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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Vicenza June 7th 2009

We left Matteo's appartment in Milan and headed to Venice for the night and then from there to Florcence he helped us book hostels and even gave us not one but three maps of florence to help us on our way when we arrived in the station Katie went to the washroom Feeling confident, Lynsey went to ask information about where on our map the hostel could be located the woman at the desk looked at the address and tried to locate it on the map before saying "it isnt here" Lynsey responded with a puzzled look as we had already booked it, it definately did exist then she talked slowly again with big sympthetic eyes saying "you do know you are in Venice now right? this is a map of Florence...." good. go us! just ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna June 6th 2009

We have arrived back to Bolonga, all of us feeling a little crispy... After spending 3 straight days on the beautiful beaches of Sardina our skin is showing the affects of the sun. Even after taking turns rubbing sunscreen on each other not one of us escaped a burn... but it was totally worth it: We left Civittaveccnia at 10:00pm and slept on the boat arriving in Sardina the next morning From there we took a bus into the main city and then cabbed it to a little camp ground about 15mins away where we rented 2 trailers for a couple of nights. upon arriving we all changed into our bathing suits and walked down to the ocean only 10mins from the park where we spent the rest of the afternoon. the following morning we made ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan May 25th 2009

We arrived from the early morning flight in Milan Made our way to the main train station where we were to meet Mateo The plan was to meet at 10am and it was only 9:40 so we were doing well. sat in the shade cast by the tall tower with the bright red countdown to the fast train and people-watched hoping to see matteo amongst the crowd.... well, we waited, and waited.. and prayed that he hadn't forgotten about us. At 11 we left the meeting point to try and call and email him, which turns out to be the exact time he came looking for us! our paths did eventually cross and we met up with him and his room mate Mitch. turns out they had been looking for us for just as long.. either ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona May 21st 2009

ha! we thought the last night train was bad--- this time we get on.. lucked out to have seats in a group of four- two sets of two facing each other so we could prop our feet up and attempt a twisted laying down position of some sort. in night train terms, we were on top of the world. and two minutes before we pull out of the station, our very quiet uninhibited car gets filled to maximum capacity with a group of 14 year old spanish music students. we heard a rendition of happy birthday to one lucky girl on the train in about every language possible complete with clapping, dancing, guitar, drums and someone skilfully walking around the train filming the entire thing.. best part of all was their endurance........................ Arrived in Barcelona without ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Lisbon May 17th 2009

Arrived to Madrid and the nice weather walked around the city with a self guided tour mentioned in the Spain travel book we had borrowed from the O´Neil´s -a big thank you for that its been really helpful! visited the Prado museum and the Royal Palace.. which was randomly closed for maintenance so we sunbathed in the gardens and afterwards did some shopping katie found a cute little sundress decided to take a night train to Lisbon worst idea yet both of us were freezing, cramped, and unable to get a single minute of sleep all night long arrived a little dazed in Lisbon but quickly found our hostel, a cute little place with such nice people! much more like a hotel than the hostels we are used to clean fluffy towels, breakfast served right to ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid May 12th 2009

After a wonderful week long stay with the Harik´s we boarded a 10 hour long train and moved south we took the train all the way down to Marseilles (in the south of France) Sarah´s cousin Joe was nice enough to let us stay with him we all toured the old port, the church with an amazing view of the entire city and of course THE BEACH! Lynsey was crazy enough to brave a freezing ocean swim.. so cold you couldn't even think at first, let alone breathe. the ocean view was beautiful.. perfect blue with sail boats dotted along the horizon- picture perfect Joe and his friend Roy took us out for dinner and introduced us to their favourite bars... the next day was spent lazing around the beach Katie was somehow the one who ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City May 7th 2009

We have had an amazing week here in Luxembourg, we caught up on some laundry, sleep and missed meals. Katie accidentally left her glasses in Nantes at Agathe's house and they kindly mailed them to Luxembourg so our stay here was a little longer then planned as we were waiting for the package to arrive not that we minded staying a few extra nights! Thursday we got to sleep in and stay in our PJs the whole day! Friday went for a walk around Sarah's little village Delhiem while Valerie slaved away in the kitchen all day preparing a delicious 7 course meal for the family and another couple that came over.... actually had to lie down and rest our tummies half way through dinner in order to make room for the next dish. Saturday we ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City May 1st 2009

Already a month in... unbelievable! Had a great weekend with Agathe hung out with her friends and toured around Nantes Her mom took us to the west coast on sunday Beautiful day! she showed us how they harvest the salt from the ocean they diverge the water into little streams each more shallow than the previous until their is only a few inches of salt water which they separate into fields. during the summer the sun heats up the shallow pools and the water evaporates leaving just the salt to be harvested by hand its really interesting to see the process and the patience of these people who still work in such an traditional fashion, completely at the mercy of mother nature for the yield of each crop and all the labour without any equipment more ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris April 23rd 2009

here we are.. in PARIS really is the city of love..we've fallen for it already :) where we actually get to use our french, (this will be a breeze eh?) oh, and then realize how much we've forgotten since the days of all those monotonous and oh so pointless grammar lessons that we now think may have actually been good to listen to... (merde!) oh well, we've been making do lots of smiles and hand gestures really do go a long way arrived off the boat from Ireland 19 hours at sea. Mon Dieu! surprised we didn't have to go through customs or anything ..but found ourselves in the middle of nowhere managed to talk to a nice french lady heading to Paris as well and shared a cab to the train station with her our ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork April 20th 2009

wrote this message a while ago but it didn't get posted for some reason... here it is now though. enjoy :) Arrived in Cork after a very long, tiring, train mix up day but we did arrive none the less. kissed the blarney stone yesterday... so now we will have luck and eloquence for eternity or something.... lets just make something clear though, this wasn't just a bend down and give a random old rock in the middle of a huge stone wall a big wet smooch.... ohhhhhhhhhhhh nooooo to give this amazing, treasured gift from the earths molten lava core a snog there are three steps: 1. lay down on your back 2. lean back way out on the edge of this ledge so really your ass is the only thing still touching something solid ... read more

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