I am about to give up my many many shoes and cupboard of dresses to live out of a backpack for 9 months, before I have to go back to two years of intense Architecture Part 2!

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang July 9th 2011

So after our ridiculous journey, we arrived in Viantienne, the capital of Loas with our fellow survivors, sleep deprived and hungry. While Mhairi ate steak sandwhich with the boys and hopped around, I made a quick detour to attain our Vietnam Visas, then another long bus journey to Viang Vieng- Home of many a cafe with tvs showing Friends and Family Guy. Mainly consists of two streets, surrounded by beautiful scenary. One day in bed in a damp horrible hotel room with a power cut and building work going on- X-Ray once the power cut had ceased, showed nothing was broken, a pair of very provincial crutches and strong painkillers later and the next day we attempted the infamous tubing. Everyone judged us as messy English people who had been hurt by drunken antics on the ... read more

Asia » Thailand July 4th 2011

Thailand: SPICY salads and chilli, especially in South. Loads of English people! Strong Whiskey (80%) Cocktails drunk out of buckets. The buckets then used by locals to do daily tasks, such as paint a house or batter chicken (to feed drunk English people). We had two weeks of partying and shopping, pools and aircon with the Essex girls. We then went to the Sanctury for a retreat on Kho Pangan. Danced in the jungle in neon all night for half moon, and till the sun rose outside drum and bass bar on the beach at the full moon party, surrounded by Londoners! Painfull journey to Kho Toa (with no sleep), exploded shampoo all over bag, long sleep to Jack Johnson. Overnight bus upto Bangkok, check in Kho San Rd at 5am, up and explore. Weekend market- ... read more

Well- Catch up time! After busy Bali, I landed in the Northern territory of Darwin, Australia. I had arranged a couchsurfing place to stay, but my flight got in at 4am! Prepared to sleep in the airport until a more reasonable hour to contact my host, I was ecstatic to find him there waiting for me! AMAZING. So after the best meal of street food Satay shown to me by Bali dwellers from Java, a lift to the airport from an expat from Ireland, and a couple of hours sleep on the plane (I had 3 seats to myself!) I was swiftly transported to my own room and a double bed! The next day we went on a picnic and drive to Litchfield National park and saw waterfalls and rock pools! I then had a week ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Bukit Peninsula May 3rd 2011

Sun, sea, sand. young coconut. Delightful. Unfortunately I also have a cut foot and grazed chin from falling off a scooter (very minor, pathetic attempt to turn on the road and have now taken the back seat). Bali was a bit of an impulsive and opportunistic decision, and so after borrowing a lonely planet from someone siting next to me on the plane, i heading for the cheap backpacker areas of Poppies lanes in Kuta. Crazy busy, hawkers everywhere, dirty beach and BUSY nightlife. I then went on a 48 hour trip around the island, driving up the n\the mountains and north, into lake filled volcanoes, getting stuck going up a STEEP hill in the rain and having to be helped out by half a dozen local guys, lifting the back of our 8 person VAN ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Townsville April 7th 2011

Soooooo... We landed back in Brisbane, met Jason and James Barrett, wondered the river and art galleries, then headed South to Tara (Colettes friend). We then went to Byron Bay where we saw bands, had FREE Chai tea on the green with fire throwers and invited ourselves on a Tasmanian guy's STAG weekened do. It was brilliant. I did not realise how explicit strippers can be. We then got a lift with one of the guys up to the Sunshine Coast. Here we stayed with some great girls for 3 nights, watched films, did Yagolates and went to the beach. Next stop- rainbow beach for Fraser Island. We had the BEST time. It was Mhairis birthday and she drove most of the 1st day. Along the sand, beach, listening to top tunes. We were in a ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands March 11th 2011

Dear all, FIJI Time means there are no watches, clocks phone signal or internet... Mhairi and I have been enjoying a lovely honeymoon together, going out with locals in the village on a fri night, drinking Cava singing in a circle with guitars and ukelelays and all sorts. Back to civilization on Monday with the East Coast of Oz! Went to see Castaway island today. Good times. Got through a lot of books the tan is coming along quite well. Loads of love. Xx... read more

Oceania » New Zealand February 18th 2011

DEAR all in the UK, We got picked up from the airport in Christchurch and ended up staying with a friend of a friend for a couple of blissfully comfy nights, we then attempted to swim with dolphins (the killer whales scared them away!) and i got sick n the boat back (BAD TIMES). We then went to Nelson, had a day by the pool and a good night out there. Our next stop on the QUIET rainy West coast of the south island was Greymouth. OMG- So quiet. We got free baked goods and bubble bath at this hostel though! Then Franz Joseph, where our Skydive got canceled due to RAIN. We then got the the lakeside PARTY town of Queenstown. Very nice. Bar hopping and chilling with the beautiful scenery and nice shops. We ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Manly January 24th 2011

Dear all, You will be pleased to know that couchsurfing has far exceeded any expectations that I may have had regarding it. We have obviously just been very jammy with our first one! We have a large beachside apartment at our disposal and a lot of food and drink to be had! Mhairi and I have spent the majority of the last week having big breakfasts on the balcony and enjoying coastal walks. Yesterday I dragged Mhairi along the Coogee to Bondi (2-3 hour) walk! She loved it really! We have been to some nice bars too, 1st night was the IVY which has a rooftop pool area, though it was pouring with rain! There was a cool old guy in red jacket and shoes dancing in the rain. We then went out in Manly on ... read more

Oceania » Australia January 13th 2011

p.s. I check my emails far more often than my blog, so message me that way perhaps? Xx... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Roseville January 13th 2011

Becoming a Sydneysider has been fun... So, as a lot of you know, I am enjoying the life of luxury in Sydney, with my own room, DOUBLE bed, access to fridge, tv, a personal tour guide with a car and places/ reasons to wear my nice clothes (and heels once or twice!) I have also had a lot of acces too the internet, so have been Skyping and talking to people and have thus neglected my BLOGGING entries. I have just finished watching Airforce 1. Stephen has a new huge TV, blu-ray DVDs and High Definition player. I have watched so far: Catch me if you can, The Prestigue, Aviator and many others, laying on a super comphy sofa drinking green tea. Christmas day in the heat was amazing. I didnt leave the plot of ... read more

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