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17th June 2016

Hi Suzanne and Peter, It all sounds amazing Dawn
17th June 2016

UK travels
Thanks Dawn. We are having a great time.😀
16th June 2016

Brighton to Whitby
Fabulous photos. looks idyllic. Did you smell the fish.chips & vinegar in Whitby and did you sample them? Deloish! Did you get the bit about Dracula?
17th June 2016

Hi Kyra, We had a lovely time catching up with Hazel and Roy today. Pity we will just miss you on your visit here.
11th June 2016

Hi Suzanne and Pete, It all sounds amazing. Look forward to hearing more of your journey. Howard and Dawn
1st June 2016

Everything is going well.Dot sold her house in Auckland.,last month.Dot is moving into over 65's not far where she lives.Getting cold here have had our first frost.Mandy &Nail
18th May 2016

We are going well.Just had two weeks in Tassie than two weeks home went to Townsville for a week .We stayed with Joshua and Kerri and grandkids.We flew to both areas.Safe travels.Mandy and Neil
17th May 2016

Keep going
Hi Suzanne and Pete, I do hope that you receive this as I am not on facebook so just have to hope that you get this. I am so glad that you have arrived in England and I hope that you have wonderful summer over there. Do you realise that it is 4 years (I think) since you left Rotorua. Time certainly flies. I have seen Jacqui and Ernie quite regularly and soon Hazel is coming over with her friend Roy. They will stay at my house for a while. I am currently in Australia for the next 3 months. So have things to do. I hope to be in England in September/October, so if you are still there maybe able to catch up at some point. Enjoy your travels and the British Isles. All seems to be well and calm in NZ. You still have the same flag!!!! Love to you both, from Kyra
17th May 2016

Hi Pete and Suzanne, We love reading all about your amazing trip.
17th May 2016

Thanks Dawn
14th March 2016

Good on you both, will be looking forward to your updates!
12th March 2016

Sounds as if your in for a fantastic time. We are heading off to our daughter at Wonga Beach on the 15th May which is not as exciting as your trip sounds. Hopefully, by this time next year she will have sold her house and moved to Rockhampton.
Have a safe trip & will hopefully catch up one of these days.
11th March 2016

Hi you two Sounds wonderful what you have planned have a great time see you when you get to Perth safe and happy travel regards George and Del
11th March 2016

Great trip
Hi Pete and Suzanne, It sounds like an amazing trip. We will look forward to future blogs to follow you on your journey.
11th March 2016

Thanks Dawn, We hope to catch up with you on our way back to Bunbury later in the year! Wishing you, your mum and dad, and all your family all the best,
24th August 2015

living the dream
Great to hear your doing so well and enjoying life We ended up buying another van a sunliner its ok but isnt as good as the matilda no slide out pantry for starters I fitted a diesel heater for the cold weather something you wont have to worry about Solar panels led lighting extra water etc etc Helens still getting sick all the time and not been up to travelling though weve done a few trips this is the last van as I have my 4x4 sprinter still and would probably buy a caravan I hate it just sitting there anyway we are planning to give it a go and will be heading off to Cairns this thursday all going well (27/8/15) If we keep going we will call in and visit All the very best Robert&Helen
24th August 2015

Hi Robert and Helen Good to hear from you and to catch up on what you are up to. Good luck up on your trip and safe travels and it would be great to see you should get this far.
23rd August 2015

What a Life!
Hi Suzanne and Pete, Great to hear from you again and what a marvellous life you are having! I am so pleased that your travelling is working out so well and see that your horizons are continually expanding!!! Great stuff Kiwis!. I will be in NZ in September and October this year, back to Oz for Christmas, rather playing ping pong across the ditch for the moment! But would love to spend 6months or so in the UK. Maybe next year!! Take care of yourselves, hope to see you again sometime and anywhere, in the not too distant future. Love from Kyra
24th August 2015

Hi Kyra Lovely to hear from you. Hope we will be able to catch up sometime. Life is too short. Will keep you updated where we will be and maybe we can meet up in England next year!
22nd December 2014

Wishing you both a very Merry Christmas and a safe, happy and healthy 2015.
20th December 2014

Can Peter ring ring as soon as possible,we would like to know how many days Peter is staying.If staying for a few days might be able to go to the wedding. Mandy and Neil

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