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19th December 2015

thank you
Hi Kane & Heather, what a great Christmas letter. Good to hear about both of you along with Jesse and Rob. Merry Christmas back to you all. I haven't got much out for cards this year, seem consumed with keeping up in my kundalini teacher training course. That's been a game changer, a real challenge but a necessary and helpful one. Picking up Tom this morning who is returning from a 3 week trip to Columbia, Chile & Argentina. Merry, merry and Happy, happy to all 4 of you. Kerry
9th September 2012

Sounds like you enjoyed Paris!
I see that you've discovered that cost and quality of a meal over there varies significantly! Please tell me you had some Canard Confit. So good. Also, did you guys stand in that super long line for tickets at Versailles? If so, thats a shame because if you go to the North?(right side of the whole front plaza) building you can get "private tour" tickets for about 2Euros more. No lineups, an hour in private areas the majority of people don't see, a very informative guide (the curator was my guide), and then access to everything else a reg ticket buys you! Anyways, safe travels and I look forward to hearing about them and from you guys! Have fun!
8th September 2012

again, you invite us on your journey and make us feel like we are right there thanks and have a great trip
25th September 2010

Oh my!
I actually giggled out loud quite a lot during this entry. I went to that gorge! I didn't even realize it was that same one until I saw pictures. I really love the picture of my parents stuffing their faces...thank you. I think that one will go on facebook as my mother's profile picture someday. It sounds like you are all having an amazing time! Please, enjoy an Efes for me!
20th September 2010

hole in the wall
always the best places to eat. I know Heather hates chain restaruants so she must be in her glory. what kind of dishes do they serve at the hole in the wall? Kane, you might want to buy a hat, they do wonders in the sun. and make for good photo's
19th September 2010

you are having entirely toooooo much fun. Continue. Lorraine
15th September 2010

yes, I'm jealous.....the early morning stroll's sound marvelous and so does dipping in the pool. Just a hint, Heather likes to BBQ cause there is danger involved! have a great time Deb
15th September 2010

Please say Hi to Annie
I will say Hi and pass on your commentsto Annie. Luggage arrived next day at noon. Kane
From Blog: In the Beginning
14th September 2010

Please say hi to Annie for me
Hi Kane: Annie Zajac left your blog address with us before her departure and i googled it tonight and lo and behold...i think i've got the right travel group. Please say "hi" to annie for me and i do hope that your luggage has been delivered to you. I will check your blog in a couple of days to find out the end result of that effort . It's the first time i've followed a blog so i'll look forward to your updates. Regards, Jane
From Blog: In the Beginning
11th September 2010

Lost Luggage
Hey there, Uncle Kane! Sounds all very typical to me. Lost luggage. *sigh*. Well at least you didn't have to wait around forever to discover that your luggage was missing. Plus, you might have taken that as an excuse to go shopping!!!! Although, I hear the markets are mostly closed due to the end of Ramadan. Well, I hope you are all having a wonderful time! I can't wait to hear more about your trip...and see pictures!!! Take care!!! -Jacquelyn
From Blog: In the Beginning
9th September 2010

that is always my biggest fear, the LOST LUGGAGE. I'm sure it will show up in the nick of time. have a great time! I will be living your trip through your blog
From Blog: In the Beginning
9th September 2010

No bull in Istanbul?
Thanks for the update on the luggage! Okay....thanks for including me in your Istanbul adventures. Hope you eventually (pre-mediterranean departure) get your luggage. Looking forward to finding out how this latest trip unfolds. Cheers Kane. Sample a brew or two for me.
From Blog: In the Beginning
9th September 2010

Lost Luggage
I hope you got your luggage,, and keep me on your mailing list.. love reading your blogs..
From Blog: In the Beginning
30th October 2009

wings and beer
thanks for the invitation. See you in November.....and next time I am going to 20 wings. Cheers. Nice photos Kane. Keep up the blogging. Will you blog your resignation to all of the world? I hope so. Must go....my Itouch is running out of battery!!!!!!!!!
22nd July 2009

Newfoundland and Labrador
Hi Kane - looking forward to your Newfoundland pictures! We are leaving for PEI on Friday - back by August 10th. Tell Heather to add me on facebook: Darlene Sorrey Scott ~warmly, D and D
3rd October 2008

you guys rock
can't believe how wonderful everything looks. I can almost taste the wine from here. (Or beer ....) love the travel blog. Must look into that next vacation although I don't think I could be anywhere close to as poetic as Kane have a great time! Deb
25th September 2008

Writing's of the Journey through Protugal
Hi Kane, Wonderful to read about your travel plans and all the sites the group has been able to view, descriptive, factual,and overall entertaining. Lovely to read your enjoyment! Annie B
23rd September 2008

just to let you know, I named mine Delores
23rd September 2008

Kane, your a wonderful writer... Hi Heather! sent you pictures of the honeymoon (what was publishable) but yours put mine to shame! wonderful site Debbie T
21st September 2008

Ours is called LOLA, after her regular bill of fare (LOngitude, LAtitude), but MAGGIE works too (Miracle Aid for Geographic Guidance in Europe?). As regards Pedestrian Mode - been there, done that :-). Another one to check is "Shortest Route vs Fastest Route", and keep an eye on "Avoidances" (Toll roads, etc). Voice of experience... Sounds like you're having fun, and we're enjoying the trip vicariously. Keep 'em coming! /Hans
18th September 2008

Having fun
Wow, need to know all about your trip. looks like alot of fun.. and great places. with lots of nice people.. enjoy
17th September 2008

Back in ol' Blighty
Wow! Am I jealous or what... I can hardly wait for you guys to get back , so I can hear and see where you went. Lucky dogs. Nants
17th September 2008

Love your travel blog
Sounds like your having a great time! Wow what a coincidence running into Arne! Kane you are a good writer. Heather we miss you at work but I know you probably don't miss work! Keep having fun - Karen
17th September 2008

looks beautiful
Your pics are great, as is the writing, (as usual). I am glad you finally got a chance to post something, I was starting to get a bit worried. Talked with Jess last night, and she is doing great. Looking forward to your next post. Have fun.
14th September 2008

Glad you made it. Isn't it amazing these fly by nighters never go bankrupt until they get everybody's money?

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