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7th July 2017

Hora Boka
Hi Kim, I am a volunteer for Red Cross and am currently assisting a colleague on a International Family Tracing project. One of our clients has stated he is from Hora Boka in Ethiopia, however upon doing some research we can't find much information about it. It would be great if you could provide us with some more information about the town, for instance names of any landmarks such as schools/mosques in Hora Boka. Any information you could provide would be very much appreciated. Please note my work Red Cross email address is but please respond to my personal email so I can access it outside of the office. Many Thanks. Kind Regards, Marya Ali
8th July 2017

Hora Boka
Hi Marya Hora Boka is a small village, along a dirt road, about 5km from Robe in the Bale Mountains. I am afraid I do not know the names of any landmarks there, but there is a university and a Teacher Training College in Robe itself. I am sorry I cannot be of more help. Regards Kim
15th December 2013
The road down to the Abay Gorge

road saftey is our responsible keeping human life
here is some how my visiting project to read during my short trip in northern region with my road safety parterer ship the one leading vol enters whom is Kim smith since a few years a go. i was so happy and appreciate seeing in Amara region all about the traffic movement and the children road safety committee. very thanks to my former boss Mr, Abebe Asrat.who was the National Road Safety coordination office head. thanks to also all my friends that keeping speed control in the high way using a hand held radar shoot gun. sebsibe Abebe
17th February 2009

Nice blog, the wildlife there looks amazing!
27th April 2008

We are those parents!
There were many highlights, not just the Sof Omar caves! The whole experiece was delightful including meeting many Ethiopians who were always happy and pleased to welcome us. Many of the other highlights are included in Kim's blog, and of course it was great spending time with her and seeing how happy she is in Ethiopia. If you get a chance please do go but make sure you have a guide to take you to the best places.
28th February 2008

getting stoned in Chencha
You too? I was in Chencha in 2003 and got severely pelted when I walked by the school.
15th December 2007

Thank you for your comment Abate. People in Robe still ask me if I know you and Catherine.
From Blog: Graduation!
11th December 2007

I am happy to read about Galama students graduation.Thanks Kim to let us read. and I appreciated if you know that it was Catherine Hughes (the first VSO volunteer) who started the grant for deaf students and processed all things. After that Emma and Elmy continued. It is great to see the progress and the photos. Thanks again abate
From Blog: Graduation!
18th September 2007

Arba Minch
Heading out to Ethiopia next week - I'll be working at Arba Minch. Loved your lake photo.
From Blog: Seeing stripes
7th August 2007

I am very happy to see the Radar is being enforced for the drivers in Ethiopia. I used to take those roads myself and I witnessed many crashes due to speeding and so forth. I would like to thank any one trying to make this happen
From Blog: Up to speed!
22nd May 2007

Sorry to hear yu have been ill.
Hi! Kim. Sorry to hear you have been ill. I've really been enjoying reading your journals. Keep up the good work, Lisa White x
14th April 2007

good job
Hi Kim, I think you are doing a great job. I'm from Ethiopia and I live in the states. One day I too plan to go back and teach. I just wanted to tell you how appreciated you are. Thank you.
From Blog: Back to School
10th April 2007

Just read Jean's comment in the library.Weird! Thanks for your letter, Kim. I'll write again soon or send more "comments"! Love Sally.
From Blog: Nyala Galore!
27th March 2007

I'm jealous
This sounds like a wow of a journey,.I know all the places and have fantastic memories of the region. The best way to experience the country is with the locals and it was done so democratically.
12th March 2007

Broadband at last
This is the first time we've been onto your 'blog' or in fact any blog at all! We have only just gone onto broadband and it was getting almost impossible to use the internet. This is a brilliant site and gave us a much better idea of what you are up to. Great, keep writing!! You'll be able to use it to write your autobiography . Lots of love jean
From Blog: Nyala Galore!
29th January 2007

Thank you
Dear Kim, this is all fascinating - I never realised you'd been writinh all the time when youweren't on the internet. I'll read some more on my next visit. Did you get our letter at \christmas? Thank you for your pressire - we never expected long distance presents mid year. I'll write again soon. Hope you get this. Love from Sally.

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