Kayla Dreesen


Kayla Dreesen

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens May 26th 2017

We have begun our journey back to the states. We have a 4 hour layover in Munich before our direct flight back to Denver. We are both very excited to return home to all our friends and family and mostly Lola. We have missed her so very much however, I am a little worried she is going to be mad at us for being gone for so long! Our last night on the boat was very bitter sweet and reminded us of saying goodbye at summer camp. After arriving the next morning in Athens, we headed to the Acropolis museum with our new friends Pablo and Sophia. They had a few hours before their flight, so they could join us on our history experience for the morning. After that, we hiked up to the Parthenon which ... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion May 24th 2017

Our day in Nafplio has been far less historic and more focused on helping the local Greek economy. We spent the morning shopping in the little boutique shops and had a wonderful Greek lunch! After lunch, we walked along the cliffs to a beautiful and serene beach. Last night was the deck BBQ on the boat, so Scott and I were both a little sluggish after partying a little too late last night. Yesterday afternoon we left Itea and passed through the Canal of Corinth on our route to Nafplio. The canal is 4 miles in length and 70 feet wide; barely wide enough to get the boat through! It was amazing to see from aboard and there were even some locals standing on a bridge above the canal watching! After passing through the canal we ... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese May 24th 2017

Two more Greek locations down with two more to go before our departure back to the states. We have been filled with Greek mythology the last two days, so I am hoping the next two stops will be more relaxing. The last two stops were Katakalon and Itea, each being home to some gems of Greek history. Yesterday we went to Ancient Olympia where we toured the uncovered ruins dating back to the 7th century BC. This was the site of the original Olympic games between the not so friendly city-states of ancient Greece. Our guide did a fantastic job of depicting the times and really bringing the location back to life. It is so amazing to hear how much they accomplished and the complex structures they built so long ago. After the morning tour, everyone ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor May 21st 2017

We have arrived in Corfu, Greece where the weather has not been the most pleasant. It has been cloudy and rainy all day making it nice weather to relax after our active day yesterday in Kotor, Montenegro. Kotor was unexpectedly the most picturesque stop on our cruise thus far. We were absolutely blown away by the scenery in the area. We got up early to watch the arrival into port as it was a narrow passageway with beautiful mountains surrounding us. As we were pulling in I said to Scott “maybe we can find a nice hike somewhere nearby today”, well ask and you shall receive! As we pulled in we could see people hiking a trail on the mountain side behind the city to a fortress. We took the tender into town and hiked up ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik May 19th 2017

We have conquered our second country on the cruise, Croatia! I think both of us would agree that it was better than expected. The water here is a very distinct color of blue that neither of us have seen before. The first stop in Hvar was a small and relaxing island where we did a sailing tour off the boat. The weather was perfect, however with no wind, not ideal for sailing. After motoring around into a small cove, we went swimming and attempted to snorkel however there was not much to look at underwater. Our tour guide then took us to a family owned restaurant where we had some fresh salad and bruschetta that was delicious! We both even went outside the box and tried sardines on our Greek salad! Hvar is known for growing ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 19th 2017

Our stop in Venice was nice however getting on the boat was very welcomed. After lugging our bags up and down stairs and all over the cobble stoned city sidewalks, we were very happy to hand them off to the cruise staff! We really enjoyed our first evening of walking the quiet evening streets and stumbling across an amazing restaurant with delicious and fresh seafood! Our Venetian style hotel was in a quieter part of town, which was a wonderful break from the crowded city streets. After checking out of our hotel the next morning, we enjoyed strolling around adoring the beautiful architecture and the Grand Canal. Amazing to think that this city was built so long ago and still exists with no wheeled vehicles of any kind! Everything and everyone is transported by boat or ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence May 15th 2017

Another belly roll later; we have departed Florence. I keep telling Scott if we stay in Italy too much longer you are going to have a 200 lb wife, but the number keeps increasing the longer we are here. So, as you have figured out we are loving the Italian food. We found some amazing little gems in the city where we enjoyed pizza, pasta and amazing pastries with our afternoon coffee. The first evening we arrived in Florence we were greeted at our hotel by an adorable Italian man that gave us each a welcome glass of Prosecco. Also, since it was our honeymoon, there was champagne on ice waiting in our room with a sweet note congratulating us! We were lame honeymooners and went to an early dinner and straight to bed. We did ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre May 13th 2017

The first leg of our journey is over…bitter sweet. Rome was way better than I had expected. Everyone told us that it is just a big city, which is true but add a whole lot of amazing character and unbelievable history. Oh, and not to mention the food everywhere was to die for. Our last day in Rome was spent touring the Colloseum and the rest of Old Rome including the Roman Forum and the Trevi Fountain. Not being much for history I didn’t have the highest expectations, but it was absolutely jaw dropping! To see things that are more than 2,000 years old is like nothing else! It was a little nerve racking once we realized there was a train strike which was affecting all the transportation in Rome making it extremely difficult to get ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome May 10th 2017

Wow, what an amazing start to our honeymoon. Let me start off with the stressful departure from Denver. Right after a short walk with Lola before getting ready to call an Uber to take us to the airport, the sky got dark and a massive storm passed through. With the storm came golf ball sized hail that delayed an Uber from picking us up. After trying for close to 30 minutes we were finally able to get someone to our house, however the normal 30 minute drive to the airport was now 48 due to traffic from the storm. What we didn't realize was that the storm had caused major flooding on some of the side streets that we were attempting to use to avoid the interstate traffic jam. We finally got to the airport after ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo February 21st 2015

Our long layover in Tokyo was not as easy of a stop as we thought it was going to be. After a long day of flying with 3 connections, we finally landed in Tokyo at 10:30 at night. We were told that the subway system in Tokyo was very easy and we would have no troubles figuring out where to go. Well the person that told us that must have thought we could read Japanese! Not only was the subway system HUGE, we were having a hard time due to the lack of English signs. After asking multiple people, we finally figured out where we needed to go and purchased our tickets. Off to Asakusa (pronounced Ah-sucks-suh not as-ah-kuss-ah like we thought), but not without another struggle along the way. We had a train change and ... read more

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