now and you will be off on your big adventure, am so looking forward to reading about your trip. Sunny here today - yeah cheers Lynley
30th August 2012

Fellow adventurers
Hi Peter and Suzanne Great to hear from you and to see you've started on an exciting part of your life sounds like it will be terrific and you will have a great time all the very best Robert
29th August 2012

Hi You two Sounds all is well with the adventure, just as it should. We embark on ours Nov 11 when Gayle goes back to NZ. Keep the stories coming :O) Dave & Jan x
From Blog: Gold Coast
27th August 2012

Kruizing Kiwis
Hi, if I am correct you are now cuising with a cat in Loganhome.....some where near surfers? Hope all is going well ,sounds OK, once you get your selves used to the no rain and no work scenario, ! Keep up the good work!!!! Cheers for now from Kyra
20th August 2012

Good on ya
What a great idea. We plan to go SKIING too (Spending The Kids Inheritance) but we are not quite ready. We are campervanning here a bit though. We stopped in at your place last summer. Did Richard tell you? but were in a tight time frame.
27th August 2012

Aussie travels
Hi Leslie Great to hear from you. Definitely can reccommend SKIING. Told Kylie and her was response was OASIS. Offspring against selfish inheritance spending. Hope all you family is well. Would love an update when you have time. Regards Suzanne
17th August 2012

So you have finally managed it and i have managed to find your blog we are looking forward to hearing more
27th August 2012

Aussie travels
Hi Lynley All still going well. Heading north soon. Days are flying buy. Hope all is well at work. Regards Suzanne
27th August 2012

Aussie travels
Hi Kathie and Gerald Good to hear from you. Yes, finally have taken the plunge and no regrets so far. Hope you are both well. Posting another blog soon with more photos. Suzanne and Pete
13th August 2012

Logan City
Hi Suzanne & Pete, Have just read the first part of your journey and am pleased all is going well, hope you enjoyed your kangaroo burger, I felt the meat was a bit tough. Cheers Lynley
13th August 2012

Way too Go
Yiipppeeee, good on yer, we too are off Sept 15 touring UK until Gayle arrives from NZ then we are also off in our motorhome "Mo" to tour Europe till we have had enough :O) How weird we are doing the same thing at the same time !!! Keep in touch Jan & Dave xx
27th August 2012

Aussie travels
Hi Janice Great to hear from you. Can't believe that we are actually motorhoming practically at the same time be it in different continents! Amazing! Hope you have a great time with Gail and your travels in Europe. Regards Suzanne

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