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Asia » India » Kerala » Alleppey January 1st 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I think the last time i wrote i told you that i was going to be hiring a moped and doing some exploring in Goa.. it was amazing! so nice to have the wind in your hair and the world at your feet!! .. and i came back with everything in tact!! i thoroughly reccomend it! We enjoyed our stay in Goa and celebrated Charlie's birthday in style (he got legless!!) and we went to a head phone party!!.. For those that haven't experienced this let me explain!; they can't play loud music after 11.30 so they have got round this by hiring out wireless headphones to party goers - i actually really liked it because you don't have to shout above the racket.. just take your headphones off!! In fact i ... read more
sawing the lock
the Ali Baba pants
Chinese fishing nets

Asia » India » Goa » Palolem December 28th 2009

To Kate's esteemed blog fans - a moment on Ali Baba pants: Some of you may be aware that Kate Paxton has a certain pair of Ali Baba pants that she talks about in the same way one may describe a first born child or family heirloom. They are baggy, blue, and according to her "the best item of clothing in the world". As we were swimming in the warm waters of the Arabian Sea this afternoon, discussing such crucial traveller issues as where to dine and what time to rise, Kate's attention was diverted in much the same way as a pointer will sniff out its prey. Yes, at 100 feet she had spied a fellow traveller wearing Ali Baba pants, walking the other way, quietly minding her own business. "Quick, they're not see through!!" ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Palolem December 28th 2009

I am sitting here on the beach at a makeshift table and chairs infront of ‘Janesha’s’. I’ve had a lovely chat with James whose daughter Janesha is how the resaturant got it’s name, and who also owns 20 pigs who I’ve just watched fighting over the restaurants left overs.. I had to take a break when I realised I was being eaten alive by the endless bugs /ants surrounding the pigs! But it is true that nothing in India gets wasted.. or at least it doesn’t seem too. And with a population of over a billion they have people to constantly clean up after everyone else which is why everyone throws there litter on the road… on the train journey to Goa the lovely Indian man in our cabin was adament that I should throw all ... read more
the beach
getting coconuts
beach entertainment

Asia December 26th 2009

well i was wrong about Pune!! It is great here.. i have been biten by some weird bugs which i reckon probably came from the bed Charlie and i are sleeping in .. which is disgustingly dirty (even though i am sleeping in my lovely silk sleeping bag liner!!) still.. it is grose!! however we have had a lovely christmas in Pune. We decided to splash out and paid about 6 pounds each to spend the day at a very posh hotel at their roof top pool.. it was gorgeous.. a luxury i think i won't be seeing again for some time! We have eaten delicious food and the people who we have met here are very nice (the tourists are mainly here to visit the Osho Centre.. which we aren't going to as it is ... read more
Christmas by the pool!
the streets of Pune
ha ha

Asia December 24th 2009

Wow.. the train ride to pune was amazing.. we hung out the doors and had the wind in our faces which was amazing (until somthing wet spattered onto my face.. i dread to think what it was but i then decided i'd go back to my seat!!!) but pune itself is not the nicest of places.. to be fair we have only been here breifly but doesn't seem like a lot to do.. although there is the Osho meditation centre (i think the founder advocated sex as a way to enlightenment.. don't worry mum charlie and i are not going there!!) i have just done the most amazing train ticket buying.. the man behind the counter was loving me as i shoved out all the indian people in order to shove my piece of paper in ... read more
fighting for a train ticket!
pav baji

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai December 22nd 2009

I have just written a lovely long blog … and my lovely new netbook froze and I lost it!! So.. basically here is what Charlie and I have done today: • Been ripped off by numerous taxis/tuk tuks !! • Walked for what seemed like miles through down town mumbai.. which was fab.. • Eaten some delicious street food; when I was in the process of scoffing down the second street side snack and offered charlie some he said, ‘i can’t believe how hard you’re working to get a dodgy tummy!’.. but the last laugh is on me as my stomach is fine and the food was well worth the risk!! • We visited, the Taj Hotel (where I used the loo.. of course!) • Victoria Terminus which is amazing with its massive gothic architecture • ... read more
Brilliant street signs...
dhobi ghat laundry
street food

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai December 21st 2009

Well here I am… at the very beginning of my trip. I finally got my bag packed. Lovely Amy and her mum drove me to the airport.. sadly I went to the wrong terminal (not my fault.. the airlines have changed their terminal since my ticket was issued!!)so after waiting 25mins for a train I managed to check in my bags with minimal effort.. although I did get a sinking feeling that I may never see my bag again after being asked to take it to a ‘special’ place because of it’s size (my poor shoulders may never be the same!).. oh well it is out of my hands now.. fingers crossed it arrives in one piece and at the same time as me! Well it’s official… I hate touch screen tv’s in planes! The old ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Clapham December 19th 2009

As I sit in my flat, the night before I am due to leave on this adventure, with empty shelves ready to store someone elses ‘stuff’ for 4 months, I wonder who I will be when I get back. I have been talking about and planning this trip since last year and it is finally here. It is incomprehensible to think how it might affect me... how it might change the parts of me that make me me. But here I am. Still putting off the inevitable packing, still making lists that I probably won’t read, still trying to decide what is really necessary and what is a luxury I don’t need. But as I sit here enjoying my ‘nest’/creature comforts for the last time in 4 months I can not really imagine how I will ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Clapham December 15th 2009

A poem to live by.. not sure who wrote it.. it wasn't me!! There are two days in every week about Which we should not worry, two days which Should be kept from fear and apprehension. One of these day is yesterday, with its Mistakes and care, its faults and blunders, Its aches and pains. Yesterday has passed Forever beyond our control. All the money in The world cannot bring back yesterday. We Cannot undo a single act we performed. We Cannot erase a single word we said. Yesterday is gone beyond recall. Do I still worry bout what happened yesterday? The other day we should not worry about is Tomorrow, with its possible adversities, its Burdens, its large promise and perhaps its Poor performance. Tomorrow is also beyond Our immediate control. Tomorrow’s sun will Rise, ... read more
Annapurna, Nepal
"The Gibbon Experience"

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Clapham December 15th 2009

I was recently reading a travel article which asked the question, “What are your travel passions?” Well I’m not sure... I haven’t really thought about it!! I’m usually asked, “What is my passion?” to which I am able to confidently reply, “travelling”. But asked to elaborate on this and I’m not really sure how to respond. I love meeting new people, seeing new things, experiencing new cultures, having adventures…simplifying i.e. living out of a back pack with minimal luxuries and no T.V. And I like to think I am on some sort of spiritual journey. But my travel passions? Gosh... I don’t really know. The article then elaborated, “Think about your three most recent trips. What activities were common to all three? What are the things you seek out when you travel, the experiences that really ... read more

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