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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur February 15th 2011

Arrived late at hotel so decided to have a lie-in today. We mooched about for a bit then headed to the fort for around 2pm. Getting in true geek mode we decided to rent the audio guide- really good. It's worth it, otherwise you're just looking at buildings and images with no idea what they're about. After spending three hours there we went to the markets- without a doubt the best ones yet. I've bought more cushion covers and throws for couches that I don't even have yet (Martin I promise our flat will not look like Indian Ikea gone bad!) Laura's weakness is bags so we bartered within an inch of our lives until the market closed at 7pm.... read more
View from fort
A market alleyway

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur February 14th 2011

We decided to take our first train for this one. Trains in India are an experience altogether so best to give it a go before we embark on our 16 hour one next week. We got speaking to a German man who was also clueless as to what was going on. We worked out it was delayed an hour (we knew something was up when it was due on the platform at 11.20 and by midday it still wasn’t there). We bought ourselves a little cup of chai and a spicy vegetarian pasty thing for breakfast- 10 rupees (about 14p) and waited on the platform. Train arrived and found our seats- bit stuffy on there but ok. German man came over to tell us that a bag had been stolen from a group of Koreans on ... read more
Busy waiting
Sticking to the seat- but I'm alright with it.

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur February 13th 2011

Woke up at midday today. Got some breakfast and headed out to the street markets at about 2pm. Jaipur is supposed to be brilliant for shopping so we were quite looking forward to it. We decided to walk in and not get a taxi. You need to barter hard. We tried to explain the importance of Primark and how we could get this stuff dirt cheap in England- they see tourists and immediately double prices. I felt a bit homesick today- by this point we’d been groped and stroked in the market and you just have to get used to people stopping and staring at you. Also, I think there because there are no other tourists here at all- we’ve definitely come at a low season- we’re quite the novelty I think. Most places were closed ... read more
Putting the bucket to good use!

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur February 12th 2011

Woke up the next day and arranged a rickshaw driver to take us around the city (quite a common thing to do) for about 5 pounds between us. All he did was try to scam us all day- making us pay for petrol (which we eventually took out of final total) and telling us jokes hoping that we would buy him a beer! We saw the local sights; City Palace, Amber Fort etc. We stopped off at a city tower where this really old man took a shine to Laura and kept telling her she was old and as I was 2 years younger, I was ‘2 years baby’. He insisted on chaperoning Laura all the way down the stairs even though he was half her size in weight and build. He offered us two cups ... read more
View from the top of tower where  80 year old man tried to seduce Laura
Taken by The Seducer
In textile factory

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur February 11th 2011

Left Agra at 1pm for another 5 hour bus journey to Jaipur. Got in around tea time…found a place to stay, got some tea then went to bed- pretty shattered. We’re choosing places with literally 2 beds and a shower- we are using Laura’s home made silk sheets as bedding. On average costing us 2 pounds each per night. ... read more
Scenes from the bus journey
Scenes from the bus journey
Scenes from the bus journey

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra February 10th 2011

Took a 5 hour bus journey from Delhi to Agra for about a fiver. Got to Agra just after lunch time. Walked up to the roof top restaurant of guest house to see the Taj Mahal from our own backyard! Couldn’t believe how close we were to it. We had some lunch then decided to miss the main lot of tourists and get there for 3pm. Given that we were a 5 minute walk from the entrance, you’d think that nothing could go wrong- only me and Laura took the wrong turning and ended up getting lost! How can you get lost to the Taj Mahal?? We ended up down some windy streets with horses and carriages and people laughing at us because we were actually that stupid! Anyway we got in there eventually and it ... read more
Me and Moz in the backyard
Taj Mahal
It's only small really...

Asia February 9th 2011

Land in Delhi at 11am local time (India is 5.5 hours ahead). Absolutely shattered. Indians beep their horns for no reason. There are no rules for the roads. A car, mini rickshaw taxis, motorbikes, camels, cows, pigs, people- they are all welcome on the road at one time. Or even a roundabout (true story!) Got to our hostel in the Paharganj area which, according to the guide book, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea/ downright seedy/ has reputation for drugs and very shady characters. Me and Laura slotted right in! Based on that we didn’t venture too far and went for a nice curry overlooking the square where we could safely watch what was going on. This involved watching little kids chasing a cow and beating it’s bum with a stick- caused havoc to the already crazy ... read more
View from room
View from restaurant
View from restaurant

Middle East » Kuwait February 8th 2011

Leg One- Flight was London to Kuwait which involved an 8 hour wait in Kuwait airport…only to be told that it would be delayed for over another hour. All this is an airport where there’s only Costa coffee. So we stayed awake and had 2 lots of paninis. The flight involved a woman coughing her guts up (who Laura kindly described as the ‘Exorcist Woman’) and 3 screaming babies- all in all we’ve had better flights. Leg Two- Kuwait to Delhi- we were so knackered we slept throughout the whole 3 hours! All in all a really long journey and no in-flight entertainment; suppose that’s what you get for paying only 300 pounds! ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Manchester December 20th 2010

Just starting to organise Visas and jabs in the baltic weather conditions (and working out how to use this blog!)... read more

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