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27th August 2010
Me zonked out after a long day at work.

I just love this pic. lol
From Blog: Karama - Part 4
25th February 2010

Just wanted to say that this is one of the best sites for travel. Keep up the good work!
9th November 2009

Thanks for your Margaret River Blog!
Hi Guys, thanks for coming to Margaret River, we really enjoyed having you and it was a pleasure having you aboard Wine for Dudes! It was great fun showing you some of my favourite parts of our region. You will be pleased to know it has started warming up to the point that my foot was blistered when walking down the beach for a surf this morning. Beware the dark sand and if you are coming back bring your flip flops/jandals.thongs or sandals! safe travells! John O'Connor Owner/tour guide of Wine for Dudes
From Blog: Margaret River
23rd October 2009

haha i have the same pic of that 'surfers paradise' sign! miss you lovely!
From Blog: Surfers Paradise
11th October 2009

Regarding Beach Picture 4...
That's what she said.
From Blog: Broome
20th June 2009

Where In The World...
Say, where are you guys *now?* Since, after all, I'm in Cairns, too. Just thought I'd check!
From Blog: Cairns - Part 2
14th May 2009

i am so... happy for you both!! Great pics Kevin;surfing looks amazing. I heard Hillary has a JOB!!! Wow . I love to be able to follow you on your trip and be very jealous. All is good here. LOTS OF HUGS
4th May 2009

Hello, cadets!
Kevin, Hillary, Heya guys! It's been a long time since we crossed paths, and crossed paths again in Sydney. I wanted to see how you both were, and wish you the best in travels. Also, I wanted to let you know I'm keeping up with you. Come visit me at sometime! Peace. Trent
From Blog: Noosa Heads
4th March 2009

great pics
so great to follow you both on your adventure. with all of the crazy weather issues in aust. ,we are so... happy you are not involved in the disasters enjoy and don't eat at Macdonalds!!! Lol
From Blog: Sydney
22nd February 2009

Looks like you guys are having an amazing time! I really love ready your blog and everything you are doing!! P.S. That really does look like a fancy McDonalds!
5th February 2009

Wow, you two definitely had a crazy 2nd day!! I'd definitely be hesitant and a little concerned if that "tourist" guy came up to me... But glad to here you're both still safe :)
From Blog: Bangkok - Day 2
4th February 2009

I can hardly believe you saw all that in london you did so well.I wonder how long the Canadian gates have been there .You got some unusual views of some of the famous buildings. I was very lucky to have worked close to St. James park when I lived in England.Isn't it a wonderful place. Good luck in the rest of your travels. Love,from Gwen.
3rd February 2009

Greetings from Bangkok!
Hello Kevin and Hillary, I enjoyed reading your blog. Yeah, Bangkok is busy and hot (humid and muggy). I visited Delhi last December and found that Bangkok is very tame in comparison. For the weather, India has much wider range, from cold to very hot. Bangkok is consistently hot. Hope you give us a chance to receive you next time you come to Bangkok. We are not far from YHA Bangkok Downtown. Happy trails! Lub d Hosts
From Blog: Bangkok
28th January 2009

I'm sure the photo of the British Squirrel is completely necessary! haha looks beautiful, glad its going well :)
28th January 2009

That is a gorgeous picture out of the plane window! Hope you're having fun in Thailand - miss you already! xo

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