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So finally we got to South America! I won´t be doing a blog each day like India, simply because we´re staying in places much longer and there won´t be as much to report plus it´s a completely different trip to India, with more focus on the night life than sightseeing and day-time activities and to be honest I´d much rather be outside sunbathing than sat inside on a computer! The pictures might have to do the talking instead! Before I go on about Rio, I need to give Air France a mention- that flight was great! There was as much wine and champagne as you wanted, your own TV so you could select films/ TV you wanted to watch...finally managed to watch the King´s Speech on there. Really nice food too and complimentary ear plugs and ... read more
Boarding the plane
Her name was Lola...
Brazilian form of worship?

Asia » India » Goa » Arambol February 25th 2011

Well unashamedly we did nothing in these last few days. We managed to get some good sunbathing, ate quite a lot, had more henna done, Laura had a wax- just lots of general pampering and preening. Goa has a real hippy feel about it, there´s nothing to do but relax and chill out in a hammock. I had the best prawns ever there. On the second day we were sunbathing from 12 until 5pm- I was liberally applying the sun cream...every half an hour- determined to be bronzed, not burnt. About 5pm we left the beach because we were both feeling ´hot´. I got into the shower and I was a complete lobster. Burnt to a crisp where my bikini had been. I had been dousing myself alright- dousing myself in Factor 15- not 30 which ... read more
Restaurant on the beach front
Cows on the beach, as you do!
Goan sunset

Asia » India » Goa » Arambol February 24th 2011

So we finally reached the resort, ate (during all this travel we didn't as much as we probably should have), then showered and put our bikinis straight on! We're staying in a beach hut right on the beach so we can hear the sea from our room. It's very basic and reminds me a lot of Ko Phangan in Thailand. Lots of nice restaurants and full of sun tanned, beautiful young people. Me and Laura are appealing only to the Indian eye...and that's because we're still so gad damn white! We went to bed in our bikinis and with sand stuck in our hair...I imagine this will be us for the next 3 days now. My inner Gypsy has surfaced! The next few days will be boring, we're doing nothing but reading and sunbathing so I ... read more
Tucking into our first lot of fish
Shared bathroom/ toilet/ outside sink

Asia » India » Gujarat » Ahmedabad February 23rd 2011

Train: Ahmedabad tp Goa. Journey to Goa Leg 2. So we got on the train at 11am as planned (been quite lucky with delays so far, only had the one) and tried to get settled. We knew we wouldn't be put together in the same cabin this time, but Laura stayed with me until whoever was in my cabin arrived. It was so quiet- then an entire family tipped up. 3 sets of mums and dads and 5 kids all squeezed into a four man cabin. Laura made a swift exit to hers. I'm using this holiday to catch up on my reading because I don't really get the chance at home. I've just started the Twilight books so I buried myself in that. About 4 hours later Laura pops her head round declaring she's had ... read more
In the 'cosy' bunker
Snug as a bug!

Asia » India » Gujarat » Ahmedabad February 22nd 2011

Train: Udaipur to Ahmedabad. Journey to Goa Leg 1. It gets a bit confusing now, but basically today we woke up in Udaipur. We were going to sleep on the night train to get to Ahmedabad. (Leaving at 7pm, arriving at 4am). We had a 7 hour wait in Ahmedabad to then get the 11am train to Goa for leg 2 of the journey. We would not arrive in Goa until 8am the following morning. That's a LOT of train time! So we woke up today after a nice lie-in thinking that we'll just mooch about until we have to get the train at 7pm turned out- it turned out to be one of our most eventful days yet and I apologise now because this blog entry will be hefty! It all started off so innocently. ... read more
Here is the artist
Teeth anyone?
It started off so innocently...

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur February 21st 2011

We didn't see any sights yesterday, just basked in the luxury of having a fully functioning toilet and hot water. We had some tea and then went and watched a film- felt a bit like home really, but just what we needed. This morning we were up relatively early to go and see the City Palace. It's definitely become more hotter the more south we've come- good news as Goa is even further. Hopefully it will be ok to show a bit more skin down there- keeping covered up is killing us- and making us sweat ridiculously! This morning wiped us out a bit so we headed back to the hotel for a bit food and a little lie down. (This travelling malarkey is knackering, honestly!). About 4pm we decided we'd have our first Indian massage ... read more
Inside City Palace
City Palace
Tea stand

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur February 19th 2011

We'd booked the overnight bus to leave Jaisalmer on 19th Feb at 3pm to arrive in Udaipur at 7am on 20th Feb (today). We'd arranged a hotel that wasn't listed in the Lonely Planet because the prices were dirt cheap- even cheaper than the crack-den/ sewage smelling dump from that first night in Jaisalmer. Travelling in a bunker on an overnight bus is not something I would recommend. First of all- no toilet stops. Laura jumped off to use the loo only to be signposted on to a nearby bush- she went to check it out and saw piles and piles of human 'crap' where people from the buses use it as a toilet. Throw in the bumpiest journey of your life, sticking to the filthy mattress, the crazy horns going mental and the general hustle ... read more
An alternative to the traditional non-smoking sign
Another day, another fort!
India's marketing style...

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer February 18th 2011

So we decided to make use of the festival and head to desert for a camel ride and see what the 'nice programmes' we heard so much about entailed. Cue Laura in fits of laughter as I made my way on the back of this spitting camel. Anyone that knows me knows I am not an animal person- particularly after the mini panic attack that time I was on an elephant in Thailand (which again entertained Laura). She is au-fait with all this 'riding animal' behaviour... growing up in Wales prepares you for this type of thing. The only experience I had was when my uncle tied me to the Kyza the dog when I was bout 4. So we were on the camel for an hour anyway. The novelty wore off after about 20 minutes. ... read more
Desert ahead
Camel riding
Glastonbury abroad?

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer February 17th 2011

After moving out of the crack den we made our way to a spanking hotel just over the road- just over a fiver a night between us. It didn't smell of a sewer and had a mirror- bonus! As usual, the city is built round a fort- only in Jaisalmer there's shops and hotels within the fort, rather than it just being used as a tour/ museum/ monument place. So, we went into the fort for the day and we found where all the tourists were hiding! Not that it makes much difference, me and Laua are not the most sociable on this holiday- the type of tourists that India attracts are the type of people that we tend to avoid! Within the fort it looks quite European- Italian even. Tonnes of Italian restaurants! Got some ... read more
Laura's best friend
Me and Bobby
View from the fort

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer February 16th 2011

Eventful day today! Woke up early because the man that runs the hotel organised a trip to Bishnoi village for us- a local community of indigenous Indians. We visited a clay-pot factory where I made a splendid wonky bowl. We then went on to a typical home where everyone has opium for breakfast. Me and Laura were offered some but politely declined. We looked around another home where a man makes carpets and rugs from scratch- he was even using the old-school looms! This finished just after lunch where we got the bus to Jaisalmer...what a bus that was! First of all they have ordinary seats, then above them little cabins where people sleep. Each cabin fits 2 people but in true India style a whole family was shoved in there. Then there's the 1 foot ... read more
There are various ways of selling a shawl
Using a loom
Opium plant

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