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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan March 27th 2011

On an Indonesian map the distance between Bali and the Gilis (just off the coast of Lombok) is essentially no distance at all. However, we were privy to one essential travel fact in Asia: distance does not correlate with travel time. As there seems to be no such thing as public transport in Bali, we were at the mercy of the taxi drivers again. We headed down to the main road in Ubud and hailed down the first we could see, after asking a builder if he would take us in the back of his lorry. Our private hire taxi cost 150,000 from Ubud to Padang Bai, and the driver didn’t want to give it for that. The journey took around 45 minutes and was quite luxurious in a car with upholstered seats. Arriving at Padang ... read more
sun setting
leaving Bali
views of the islands from the sea

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 24th 2011

We took a Bemo from Sanur and requested the driver take us to Ubud, around half an hour away. A price of 150,000 was agreed (this is extortionate considering we paid 100,000 each for a luxury overnight bus including dinner from Surabaya to Dempasar) but transport prices are sky high in Bali. We had been told there are so many taxi drivers because from one fare they can earn the equivalent of what they would for a days' work in standard employment. We had considered renting motorbikes to get the most out of Bali as this is what most tourists do. With rental prices starting at £2.50 a day (and cheaper, the longer you rent) it is no surprise they are so popular. However, with neither of us having had any motorbike experience we decided it ... read more
art and terraces
Yuliati Guesthouse

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur March 18th 2011

Glad to be leaving Kuta we hunted down a taxi to Sanur- fed up of the local transport cartels we had decided on taking a luxury ride. Finding a taxi is not a difficult task in Bali. Even when you are walking up a one way street, drivers going in the opposite direction will constantly honk at you or shout out their windows. It is not just taxis either. People also offer you rides on the back of their motorbikes, or offer to rent you a motorbike. We got in a metered taxi and took the 10 minute ride to Sanur which cost around 60,000 rupiah, but would have cost more if Luke hadn't have caught the driver taking needless u-turns to wait in traffic. Arriving in Sanur we were hot and exhausted after our night ... read more
Bonsais at sunset
a parade
Sanur beach

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta March 17th 2011

Before starting this entry we just wanted to say DON'T PANIC!! Things look different because TravelBlog has updated it's system which we're like blind mice trying to find our way around, but it appears to allow the reader to be more interactive so you can now 'like' our blogs or 'tweet' using the buttons below the entry. Don't forget that if you are already a TB user you can recommend us if you enjoy our posts! Guys we must also apologise about the delay in posting. A crazy last minute decision brought us to Australia. We have been living in Perth for a month now, and the motivation has been at an all time low to catch up on the blog. Trying to settle back into a normal routine is terrifying enough without reminiscing over better ... read more
sellers along Kuta beach
pool at our hotel
flooded streets

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta March 15th 2011

It took less than three hours for us to become millionaires. Arriving into Indonesia we excitedly withdrew 1.5 million rupiah from the ATM (just over £100) just to see what it felt like! Obviously we then had to spend most of it purchasing our visas, but they came as a cute sticker in our passports which was a first. After filling in more forms we got our bags and were herded out into transport cartel madness. Taxi drivers were trying to charge us 300,000 rupiah for the fifteen minute ride into the centre, which we knew was ridiculous. It was gone midnight and there were no public buses running, so we were at their mercy. Eventually a kind guy agreed to 100,000 so we were on our way. Our driver was really nice, he was actually ... read more
one mall in Jakarta
rat alley
before one of the many rain storms

Asia » Philippines » Manila March 13th 2011

We just had one night to kill in Puerto Princesa before our flight back to Manila the following day. After spending the afternoon resting we headed out for dinner at a pizza place which looked like a restaurant from the outside, but ended up churning out the same fastfood stuff as everywhere else seemed to within our budget. The following morning our flight with Zest Airlines was at 9am so had to be up early. We were both feeling exhausted so tried to cheer ourselves up with a pot noodle breakfast at the airport. The flight went really smoothly and before we knew it we were back in Manila with 11 hours to kill before our flight to Indonesia. One passenger had immensely amused us by colour coding her wardrobe to match Zest Airlines (see pics). ... read more
strangest flavour yet
dressed to impress
Zest Air

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido March 7th 2011

We were up and out by 7am; it appears this is a normal time for Filipinos! We met with Barbara and Yves in Judy's for a final breakfast of their strange take on the veggie burger (made from bananas) before we were informed that the jeepney would be picking us up somewhere else. So the four of us headed down the road to the new jeepney pick-up point where we were rewarded with quite a show of dog fighting. Kate thought one of the dogs was quite cute despite being a member of the ugly gang, Luke commented that he looked like Chinese Alan which in fact he did, and had us roaring with laughter much to the surprise of the locals on our jeepney. Finally we were off after picking up a bunch of empty ... read more
El Nido by night
so amazing
El Nido beach

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Port Barton March 3rd 2011

We had been travelling pretty quickly around the north of the Philippines, and were so excited to kick back and relax with some beach life. After all, the beaches of Palawan were our Asian dream. We arrived into Port Barton just 3 hours after leaving the city of Puerto Princesa, and despite the journey Katie had surprisingly managed to get some sleep on Luke's lap. The road onwards from the town of Roxas was more of a rocky dirt track than a driving surface, and it was a miracle that the jeepney made it without losing anything from the roof. Along the way we had collected many villagers and the roof was loaded with both luggage and people. We paid 200 pesos each which we suspected was more than the locals paid, but was less than ... read more
from Summer Homes
sun setting over the sea
hammocks for Summer Homes

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Puerto Princesa March 1st 2011

Sorry guys this is a boring one about a mad journey... Arriving into Manila from Baguio we left the bus at an unknown terminal which our driver had assured us was nearer to the airports than the Panay stop we had planned to get off. We are not sure how accurate this information was, but luckily we were near a mall, where we were hoping to access the wifi to book plane tickets. It was just gone 12pm and the flight we wanted to get on was at 4.15pm. No rush then. After a baggage check we were inside, but the internet was not working. In a panic we ran to a ticket sales office where we were told that Cebu Pacific was now only selling tickets for that particular flight at the airport, but there ... read more
on his head
in the airport
Zest Air

Asia » Philippines » Baguio February 26th 2011

We arrived into Baguio relieved at having escaped the bus journey through hell with our lives, but also exhausted from all the anxiety and having had to death grip the seats to fight gravity and avoid bouncing into the air at every bump or turn. But we were just out of the pan and into the fire. Of course we had tried to book accommodation for the Baguio Flower Festival before arriving, however, everywhere we had contacted had informed us they were fully booked. Adventurous as we are (or stupid, looking back) we had decided to go anyway, in the hope of finding somewhere to lay our heads for a few nights, agreeing we weren't too bothered about where or what it was. We had not however contemplated that we would arrive in a wrecked state ... read more
boats for hire
so many strawberries
giant beer bottle

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