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Adventures in Pennelope

North America » United States » Pennsylvania » Canadensis September 15th 2015

It was a beautiful fall morning in Western Ohio as Oscar and I headed out for our final leg of the journey. In 2 miles I was on route 80 and followed this road for almost 300 miles. I knew it was a pretty drive but after having been on the nations roads for over 9,000 miles it sure did rank up there as one of the prettiest. There were abundant trees and occasional farms along with rolling hills that became higher and turned out to be the highest point in PA. There was a sign that said, "Welcome to the Pennsylvania Wilds" and it surely was. Miles of forests with hills, the only thing that dotted the landscape was the occasional cell tower. I made it home about 3 pm and found everything green and ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Hubbard September 14th 2015

I did indeed survive the storms in Junction City, Kansas and the next day I arrived safety in Warrenton, Mo, at the home of my sister Pat. It was wonderful being with family and I just relaxed and decompressed. I didn't realize how tired I was but all those days of travel really got to me. Pat made a wonderful dinner and we were joined by Sue, Bill and Enoch to make the evening special. The next day all we did was go to a movie and relax. On Thursday I had a hair appt to try to get my hair back in shape and then I got the oil changed in the camper so by Friday we were all set to go to Indiana for our cousin reunion. We started out at 6 am and ... read more
cruising on the pontoon
discussion on the porch

North America » United States » Kansas » Junction City September 6th 2015

09-06-15 and 09-07-15 Sunday is a day of rest and so it was for me. I needed a break from driving and so did Oscar so we stayed at the campground for an extra night. The hosts serve breakfast, for a fee, every day in the summer so I decided to take advantage and support the cause. It was sausage and pancakes, coffee and juice and turned out to be delicious. I put out the awning and strapped it down well and sat in the shade and read my book for the first time in 2 weeks. Didn't realize I had been that busy that there was no time to sit, too many fun things to do. The campground cleared out and was quiet, the birds were singing and Oscar was laying flat out, half in ... read more
this car was renovated to serve rail road workers
colorful train
how far do they go............

North America » United States » Colorado » Limon September 4th 2015

blog 09-04-15 Rock Springs to Ft Collins 09-05-15 Ft Collins to Limon, CO I didn't stay in Rock Creek last night, it was Rock Springs. Too tired to even know where I am! Got up and moving and managed to be on the road by 8:15 and thankfully again the sun was up high enough it was not directly in my eyes. The temperature was warming up fast and the air smelled heavenly. I headed east on 80 and the terrain was still rolling hills, mostly grazing land and hay production. Just passed Rawlins I saw Medicine Bow Peak 12,013 ft , picture, that stood out especially with it's tree cover. I took a quick trip through Laramie just to see it then headed south on 287 to Ft Collins. The weather was getting cloudy and ... read more
KOA in Rock Springs
beautiful clouds
Medicine Bow Peak  12,013 ft.

North America » United States » Wyoming » Green River September 3rd 2015

Wells, NV to Rock Springs, WY I knew it was going to be another long driving day and I woke up ready to go. The sun rose earlier here, we're further east but the time hasn't changed yet to mountain time. So by 7:30 it was bright, clear and starting to warm up. The elevation was 5,233 ft, still in the high desert, so the night cools quickly. There was an occasional train last night but it wasn't bad, rather enjoyed the sound of the whistle. We were out of there by 8:30 am, almost a new record for me, gassed up and got on 80 E and soon hit 70 mph. The speed limit was 75 but I'm not comfortable going that fast. It was calm and beautiful, the sun had risen enough that even ... read more
forest of sorts
getting greener and yellow
think this is a ghost town

North America » United States » Nevada » Wells September 2nd 2015

Burns, OR to Wells, NV Who's idea was this anyway? Going into Nevada in the summer is crazy! I wanted to get NV on my state map, the states I've camped in, and it was just a short hop to NV then on to Utah and I get 2 states I've not been in yet. Don't know how much time it added to the trip but the scenery was not my favorite and it is hot and dry and very windy. Good thing there is nobody on the road because I got blown over 1/2 a lane even though I was being very careful. Sudden gusts come out of nowhere. I left Burns about 10, I am slow to move, and headed south on 78 which was a very smooth 2 lane 55 mph road through ... read more
the high desert
the hills

North America » United States » Oregon » Burns September 1st 2015

blog 09-01-15 New Month and a New Direction The weather reflected my mood. It was raining and overcast, foggy, the kind of day you would envision for the North West. My mood wasn't all that glum, I do have mixed feelings though. I'm starting the return trip today and I'm looking forward to seeing relatives along the way and going to the cousin reunion in Indiana will be a hoot. But it's so exciting heading west, in my mind anyway, I hate to see the adventure come to an end. I took a little different route to Portland than I have been using as I would be involved in rush hours that are notoriously bad. There was enough fun for me in Portland the last time I was there so I went south on 101 along ... read more
typical Northwest
the mouth of the Columbia with the bridge in the background
log trucks everywhere-boy are these guys good drivers!

North America » United States » Oregon » Astoria August 30th 2015

Eco Tour I was up bright and early today, it's an eco tour day. Megan and I tried to get a boat ride while she was here but the one outfit not fishing was booked. So I called him yesterday and he had one spot left for the morning. I had to be in Astoria by 9 am so I would have to leave here by 8:15am. I dragged Oscar out of bed and took him for a quick walk then headed south. I had to go over the big bridge again but thankfully this time the wind had let up and was not a factor. I arrived at the docks on time, found the skipper, Chris, and we headed out of the marina and under the big bridge. Different looking at it from this angle, ... read more
the docks
out of the marina
the now famous big bridge- it's 4 miles long

North America » United States » Washington » Seaview August 29th 2015

blog 08-29-15 The Storm Last night was violent. We had a storm that started Friday morning just as a few showers then the major part of the storm hit last night. The winds were ferocious, gusting to 65 mph, with steady winds about 35mph. Back East that would have been a hurricane, here it was an early Fall storm. I woke to the sound of the surf pounding the shore and the wind howling through the trees. I am about 300 yards from the ocean. I had taken everything in last night and laid the chairs down on the rug so nothing would blow away. It was wonderful to hear it rain, it had not rained here for 2 months, but the wind was unwelcome. There were boater warnings out and the fisherman had to get ... read more
giant waves

North America » United States » Washington » Seaview August 27th 2015

Megan and I had another beautiful day to look forward to. The weather man's predictions were for 60s in the morning and climbing to around 80 by the afternoon. We moved slowly this morning and had a leisurely breakfast of bacon, thank you Megan, and cereal. We drove the 2 miles into the little sleepy fishing village of Ilwaco to checkout the boardwalk and someplace for lunch. Ol Bob's had been recommended to us so we ordered lunch and waited for it to be served while overlooking the docks. There was a lot of activity there because of the salmon run and it was pleasant watching the people and boats come and go. I had fish and chips, Megan had a sandwich and salad. We walked the boardwalk and went into a few shops all the ... read more
the docks in Ilwaco
more boats
Megan with the beautiful flowers

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