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Travel Journal

Of all the places and of all the things I have ever done while traveling...Fraser Island is in the top three if not number one...We arrived in Rainbow Beach which is the jump off point to arrive in Fraser Island...We got to our hostel called Dingos for our briefing the day before we headed over to the Island...They broke up 44 of us in to 4 groups of 11...And provided us with an order form for booze and a list of our camping supplies and food...The next morning we got up bright and early to pack our trucks...The cars were land cruisers kitted out to 4 wheel drive and had racks on the roof to pack up all of our gear...They gave us 4 tents, 2 coolers, cooking supplies and all our food and drinks...We packed ... read more
Lake Wabby
Champagne Pools
Indian Head

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Whitsundays January 26th 2009

From Townsville we drove down to Airlie Beach...Elizabeth and I stopped by an aqua farm on the way in a small town called Bowen...The meeting went well and the company we visited was called Good Fortune Bay Fisheries Limited...They raise Barramundi, Cobina and Grouper...Airlie Beach is the gateway to the Whitsundays which is a huge collection off the coast of the mainland...We stayed in Airlie for the night and went out to a few bars and had a great time...The next morning we woke up and went to the travel agent to pay for our sailing trip around the islands...We met with our group at the dock at 1:30 and boarded the boat for a two night/three day sailing excursion...The boats name was Tongarra and it was a smaller vessel...We had about 20 people on board ... read more
Sleeping on the Deck

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas January 22nd 2009

From Cape Tribulation we drove back down the coast to Port Douglas to get our dive on...The day we got there we headed to the beach to do some tanning...Upon becoming extremely hot because of course it's Queensland...we headed into the water to refresh...Big surprise when we jumped in...The water is about as hot as the air and provided little to no relief from the heat...After braving the heat for a few hours we retired to our nicely airconditioned hostel for dinner...The next day I got up nice and early to catch the bus to my dive boat...It was called the Poseidon and they took us out for a day of diving on the Great Barrier Reef...All three dives were amazing and we saw turtles, sharks and a chambered nautilus among other beautiful bright fish and ... read more
Magnetic Island
On the Dive Boat
P. Doug

Upon leaving Sydney we arrived in Cairns only to find that for the next 2 weeks we would be experiencing some of the hottest and most humid weather...With that said it has made our tanning a little difficult...But worry not...We are still very dark...We stopped in Cairns for two nights and stayed at a nice hostel called Gilligans...In the north of Queensland they have a lot of jelly fish and crocodiles so no one really swims in the ocean...Luckily, Gilligans had a really nice pool so we cooled of there for most of the day...From Cairns we rented a car and drove up north to Cape Tribulation...On the way we hit up Hartley's Crocodile farm to check out some of the native flora and fauna...Seeing as Elizabeth is deathly afraid of crocodiles it was a funny ... read more
Hartley's Croc Farm
Mossman Gorge
Mossman Gorge

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Bondi Beach January 14th 2009

Just to throw it out there...Elizabeth and I have both decided that if we were going to live anywhere for an extended period of time...Sydney would be at the top of the list...It's a great city with beautiful beaches and awesome people...Scotty and his friend Toby made us reservations on our first night at a restaurant called Tatsuyas...We were informed by our hosts that it is considered one of the top 10 restaurants in the world...And we happily obliged to join them for dinner...It was a ten course meal with accompanied wine pairings...7 savory and 3 sweet...One of the best meals I have had in my entire life...The next day Elizabeth and I did a little tanning before joing Scotty, his girlfriend Bianca, Toby and two of their friends from Melbourne, Ken and Tully on a ... read more
Opera House
Bondi Beach

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay January 8th 2009

After a long drive down from Noosa we arrived in Byron Bay and dropped our stuff off at the hotel...Sally, Scott's mom was basically our travel agent and set up some GREAT accomodations...Next, we drove to Nimbin for a look around...It's dubbed the Amsterdam of Australia...Lot's of hippies and other loose living paraphanalia...When we got back to Byron we went for a Kebab...Bay Kebab Shop...Noted as one of the best Kebabs in NSW and Scotty claims all of Australia...maybe even the world...I have my reservations about that comment...It's not some title you throw around so lightly...The next day we went to the beach which was sooo nice...The sand is sooo fine that it squeaks when you walk on it...We layed out for a while and played in the waves...Scotty took us up to a lighthouse that ... read more
Light House
Dinner in Byron

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa January 5th 2009

On the 2nd Elizabeth and I embarked on a huge road trip with Scotty...He is on his annual leave and decided to chaperone us up the east coast...We did a HUGE drive from Melbourne to Noosa...21 hours!!! And believe me there isn't much to see along the way...just a lot of cows, sheep and dry land...When we got into Noosa it was pouring rain and sooo humid...Scotty's sister Jane was in town with her boyfriend Rob so we went over to their place for dinner...They made us a lovely BBQ...The Australians are great at that kind of thing...and then we had a few drinks before heading over to Noosa's one and only club...the Rolling Rock...Not too exciting...The next day we went to the beach and worked on our tans...The sun is sooo intense over here seeing ... read more
Look Out

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » St Kilda January 1st 2009

After spending Christmas in the country we returned to Melbourne for the New Year...Scotty invited us to his friend's place to ring in 2009...The theme was "Something You Wouldn't Wear to Work"...And so we ventured over to the nearest Salvation Army to go bargain hunting...We both ended up with some lovely numbers...Elizabeth found a shiny purple lycra tap leotard equipped with tux tails, a gold cowboy hat and boots to match...I on the other hand found a lovely navy blue mechanics suit and brown paper boy hat...Scotty wore a very disgusting grey mullet wig, rude hawaiian shirt and some short terry cloth shorts as well as snake skin loafers...We all looked a little off...The next day we woke up only to get ready to celebrate the New Year correctly...Mark and Scotty bought Elizabeth and I tickets ... read more

Oceania » Australia December 29th 2008

For Christmas we got a real taste of the country...Our friend Mark invited us to celebrate with his family in a small town outside of Melbourne called Wangaretta...His uncle owns an olive orchard and grows many different types of fruit trees as well...He even made his own proscuitto and salame for our Christmas dinner...We had a wonderful appetizer course followed by a huge dinner of turkey, ham, roast vegetables and loads of GRAVY!!! For dessert we had some traditional dishes called summer pudding, Christmas pudding and this type of custard...(FYI a pudding is not like what we's actually a kind of cake)...Following dinner we all got in the backyard to play a game of cricket...After about an hour of "bowling" and batting I still don't understand the game...(I have a feeling never will)...Mark's uncle has ... read more
Camper Van!
Wallaby Baby
Christmas Dinner

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart December 24th 2008

Elizabeth and I went to Tasmania for a few days to get out of the city and make an aquafarm visit...Tazzy is nice...But the main landers always gripe about them being a different breed...We had a quiet few days...We rented a car and drove around the island a bit...Getting very good at driving on the wrong side of the road...The first day we went to Wine Glass Bay and went on a few hikes...We were huffing and puffing...It was a really steep uphill hike but the view from the top was beautiful...The next day we and visited an oyster hatchery in Opossum Bay...From there we created our own little tour of many bays in Hobart...It was cool because a lot of what we saw was places off the beaten track...There were no people and views were ... read more
Wine Glass Bay
Calvert Beach

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