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17th April 2007

Hi Kat!
Hi Kat! Looks like you're having a great time. Keep showing us more photos. They're lovely. Love Wahid. xxx
16th April 2007

gorgeous photos
Hi Kat! Love that first picture of the lake and flowers. Very artistic!
16th April 2007

Well I have to say you look very relaxed on your horse... you've obviously taken to western style after all. How come you two are the only ones who ever get on horses? Do you have to already be riders? I can't quite imagine they seriously let you ride alone in the mountains! You take a guide with you don't you???
15th April 2007

OK so where's the photos for this place?
Now come on. We've waited all day checking the email and no photos yet!! (By the way loved the sunset and rainbow in Cuenca) Hope your Spanish was good enough in Banos? I liked the message. They must get too many foreign tourists. People in Europe should do the smae. That would get the British to finally have a go at speaking another language. Love the sound of a lazy breakfast. Wish me luck tomorrow. I'm back to my jungle. Those children will have grown in two weeks so I better start my vitamins or something.
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15th April 2007

Not another beautiful mountain?
I'm sitting here on the computerwhen this next photo turns up. Nothing like getting me jealous again. I want to see this photo of the hummingbird on a cactus. Sounds painful. What's this about men cooking at three in the morning? Send them this way!
13th April 2007

I suppose the good news is if you fell off there's a good chance those trees would break your fall!! Seriously looks like so much fun..... 'superman' would have looked better if you could rent costumes there though. Have you considered suggesting it to the locals?
13th April 2007

'I'm a pink marshmallow, you're a white marshmallow.....
Dear Kat At least I can see proof of your firsmaking skills. I knew all that early training in arson would prove useful eventually.
12th April 2007

I am SO JEALOUS!!!!!
Hi Kat Well you've really done it now. All my favourites in one place. Mountains, sunrise ,lakes and mules??? (sorry did I add mules???) Take the last one off. It looks fantastic. Why can't we see a photo of you in your llama hats?
11th April 2007

What do you mean only 2,000 feet above the ground?
Now come on... only 2,000 feet! Where's that tandem sky diving nature gone? Should have been much higher!!! I don't ask how you change wires or do you? George of the jungle would have nothing on you if you arrived in your normal grand style. I have this vision in my head of sugared doughnuts going down the river. Can't wait for photos. Now Anna and I are going to have to think of something really to outdo all this! (Well I suppose facing 24 five years olds next week might compete a little!! Wish me luck as I return to my jungle.)
10th April 2007

More dangerous wild orchids?
Oh no Katherine!! More wild orchids! Hope you had a professional ranger and a big tranquilizer gun with you. These safaris can be quite dangerous you know.
10th April 2007

Roasting on the beach
Hi! Well I can't say I envy you your nasty sunburn. On the bright side, you're finally starting to look brown. Who would have thought it would take you two months on the equator to get a tan!!
9th April 2007

Ah all that sun, sea and sunburn.
Hi Kat Yep, that sunset is pretty good. Can I teleport down to a spare hammock on the beach?
9th April 2007

Of course you are a mosquito's delight!
Hi Kat Hope you weren't sea sick on the hammocks? Of course those little insects always love you. Just keep them away with all those creams and potions you took. You'll be looking just like that character from Lilo and Stitch!!
7th April 2007

Well we've just been on holiday too!
Yes, it's me again. Well at least we've been down a cave on our holiday. Not quite as exciting as zip wiring, donut eating or was that rafting??? I'll just to sky dive again to keep up with you.
27th March 2007

Nice to hear all your news...keep up educating the strange Americans...am sure you'll get there!
Hello yoU! Its great to hear all of your news...even your ranting! I shall look forward to your rendition of moron songs...complete with dancing ( !) when you get back! Take care, and keep enjoying! xxx
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22nd March 2007

tell you what this all looks like really strenuous work your doing out there (!) hehe
22nd March 2007

Avast Matey!
Katherine, has any one ever told you you look positively radiant with mudd on your feet? You should wear mudd more often. Sorry I haven't been able to reply! But it soundsl ike your having fun fun fun! You keep getting prettier in each picture. HOW THE HECK DO YOU DO THAT?!?!!? anyways! To make your day even better, it was discovered yesterday that President W. Bush has been seeing a Dominatrix! HA! What do you think of that!?!? If Clinton was impeached for doing his secratery, shouldn't Bush be impeached for cheating as well? I call for Impeachment! Any ways! I'm SO glad your having fun there, and meeting friends and salsa dancing until 3 in the morning! Spanish is easy to pick up, and honestly, the only way your ever going to REALLY learn it is by speaking to the locals in as much spanish you know and asking them how to say things. Also, speak in spanish as much as you can with your fellow friends, so that you get in the habit of speaking it^__^. that's best advice I could give you on learning a language. And now that this post is rediculously long, I shall leave you. Have fun and I'll post more often! -Keely
22nd March 2007

Orchid Safari
Orchid Safari, hmm? Sounds interesting. I can understand wanting to see orchids in the wild if that happens to be your particular passion but how can they call it a safari?? Safaris include lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) not harmless little wild flowers. I've always been a little dubious about cultural safaris - museums and palaces are sightseeing not safaris - but an orchid safari seems even more bizarre!
21st March 2007

what do you mean only 6 to a bed.
Hi KAt What about 10 in a bed??? Sounds amazing. It's great to pictrure it all. What did you actually go to see?????
20th March 2007

The 'bright' idea of not going to bed all night?? Now I realise sheer exhaustion is the only way you can possibly sleep on buses but how on earth did you put your sleep patterns back again? Or have you all become nocturnal??? Love the picture of the cathedral. Hope to see lots more photographs - especially of the cute little tikes when you get to the orphanage etc.
19th March 2007

North Americans...
Yeah, apperantly us North Americans can be pretty slow when it comes to slang from abroad. Though those girls you're working with sound exceptionaly ignorant. I met an American while I was traveling who had never heard the expression "taking the piss"...
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18th March 2007

Of cabbages and kings . . .
No cuddles, Mormons *and* cloth nappies?! Oh dear . . . you're not going to go all broody, are you?
From Blog: Back to work!
8th March 2007

Oh my GOD! You actually found some llamas! [jaw drops in awe]
7th March 2007

We miss you!
Hey, not sure when you´ll get this, but just thought I´d let you know it´s our first day without you Cuenca guys and we miss you! Went to see our placements today, all looking pretty good apart from that CENIT is run by and EXTREMELY irritating American woman. But she´s leaving in about a month :) Anyway, good luck with stuff, speak to you soon! My mobile number is 091487775, let me know all your numbers when you have them and I´ll pass them around. Chao chica!
5th March 2007

what do you mean you couldn't eat all the food?
Well that's more adventurous, picnics in the park! Sounds very relaxing. Wish I could. It's back to the gremlins this morning with more questions to answer.Love Me. P.S. internet was playing up yesterday. Hope you got the emails? Have a great last couple of mad days in Quitto

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