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21st May 2014

I have just printed off your blog and I will read it tonight The dirty dancing looks fun
15th May 2014

Oh dear, I hope you are feeling tip top in no time at all. But I am very glad to hear you haven't let it slow you down. Yes, the shirts arrived today and boy did you deliver. I LOVE THEM!!!! I knew you would come through with the goods. Thank you thank you thank you!! We cannot wait for the next instalments of the adventures of Karen, stay safe. Love you x
15th May 2014

Hi WF I can see that you are having the time of your life........ The photo's are so hypnotic......... I would so love to be you at the moment.......Not the part in getting lost though........But that just adds to the experience.... As to the Kitchen, that better not turn out like mine John Mclennan!!!!!! But I bet they cook well in it... Hope your having a good time and looking after yourself. Looking forward to the end of next month! Hopefully my kitchen will be finished and I have learnt how to cook in the new oven/s by then Stay safe WF XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
15th May 2014

OMG Kaz!!! this is the greatest. I have had a slow day at work and your blog has kept me entertained and longing to be in another, far more exciting and beautiful part of the world. You look like you are having the greatest adventure, I cannot wait to get home and read it all to Ryno, he will be just as enthralled and excited as I am. We are both well, just putting the finishing touches on the wedding invitations, and trying to wrap our heads around it only being 4.5 months away. Can we organise another Skype? We thoroughly enjoyed seeing your tired and freshly woken face :). All of my love, Al
15th May 2014

So lovely to hear from you !!
So glad you are enjoying the blog Ali! I have had a very exhausting week as I lost my voice, got an ear infection, but still managed to see the wonders of this world. Had my last day with the little ones so pretty sad. Last day with the bigger kids tomorrow and I have been busy making playdough for them all plus trying to help them in other ways with toys, etc. I will be putting a blog up on the work I have been doing in the next few days but I will be travelling to Lima-Quito-Galapagos over the next 4 days. Off to salsa tomorrow night to party my last night in Cusco. Not sure when I will have access to wifi to Skype but will monitor the times I can access & see if I can catch you too. Been following everyone on FB. Missing you terribly but OMG! are the pictures awesome??! Really can't believe I was there. Luv you & please give Ryno a big hug for me. A wedding?? really??? must have slipped my mind hahahahaha! Hey have you got the shirts yet??
10th May 2014

Great pics!
Some beautiful pics Kaz, especially the one with the church! Can't wait for your report on Machu Pichu!!
11th May 2014

Thanks Jo!
I think I am lucky to be getting any in focus at all as I keep forgetting to put my glasses on! lol. Going to Machu Picchu tomorrow morning so will hopefully post blog early next week. Still have to catch you all up on Puno and some of my school activities. Thinking about just posting a blog that has a bunch of "Peruvian Moments". Hope all is going well at work. Don't have a clue how I am possibly going to be able to sit on my arse all day staring at a computer again??? hahaha! Miss you all though. Kaz
6th May 2014

Great to hear you are home!
Accommodation in Cusco is great! Very spoilt by Patricia who owns the unit we live in. She can have up to 18 people stay at the one time and she does all the cooking for us. Tottie has been working with Patricia for 35 years and comes and cleans the rooms. We can also have our washing done for a very small cost of 10 Soles, which is about $5 for a weeks worth of clothes for me anyway. We are located outside of Cusco and it is about a 15 min taxi ride (5 soles) to get into the Plaza de Armas where all things touristy exist. I catch the bus for 20 mins (0.70 soles) out to the other side of the house. I then walk for about 10 mins to the school. I think I will take a video of the journey to show you when I get home as words don't truly explain the environment. Keep growing stronger and give my love to everyone. xxxxx
3rd May 2014

Karen, Have just read your blog. Most interesting. Gorgeous children. You certainly appear to be enjoying the experience. What's the accommodation like? I have been home for two weeks after four weeks in hospital and am feeling stronger every day. Look after yourself. Love from John and Joan
23rd April 2014

Your blog
I loved reading your story I had to print it off so that I can continue as I am at work
From Blog: My trip to Pisac
19th April 2014

Well Done
Hey Kaz, Looks like you are having an amazing time. Love all the photos and stories. Keep em coming. So proud of you Kiddo <3
15th April 2014

What a great start to your trip Kaz! Looking forward to the next installment of your blog :)
From Blog: OMG! OMG! OMG!
14th April 2014

Can't believe you lost the hat... So determined to get it over there lol! Love the sailor pic!
From Blog: OMG! OMG! OMG!
9th April 2014

gee couldn't get Janee to give you one luvvy. Hope you get one in Miami! are you there yet?
9th April 2014

Are we there yet?
G'day Kaz. Well by now you should be in Miami and probapbly still trying to recover from the trip. I couldn't help but feel excited for you as I read your blog and looked at the picture. You truely are an amazing lady. I look forward to the next installment. :-)
7th April 2014

bon voyage
Crazy kid. Very proud to be your friend. You are going to have such a grand adventure. Roll with it. What will be will be. And remember we can always blame the catholics ;) Mwah ♥♥♥
4th April 2014

Very inspirational
Hi Karen, What you are doing is very inspiring. It is wonderful to see someone following their dreams. I look forward to seeing the pics and reading your updates. Cheers, Nicole
8th February 2014

Nothing like getting in early! However you never know someone might have some bright ideas to share with you.
8th February 2014

Nothing like getting in early! However you never know someone might have some bright ideas to share with you.

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