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North America » United States » Florida » Destin May 31st 2014

Following Savannah, we trekked on to Destin, Florida. Located on Florida’s Emerald Coast in the panhandle, this seaside town is known for its white sand beaches and vibrant green waters. Destin is located on a peninsula separating the Gulf of Mexico and Chochtawatchee Bay, so enjoy the lush water panoramic as you venture around. On your way to the waterfront area called HarborWalk, stop for lunch at The Shrimp Basket on Harbor Boulevard—while a little ways from the boardwalk, the prices are very reasonable for exceptionally fresh seafood. Their raw oysters were unforgettable, the popcorn shrimp was fried to perfection, and the coconut shrimp was complimented nicely with a delicious marmalade dipping sauce. As we sat there cooled by the ocean breeze while sipping every last drop of our juicy oysters, it felt like the ultimate ... read more
HarborWalk Village
Destin Beach
Chubbs' first taste of sand

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah May 30th 2014

As budget travelers, we’re suckers for free housing. We received an invitation to stay at a family beach house and we were ecstatic, but the catch? It was in Florida (Destin, to be exact) and we only had Friday thru Sunday. But obstacles are meant to be hurdled so we decided on a whim to go for it. To kill two birds with one stone, we also wanted to stop in Savannah for a day; one of the tricks we've learned from our travels is that to save money, you need to combine trips. Hence, we love finding long layovers in a new city to add an extra destination without paying more. Since Savannah is conveniently located off Interstate 95 along our way to Destin, it was an obvious decision to swing by and pay a ... read more
City Market
Leopald's Ice Cream
Forsyth Park

No other city in America has had more U.S. Presidents as residents than the quaint town of Charlottesville, Virginia. Located in the western part of the state surrounded by the scenic Shenandoah Valley, it was the home of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe. With so many great minds and leaders living within its borders and the nation's top public university (University of Virginia) situated here, it's no surprise that the neuroscience research company, Lumosity, called Charlottesville the "brainiest" town in America. But forget its IQ because a stroll through "C-ville" offers more than just neurons; Monticello gives you a piece of history, Carter Mountain draws you back to nature, Foxfield brings out your inner prep, and the Corner revives your youth. Whatever piques your interest, this intimate town has it and will pull you ... read more
Apple picking at Carter Mountain Orchard
Foxfield Horserace
Chubbs on the Lawn

Unlike our previous trips, the Dominican Republic didn't offer much in the way of sight-seeing. While we were able to walk around New York to window shop or Europe to enjoy the historic alleys, this country didn't have the means for us to do that. Instead, this island provided natural beauty not found on its storefronts or cobbled roads. If you truly wanted to engulf yourself in this culture, you'd have to get your hands dirty and feet wet (literally). You'd have to ride in crowded minivans, barter your way through every sale, and sweat the pollution out your skin. If you didn't pack good shoes and a ton of hand sanitizer, you're S.O.L. But if you're indeed prepared, get ready for the most exotic landscape on this side of the Meridian because white-sand beaches are ... read more
Shore where locals took us by speedboat to the island
Feeding bread crumbs to the fish
Horseback riding at CountryWorld Park

When Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, he landed in Santo Domingo and established the first permanent settlement in the New World. This country is now home to 10 million people with influences from their Spanish colonizers, Haitian neighbors, Taino natives, and even American occupiers during the 1920s. While the cheapest route from the U.S. is usually flying into the capital of this island nation, we arrived at POP airport in Puerto Plata at the northern coast. We had originally planned to attend a friend's wedding in Samana a few hours east of Puerto Plata. However, the long drive on undeveloped roads with poor signage deterred us from going there, so we instead chose to stay in the city. We arrived in town around midday and rather than taking the shuttles from the airport ... read more
Castillo Mundo King
Casa Marina beach
27 Falls

North America » United States » Florida » Miami March 12th 2014

Perhaps no one says it better than Will Smith himself, but Miami has "ladies half-dressed, well equipped," and is a "city that keeps the roof blazing." A town where Lebron James infamously took his talents to, a beach with a diet named after it, and the playground of countless stars like Pitbull, Gloria Estefan, and Enrique Iglesias. It is arguably the trendiest town in America where people come to keep a finger on the pulse of entertainment and pop culture, but for Kristina and me, we came for Spring Break because it was a convenient layover for a quick tan and sight-seeing on our way to the Dominican Republic. The reason Miami was a pitstop on our Caribbean trip was because we had friends in town offering us a place to stay in the youthful Brickell ... read more
The Meat Lovers Collection
South Beach
Colombian hotdog

North America August 30th 2013

We were eating dinner with some friends one evening and they mentioned that due to prior commitments, they would be unable to attend the Virginia Tech Football season opener in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend. Both being Hokie fans, I jokingly said that Phu and I would take their tickets. Later that night, we were discussing it and said “Why not?” Well, here are the reasons as to why it would be crazy: -Atlanta was over 500 miles from where we currently reside -We only had Friday evening thru Monday to travel -I had a huge test on the Tuesday following Labor Day weekend BUT, here are the reasons why the trip was perfectly plausible: -Phu has family in Atlanta—free housing!! -18 hours in the car would give me plenty of time to study for my ... read more
Ocean Voyager Exhibit
Touch Pool
Tasting room at the World of Coca-Cola

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa July 11th 2013

Alfama--the oldest neighborhood in Lisbon--was the living quarters during the Middle Ages for the working poor, which to this day remains true to its values. With poverty, however, comes a sense of humility and authenticity, illustrated by the lines of laundry dangling overhead in narrow alleys, shutter windows letting in the sea breeze due to lack of air conditioning, and kids playing with makeshift toys because it's all that's available. If you came here expecting modern amenities, Michelin-star restaurants, and an infinity pool with servers bringing you pina coladas, you are quite mistaken. Instead, take pleasure in the residents' interpretation of modern amenities by renting a bike to venture the streets or hop on the famous Tram 28, a cable car that cranks its way up the steep hills to save the feet of travelers. Be ... read more
Alfama skyline
Miradouro das Portas dol Sol
Folhado de queijo com frutos vermelhos

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona July 10th 2013

Every city has a short list of citizens it's proud to call her own, but for Barcelona, this list is a vast expanse of historic figures who have altered the landscape of humanity, particularly in the world of art and design. The likes of Pablo Picasso (arguably the most famous artist behind da Vinci and van Gogh), Antonio Gaudi (the father of Barcelona's most renown landmark, La Sagrada Familia), and Salvador Dali (the most famous Surrealist in history) have resided on these streets and left their footprints. Around every corner and down each alley, they've left their mark on the city, making Barcelona a mecca for lovers of the arts and architecture. Foreigners to Barcelona must realize that Spain comprises of many autonomous states that came together to form one nation, but each still maintains its ... read more
Tasty pastries and warm baguettes to-go
Parc Guell
Placa Catalunya

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto July 9th 2013

Oporto translates to "the port" in English, which is fitting for a city that lives and dies by the water, where everything and everyone comes and goes by the Douro River. This valley is regarded as the capital of port wine, a deep, pungent, yet sweet wine suitable for a heavy meal; port wine originated in this country when the British were at war with France in the 17th century and couldn't gain access to the full-bodied French wine. The Brits managed by brewing their own version, which combined brandy and Portuguese wine, giving birth to what is now considered by many as the most complex and richest wine in the world. With that brief history, it's fair to say that one cannot leave Porto without having tasted or bringing back some of this vino. To ... read more
Zona Ribeira
Se Catedral
Dessert at Sandeman

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