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Adventures in Pennelope

Huntington Beach State Park Two days at a lake in the rain was enough so I decided if it was going to rain I'd rather be at the ocean. My friend Kat told me about a beautiful campground on the beach near Myrtle Beach and lucky me, they had room. I got all packed up and left about 11 for the 2 hr drive. I took the back roads, Neil Diamond calls it the Blue Highway, and 2 1/2 hrs later we were pulling into the park. My site was nice, near the bathroom and path to the beach, and level, with some breathing room from neighbors. The weather was overcast with a 20mph wind from the north, so it was brisk. I quickly hooked up the electric and took Oscar to see the beach. He ... read more
oyster bed
observation platform at low tide
great blue heron in the remaining water

North America » United States » South Carolina » Santee March 21st 2015

We started out the morning at 10 am on our way north. It was a 2 min drive to 95 and we were moving along with all the other snow birds that decided it was time to head home. Yes, the traffic was heavy. We made good time till an accident up ahead backed up traffic for 10 miles. Then it was stop and go, then go like crazy, then stop again. It turned out the accident was in the south bound lane so all our traffic was unnecessary. It was a very mangled tractor trailer, hope no one was killed. Had a couple of stops then got into a driving groove and kept truckin. We arrived at Santee State Park in SC about 4:40pm and settled into our lake view campsite. We went for a ... read more
my camper's view

North America » United States » Florida » Ormond Beach March 20th 2015

blog 03-20-15 Native American Festival It's moving day today. I got a lot of small chores done yesterday so I was ready to head out by 10:30 am. I took the camper to the dump station and found noone there, I was thrilled. After that chore was done I went back to my campsite, lined the camper up on the side road and pulled the car behind and hooked up. Off I went to the new campground just 6 miles down the road. I booked this extra night here so I could go to the Native American Festival (NAF) in Ormond Beach, no room at the state park. I am in an Encore Resort along RT 1 just north of Ormond Beach. The site I have is convient but sure lacks charactor and charm. I am ... read more
gator kabob
Indian taco
Joanne and Joan eating their buffalo burgers

North America » United States » Florida » Ormond Beach March 19th 2015

I am combining 2 days in this blog to try and catch up. I can't remember all the things I did so I'll try to hit the highlights. Yesterday I discovered that 2 of my friends from home are here in this campground, one is acturally next door. I didn't know they were coming, they just surprised me. Yesterday, Joan had trouble with her camper, a Roadtreck, and she had to get it fixed immediatley, her gas line was broken. So both Joan and Joanne went to Daytona to a chevy dealer and they were able to fix it for them in 2 hours, very fortunate. I took Oscar for a nice hike then decided I better get to the beach before I had to leave and never got there. It is just a 6 mile ... read more
pelican fly-by
the deserted beach
beautiful powdery sand

North America » United States » Florida » Ormond Beach March 15th 2015

After a week of listening to the constant drone of the 10,000 motorcycles that are driving around the clock, I had to find a place of peace. I went to the ranger's station and picked their brains about a special place and I only had to drive 25 miles to get there. There is a national park/wildlife sactuary down this very hard to find road but I was determined to find it. I did and found peace in the process. At the parking lot I took the trail to the open area where there were miles of trails and acres of open marsh. I walked a ways and found a bench and sat there for quite a while. I could feel the gentle breeze, the warm sun on my face, and HEAR the bees flying by. ... read more
several turtles on one log sunning
more flowers

North America » United States » Florida » Ormond Beach March 14th 2015

After our walk around the camp, it was time to go exploring again. The motorcycles were causing a constant roar everywhere so I thought I might get on the road and join them. Top down, windows down, breeze in my hair and we were off. Another day I had noticed a platform overlooking a pond and I set out to find it. We traveled mostly through the oak and spanish moss woods, the branches forming a canopy keeping the road shady. The temp were already in the high 70s so shade was very welcome. I found the pond and after about a 1/2 mile hike we were looking at a tidal pond at low tide. Nothing much was happening. Then I noticed the tide was coming in so we waited a short time and yes, the ... read more
what's your guess about these tracks?
tri-colored heron with ducks

North America » United States » Florida » Ormond Beach March 12th 2015

An Atlas V rocket blasted off from Kennedy Space Center tonight and I got to see it from Ormond Beach. I was able to find a well lit place to leave the car near a hotel and lots of people were walking on the beach to see the launch so I felt safe. There was a light on the ground before lift-off, I was watching the live news feed on my phone, then the rocket took off much faster than I thought it would. By the time I got 3 pictures taken it was almost out of sight, then the rumble came. Sounded like thunder. Everybody cheered.... read more
going through the thin cloud layer
maybe it was staging, or I just moved the camera

North America » United States » Florida » Ormond Beach March 12th 2015

Today's blog I'm posting some pictures from the park that I haven't added yet. Hope you enjoy them.... read more
Had to park caty-cornered to level the camper
one way road through the campground
view of my campsite from the road

North America » United States » Florida » Ormond Beach March 11th 2015

Chief Tomokie Statue Portrays Myth, Not Man DISCOVER VOLUSIA June 11, 1995·By Dana Ste. Claire It's hard to imagine a more noble monument to the Timucua natives of the Volusia area than the stately Chief Tomokie sculpture in Tomoka State Park. Here, the stone chief stands majestic, reaching toward the sky, surrounded by a bevy of bow-wielding Timucua braves and Oleeta, the delicate princess. Surely, as evocative as it is, the scene must typify the lifestyles of the Timucua who once lived here. But it doesn't. The sculpture in all of its folksy grandeur characterizes little of the habits and customs of Volusia's first people. Yet in deference to its creator, the late Fred Dana Marsh, the Tomokie statue probably never was intended to be true to history. It is just that many of its viewers ... read more
base of the tree
looks like a gater
bringing home dinner

North America » United States » Florida » Ormond Beach March 7th 2015

The Buzzing Campground It's another overcast, cool day here in "sunny" Florida. Poor Oscar, I had to steal his blanket last night, but he got even, he joined me under my covers. It was 55 this morning and I needed to have a shower so off to the bathouse I went. You have to understand there is NO heat in any restroom at the campgrounds so when the temperture outside is 55, the temperature inside is 55. There are ceiling fans, and open windows to keep mold from growing and dry things out, but in cold weather it's bracing. The only redeeming factor was the hot water. Not too bad as long as you were under running water, but then you dry yourself quickly and get those clothes on. I finished setting up camp. Connected the ... read more

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