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Oceania » Australia » Victoria March 9th 2018

Wednesday March 7 - Sitting on the decking in glorious sunshine sorting out this little laptop after a morning of shopping, has been so relaxing. Eastlands has certainly grown since I was kid. Had a trip down memory lane to Blackburn Sth and realised that while growing up, Mal and I had been living two streets away from each other! 6 Degrees of separation indeed! Off to the Bruno Mars concert tomorrow night, then a few more days in Melbourne with my little Melbourne Family, before heading to ‘the land of the rising sun’. Still need to pack and unpack my bag a couple of times before I’m totally convinced I have everything. Thursday March 8 - Bruno Mars concert was amazing! Fireworks, light show, explosions of gold paper, sets that went up and down and ... read more

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka March 1st 2018

Hi all about to start another adventure for the next month but this time I'm taking someone else to help me get lost! Mal and I will boarding a fight from Melbourne to Japan on March 13. But before that happens, we will have been to two concerts, gone paragliding (he flys, I watch!), caught up with family and friends and had copious amounts of laughing, drinking, eating and talking along the way. Mal had advised that he was going to study the Japanese language before we left. That was 4 months ago and I was delighted that I wouldn't have to learn that language given my very poor success in Spanish. Unfortunately he only found the CDs 2 weeks ago.....ummmm guess there's gonna be a lot of sign language, smiling, head bowing and pointing. As ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun June 30th 2014

.....there was this lady who thought it might be a good idea to go to South America and work with some kids. Along the way she met lovely families, made lots of new friends, saw fantastic animals/mountains/ancient sites, had some scary moments, got lost a lot, spent heaps of money, walked, walked, walked, fell over a couple of times, dropped things, laughed till she cried, felt sick, felt strong, and was amazed but grateful for all of the opportunities that came her way. She missed her children and her friends back home very much, but never enough to make her want to end the journey before its time. On the very long flight back home, images of the hugs and kisses she would receive (especially from her little grandson), filled her with anticipation. How could 3 ... read more
Mexican dancing
Mayan Temple
The snake slithered down the temple at each solitise to advise when the seasons were changing

I finished up at the school by playing ‘pass the parcel’ with my 6 year olds. I thought that I was pretty safe with plastic motor bikes and little dolls as my surprise gifts. It worked reasonably well until the first pink motor bike appeared. It seems that gender colours are already attributed at this age and the poor little kid got a round of laughter from his mates. Little did they know that there were 2 more to be distributed! Fortunately for me, I hadn’t done my homework on how many kids I actually had in the class. This meant I had over-catered and that I could swap the pink for more appropriate colours of green or orange…..whew!! Next was my senior year but unfortunately I missed this class. I hadn’t been given an official ... read more
still walking
Community centre
view of the street with quarry in the background

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun June 19th 2014

So my darling daughter should know better than to bait her poor old mum, especially when it comes to writing blog stuff. Apparently the assumption being that because it took 9 days for my last blog to hit the airwaves, and I only have 9 days left of my big adventure once I hit Cancun, you guys would be lucky to get another blog out of me. Hahahahahahaha! I have at least 2 good ones left in me yet! Let me tell you about the last 4 days……. School finished…..but the school edition is coming out next. I then wandered back to my home for lunch and then made my way to Playa Mann to work on my ‘tan’. The weather wasn’t too bad and I always had fun people and sea lion watching. Did my ... read more
Got a glimpse of the volcano crater...had to be quick though
Up close and personal with the giant tortises
They make walking look and sound like really, really hard work

I'm sure when everyone thinks of the Galapagos Islands they get images of giant tortoises appearing in their head. And so did I until........ I discovered that they have flamingos here as well!!! So while I have nothing against spending swags of money to get to the most controversial island in the world to see strange creatures living very comfortably next to humans, it is when I found out this information that it became even more worthwhile. I have been wanting to see flamingos ever since I was 'knee high to a grasshopper' and saw a flock of them on the TV a million years ago. Problem was, I didn't know where in the world they lived and really just fluked finding them here! By the way, it's not just the distance and the money to ... read more
Some new friends
Cabin luxury
Don't find this catus anywhere else in the world!

So yeah....apparently sharks in the Galapagos are vegetarians, or so I have been told by Miguel who owns the house where I am staying. He, his wife Marisol and 11 year old son Areal told me this with straight faces and expected me to believe them. Problem being that I may have been misunderstanding their English (or their Spanish) as is often the case when things are lost in translation. Either way I didn't believe them! But I am getting ahead of myself, as usual. Here I am! in the most famous archipelago in the world!!! I can't even believe it myself. I have been here now for 10 days and still find that I am pinching myself nearly every day. The flight from Quito started off a little stressful with the traffic absolutely chockers. Let ... read more
The kids all grow up wandering inbetween rocks and sea lions.
It' a hard life!
Can I play?

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center May 24th 2014

The flight from Cusco to Lima was uneventful and it was lovely to see Mario's warm smile as I arrived over an hour later than expected. I had tried to email in time to save him the boring wait but unfortunately it didn't arrive in time. The late hour meant that we copped all the peak hour traffic, but I had a lovely welcome from Maritza and Fiorella once I walked through the door. Fran was there with a new volunteer from New Zealand (who's name escapes me at the moment) and after dinner we all went to out for a beer. Fran had told me it was an English pub? but it was actually and English Country Club and very posh indeed. The bar was so small that we were told to wait in the ... read more
English Country Club foyer/lobby
Contemporary Art Museum
Spooky art

South America » Peru » Cusco » Santa Maria May 20th 2014

What can I say? I am currently sitting in my homestay bedroom in Quito, Ecuador and can't believe that I have already been 5 weeks away from home. This blog is going to be a reflection on the work I was doing in Cusco, so for those of you who only want the touristy stuff you can stop reading now but, have a look at some of the pictures that I have posted as 'moments in time' in Peru. The 2 projects I was privileged to work on lay in the outer region of Cusco city - farming area I guess. The people need help in the school and day care in order for the mothers(most often single) to be able to work and provide for their families. There is not much money to provide resources ... read more
Introducing the kids to playdough
Hand stencils are always a winner
" said this wasn't sticky?"

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu May 15th 2014

On my return from Puno I managed to get some sort of flu bug. The result being that I totally lost my voice and nearly a week later it still isn't right. I can only imagine how ticked off you all are that this didn't happen while I was at work and at home LOL! I did need the doctor though for antibiotics and a puffa so I would stop coughing all night, but nothing was going to stop me from doing Machu Picchu. He actually said that it would be a better environment up there rather than Cusco because of its dry air and pollution. I had to take a couple of days off work which was a bit annoying, but it allowed me to figure out some things that I could put together to ... read more
View from the train
The window in the room
Having lunch...

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