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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 10th 2017

Ok, so yesterday was full and intense. And we have had a lot of days in a row that have been full on, so today we decided to just chill out. We woke early, were still tired and decided to go back to bloody bed. Soooo worth it. Got back up at 9:30 and threw clothes on to get down to breakfast before it finished. We are all loving the breakky buffet, a huge selection and great mix of Asian and Western foods. After breakky I decided I wanted to get onto the blog writing for the temple day, and Todd wanted to try out the gym, plus we had some laundry to get done, so we got all agreed we were not in a hurry to go anywhere. I stayed in the room and got ... read more

Asia December 9th 2017

Day 4 - Bangkok Highlights Tour with "Tours by Tong" Ok, so this day was so insanely full of experiences and mind blowingly amazing things that this is going to have to be a long arse blog, accompanied by a shit-tonne of photos, and that will be after I have scaled back. We have hundreds of photos of today, and not one of them could truly represent the magnificence of what we saw. Before I start I can only HIGHLY recommend that everyone who is able to at some point, should come and experience some of the amazing sights and culture here. So that being said, here is the best I can do to describe our day. First off, I am SOO glad that I abandoned my original idea to try and navigate these sights ourselves. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 8th 2017

Happy Birthday to be honest after the hectic day we had yesterday I had given zero thought to the fact that it is my birthday today and had Todd not reminded me first thing this morning I would have forgotten completely! But here it is, another year older, but we had such a cool time I managed not to dwell on my decrepit aged state one bit the whole day :) Ok, so continuing on from where I left off this morning......we managed to get Kalyb out of the bathroom and then also discovered that the reason we couldn't get hot water in the second bathroom's shower was because the cold tap is the hot tap and vice versa......go figure because in the ensuite the hot is hot and the cold is cold, so the ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 7th 2017

Well, it was a loooonng Day 2, but holy shitballs Batman, we made it! Was too exhausted last night to get the blog up so I'll recount as best I can now, being in Adelaide yesterday morning feels like a week ago!! We woke early at the dodge-motel and got our shit together, ate our classy box of breakfast (which was actually pretty good for an included breakky at a dodge-motel, a mini box of Nutri-Grain with milk, an Up n Go milkshake thing and a muffin, not bad right?), and headed out to the street to get our taxi. It was peak hour traffic and the taxi was going to be a bit of a wait and whilst waiting we noticed, like a sign from the gods, that the bar was open! So Todd and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide December 6th 2017

Leg 1 - COMPLETE! So we have flown 1500km in the wrong direction just so we can board another flight tomorrow to fly back over Alice and out of the country! But hey, flight itineraries don't make sense some times. Alice to Adelaide flight was ok, we got half a muesli bar as our inflight 'meal' (woohoo!) and Todd was that guy who bought a $9 Lazy Yak on a 10am flight. Kalyb's ears did not fare well and he freaked the hell out and ate his travel pillow on the way literally tore it apart with his teeth. No idea how to make things better for him on flights, we are going to try more antihistamine tomorrow and possibly a valium because I think half the problem is the freak out. Fingers crossed tomorrow's ... read more

Oceania » Australia December 5th 2017

Here it is, tomorrow is the day. I am having my usual pre-travel anxiety attack but other than that I think we are just about ready to go! I am hoping this blog thing works, I can't seem to work out how to attribute a blog to a 'trip' but because our trip hasn't officially started yet that could be the problem. I shall check in again tomorrow when we get to Adelaide. Right now I need to stop freaking the fuck out and just finish my bloody packing.......which for once actually means I am taking things OUT of my case instead of putting things in. Trying so very hard not to over pack because I just know we are gonna shop. :)... read more

I've decided to attempt a travel diary/blog to document our upcoming holiday in Thailand. Mostly this will just be for me and the boys, so we will have something to help us remember all of our crazy adventures since we are going to be away for 4 weeks, and I plan on cramming as much sightseeing into that time as possible! I also thought it might be nice for our family and friends to be able to follow along with what we are doing if they are interested. I have no expectations that this little blog will get any viewers other than our own Mums, but it will be nice to put something out there in case others are interested, and it will hopefully avoid the flooding of everyone's Facebook feeds! So 4 weeks in Thailand. ... read more

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