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La Flâneuse

I'm a sophomore at Franklin&Marshall College and currently studying à l'étranger en France!

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Nice October 24th 2011

Fall Break!! Also referred to as the best 6 days of my life! Nice is a gorgeous, friendly city!! People smile and make eye contact, and acknowledge your presence, and let pedestrians cross the street!! The hostel we stayed at is owned by English-speaking expats--a lot of the staff is Australian. They were all very friendly, and we could easily chat with other lodgers, including a Canadian couple--hearing them say "aboot" had me laughing pretty hard. Our room had a mini fridge, and we had our own shower and bathroom, which was a plus, because apparently the hostel bathroom situation can be understandably terrible. The price was fabulous, and the view was PERFECT! You could see the city AND the water, we really lucked out. So, the highlights of the trip... I can't even begin to ... read more
View & Window

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo September 30th 2011

Hey everyone! My apologies for being almost a MONTH late!! I'm really going to try to be more punctual about this :) On verra...we'll see! One month ago... I took a weekend trip with two other F&M students, and a BUNCH of students from the UC schools. Accent took us to Omaha beach, in Normandy, and we stayed in a beautiful little sea-side town called St Malo, in Brittany. We also saw Mont St-Michel and its abbey. So, Saturday of this trip was easily the best day spent in France. In the morning, we took a walk around this huge wall that surrounds St Malo. It was used for defense, but now, it's mostly a spot to hangout and walk around. Mirek, our lovely student excursion planner, gave us a tour of the city. Mirek, who ... read more
Water II
Water III

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Rouen September 24th 2011

Rouen What an adventure. Again, sorry with the delay, guys! It's my usual procrastination this time. It's like the coffee addiction: I could get better if I wanted to!!! So, without further ado... Rouen is a city roughly the size of Lancaster, but a little bigger. It's the capital of the Haute-Normandie region, that is to say, the capital of "Upper Normandy county," in English. The day we were here, there was a large fair going on, with lots of booths from different social organizations, things like UNICEF and Amnesty International. They had a huge stage set up for various local performers. It was a good day weather-wise for the trip, and whatever was going on in Rouen helped get us through the generic cathedral-monarchy-church business tour...I have to say, I don't think I can handle ... read more
Cathedral at Rouen II
Cathedral at Rouen III
Inside the Cathedral

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris September 11th 2011

THE AMERICAN LIBRARY OF PARIS!! (Sunday) Because I can't find anywhere else I'd rather study! Yes, the Luxembourg Gardens are beautiful and have nice shady spots and tables, but that's all useless if it's as rainy and yucky as it is today. I know what 80% of you will say: at least Paris isn't flooded! It isn't, yet. But it's also Sunday, and I'm shocked at how little is open on Sundays...what happened to laïcité (secularism)?? So, Friday night we went to see the Eiffel Tower at night. We didn't go up to the top (yet), just sat on the grass and watched--every night (or maybe not every night), there are extra sparkling lights that go off for a couple of's a very pretty sight. It'd definitely be the perfect time to go up! Champs ... read more

Europe » France » Centre » Chartres September 10th 2011

Cathedral and Chartres So this Saturday, we went to a quaint, just-outside-of-Paris town called Chartres, where there is also a huge, ancient cathedral. There are lots of those in France... I have to say my favorite thing about this town was the tea salon where we ate lunch. I found the cutest sea-foam-green tea cup, that I swear I should've tried to buy from the women who worked there. Coffee drinks were astronomically cheaper, being outside of the city. There were lots of gift/garden type stores, and an outdoor market. (Btw, I apologize for being two weeks late on this...I had some computer problems, but everything's worked out!)... read more
Chartres Stain Glass Window

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris September 4th 2011

Saturday I found SHAKESPEARE & CO where I can stare at TOOONS of English books, but not buy, because the US prices are usually astronomically cheaper! Even still, it's a very magical place with a nice storefront and of course, lots of books. There are a couple I found that are cheap enough to buy, though everyone should know the last thing I need is more books. The store is right across the street from Notre Dame, and on the way, I found a cuuute few blocks of flower stands. Definitely the sort of things Lancaster needs! They sell gifts as well, so I'll be making a couple of trips back. The rest of the day was spent wandering pretty much aimlessly around the city, and that little adventure carried over into today. If you just ... read more
Read ALL the Books!
Dark Cloud over Paris...
Louvre Pyramid

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris September 2nd 2011

Grandeur So! It's been a very busy past two days! The first days of classes are over, which is a relief, and so begins the transition into regular, everyday, normal life! My mind is swimming with French accents, not even words, just these jumbled French sounds. Eventually, I can only hope, they'll assemble into an actual, comprehensible language. Madame and Monsieur are very kind, and eager to improve their English while I improve my French. I'm sure they must be horrified at how terribly I treat their language, but they're still very understanding and welcoming. Donc, today we took a trip to Versailles. It involved a lot of standing and listening, which can be difficult at times, but it was sooo magnificent. I couldn't imagine living in a place like this, and having so many drawing ... read more
l'Arc de Triomphe
Side of the Hall of Mirrors
Original Chandelier

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 31st 2011

Lèche-vitrine! Today, we had a jeu de piste, or scavenger hunt around the 6th arrondissement--the Rive Gauche. This was a little unfortunate for my male companions, because instead of paying attention to the assignment, I was staring at/drooling over the Dior, Louis Vitton, Armani boutiques. What's the relevance of the oldest restaurant in Paris if it doesn't sell Dior?? And do I now depend on your financial charity to see me through the semester without starving to death? No, but I did buy a really cute polka-dotted scarf (not from any aforementioned designer). And café au lait. On that note, I also had to fight the temptation to go to Starbucks twice. Unbelievable, right? I have yet to find a cheap, 12-oz cup of coffee in this city. Now, back to this scarf. I had to ... read more
L'église de St-Germaine
John and Tyler

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 30th 2011

Less Jet Lag! Today felt much more like a normal day, especially with the sleep deprivation. An update on the housing situation! (That means you'll have my address!) I won't actually move in with my host family until Friday, due to perfectly legitimate reasons on their end. Obviously I won't post their info on the Internet, but just let me say I'm pretty excited and beyond fortunate to be staying where I am. That said, my address as it concerns folks at home is: Katherine Pflanz C/O Accent 89, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine 75011 Paris, France BUT taxes on mail are pretty ridiculous...jussayin...don't worry though, I'll be picking up a pack or two of postcards in the next week or so. As of now, I'm staying in the same hotel, just in a single room. That ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 29th 2011

L'ARRIVÉE!! So, I'm finally in Paris! It's been a long, slightly nerve-wrecking process that was almost delayed by a hurricane. Jet lag has left us all pretty foggy, and we're slowly regaining our bearings, only to lose them again tomorrow when we join our host families. As of now, we're staying just down the street from la Bastille. Nothing terribly exciting has happened yet, so I don't have much to share, except maybe that the food here is fantastic and I wish our coffee in the US was stronger. I miss everyone already, but classes will start on Wednesday, I'll figure out the métro, use my "art history student" pass like...everyday, and before I know it, I'll (probably) be heading back. Remember, I have ample opportunity to run away and become an illegal American immigrant. Speaking ... read more

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