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Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Toucarie February 8th 2010

We have all had great fun with Tom and Wendy staying. They settled quickly into island life but this could be because of their relaxed French lifestyle at home. We recently received an email from them entitled “we are in love with Dominica” which says it all. So what did we do? Well Tom (Kate’s big brother) and Wendy didn’t want to do lots of tourist things and dash about to see the whole island, they were happy to hang-out and absorb the island life. So - we went for swims in the bay - hiked across Cabrits national park - went to the cold water sulphur springs in the “drive through volcano” - walked to Spanny falls - worked in the garden - did the Syndicate trail - beach-combed on the other side of the ... read more
All in the Rum Shop for a beer after our swim in the bay
Team photo - look what we made!
The cold sulphur springs at Morne aux Diables

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Portsmouth January 21st 2010

The old fortifications and buildings in the park continue to fascinate me. We walked up the ramp towards the fort then carried on straight on into the woods. There were hermit crabs and lizards everywhere. Descending to the north side of Cabrits you come across the surreal picture of nature swallowing up the old Douglas Bay Battery. Cannon are laying where they were left 150 years ago and Fricus trees extend their roots around and through the old stone walls. A fabulous experience every time we visit. On the way back we walked up to the old Commandants quarters and on to the restored fort. Fort Shirley has been carefully restored but doesn’t hold the fascination of the ruins in the jungle. The views over Prince Rupert Bay are great and there is a magnificent Mango ... read more
Craig and Valerie with cannon
Arriving at the Douglas Bay Battery
Fricus trees play their part in nature's successful overthrow of the old buildings

Central America Caribbean » Dominica January 21st 2010

We wanted to find a nice walk to a waterfall and a pool with Valerie and Craig that wasn’t included on the cruise ship tours. The solution was Spanny. We paid 5 EC$ each at the shop to help with the maintenance of the trail and set off with water, a picnic lunch, swimmies and towels. It was a stroll at first then a bit uneven and finally a descent with steps to the first waterfall. We carried on with the scramble up the other side and slightly more tricky rope-aided descent to the second waterfall and pool where a swim was in order. It was lovely. We were the only ones there and we drifted around the pool in the shade of the magnificent jungle. When we climbed back to return past the first falls ... read more
The rainforest
The first falls
Descending to the second falls

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Toucarie January 20th 2010

We arrived safely in Dominica after 2 days travelling (which should have been one day) and with no luggage - thanks to LIAT, the Caribbean airline (either Leave Island Any Time or Luggage In Any Town). But we did have our beautiful home, a fridge for cocktails and a view of the Caribbean sea to die for. Five days later we had both our bags, a car, a fridge full of food and drink, and we were ready for the arrival of our guests. The ferry was late arriving due to a whale sighting en-route from Guadeloupe, so the skipper slowed down and drove in circles to let everyone see - only in the Caribbean. Val and Craig squeezed into our little car and we got them back and settled into Mango Lodge. For a week ... read more
Prince Rupert Bay at sunset
Team photo at the cold sulphur springs, Morne aux Diables
Morne aux Diables - the rim of the old volcano

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean October 16th 2009

After several emails and phone calls, the rendez-vous with Derek and Jane (aboard Stroller) was set for Knidos in Turkey. Only 2 things to do before then, fix the blocked toilet pipe and make our formal entrance into Turkey. Neither was easy but both were completed successfully (one significantly less smelly than the other). Bodrum was our port of entry and we enjoyed our day there, we will go back to explore more next year. The formalities were long-winded as expected but we kept our sense of humour and had everything done in four and a half hours. During the process we went backwards and forwards through passport control 8 times (mostly with our bikes) and didn't have to show our passports once. We successfully met up with Derek and Jane at Knidos and sailed in ... read more
Somewhere in there...
Knidos - the amphitheatre overlooking our anchorage
Knidos - Derek and Kate take up statuesque poses

Europe » Greece » North Aegean September 22nd 2009

Whatever next? After Anne and Joe left, we started comedy of errors - or was it a tragedy. First there was the visit to the doctor when Kate’s eye swelled up. After 15 minutes she had some cream, tablets and a 150 euro bill. After a little disagreement, Kate calmly said “what I am going to do is say thank you, give you 50 euros and leave now”. And she did - she was spectacular! Then after a couple of nice days we planned our passage east across the Aegean, but by then the weather was against us so we had to wait a week in Skopelos for the gales to go away. The high point of that week was being invited for cocktails onboard the beautiful “Margaret Anne”, a 97 foot sailing boat that oozed ... read more
Would you like salt with that?
Greek islands or North sea coast?

Europe » Greece » North Aegean September 1st 2009

Skiathos - Skopelos - Alonnisos - Peristeri - Skantzoura We had just a few days to potter about before our sailing guests - Anne and Joe - arrived. So, having just fixed the electric motor on the anchor windlass, all was ready for them to join us. We set off from Skiathos to Loutraki on Skopelos in strong winds and with both sails reefed. This was when the stitching along the back edge and the bottom edge of the foresail decided to disintegrate. Nine summers of UV and it had had enough. Displaying our flapping bits of sail fabric we arrived in Loutraki and asked around. Captain George informed us that our best solution was to return to Skiathos and courier the sail to Thessalonika for repair. Two days there, a day to repair, and two ... read more
Their flight comes in to land
Amarandos - location for the filming of "Happy Birthday Richard and Jill"
This is what I call cruising!

Europe » Greece » North Aegean August 20th 2009

We are now in lovely breezy sailing conditions - so much more pleasant. We crossed through the opened bridge at Khalidi (tidal currents of up to 7 knots) at midnight amongst all the other boats milling around waiting for the radio call from the coastguard. You can imagine the chaos. Stopped off at quite a few cute little places on route but nothing spectacular. Although we do get very excited about big supermarkets and lightweight bread (rather than the doorstop variety) Andy has started making flat bread on board for times when we have run out - very tasty. The Bobster Rap We decided to write and perform a rap song for Oliver’s 4th birthday. We had great fun writing the words and whilst we were in a remote anchorage, we made a video of us ... read more
Arko sunset
Flat bread
Skiathos is not quiet

Europe » Greece » Attica August 7th 2009

Good Planning After a week of gale force winds on Paros and a forecast of the same for another week, we decided to travel the 200 plus miles north to the Sporades where the Meltemi wind doesn’t blow as strong. We set out at 7am on 19th July knowing the wind was forecast to return on the afternoon of the 20th. There are 2 harbours on the island of Andros that would be safe and if we were lucky, we may make it across the Doro strait between Andros and Evia into the gulf which is much more protected. The weather was calm and the sea flat so we mostly motored, but managed an hour or two under sail. We would have been fine - if not for a bit of drama! A Bit of a ... read more
Straining on the lines in Batsi
Drying the laundry in a force 9

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Paros July 19th 2009

In our third and fourth weeks we went from Kythnos to Siros, Mykonos, Rinia, Delos and Paros. There were some fabulous sailing days with good winds, calm seas and clear skies. We saw dolphins a couple of times (Common Dolphin we think) moving along with young ones - we took time out to drift and watch. In Mykonos we moored in the “marina”. This is much like most marinas in Greece - built with 13 million euros of European money ten years ago and still incomplete and unmanaged (and in this case built on the richest island in Greece - just where the investment wasn’t needed). Rant over. We got the bikes out and cycled the 2 miles into Mykonos town each day. A complete contrast to other islands, Mykonos is highly touristed plus takes 3 ... read more
Kithnos - Off to the office
Mykonos - bike maintenance
Somewhere around Mykonos

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