Hi, I am Jules (short for Julie). A full-time banker, part-time psychology student, casual traveller and mum of a 9 year old Belgian Malinois. Born and raised in Indonesia, then moved to New Zealand and Australia at 16. Both countries taught me to live outside of my comfort zone. From there, I discovered my passion for unveiling the world. I have travelled to many places for cultural pleasure, yet I still haven't seen enough. At 26, I quit my job in Sydney and left my life behind for a 6 month travelling around Europe to pursue my passion. Currently, I am living in beautiful Amsterdam after London. My dream is to continue relocation and learning more about the world. I hope my stories inspire you to see more places. Lots of love, Jules.

COVID-19 is the global chaos and the hottest topic of 2020. I had unknowingly landed then travelled to places where the virus was discovered and spread rapidly. I was lucky enough to make it back to Amsterdam just before the world gone mad about toilet papers. I got sick on the next day of my retuned. Apparently I caught the nastiest cold that knocked me down completely. And of course, my stubborn arse went back to work while still feeling unwell, and that stupidity sent my act back home to be in 2 weeks quarantine. I remember people around me were in extreme panic. Colleagues and GP were all scared of me because I visited China then return sick. I had a clash with the GP receptionist because she refused to give me an appointment with ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Benoa January 12th 2020

Gosh, I realised it’s been ages since I updated my world’s seven wonders series. Yes, some hiccups have caused the delay and busy is not the word I like to use. So, I ended my adventures in Bali. Why Bali? because it is the perfect place for me to chill either at the hotel pool or just lying under a beach umbrella sipping iced cold watermelon juice after a long dip in the calming sea. Ah...what a great way of resting from long-distance countries trips. Bali has a special place in my heart because it’s where I can truly unwind from my Amsterdam routines. Additionally, Balinese cuisine is too delicious to resist. Not to mention the people are ridiculously friendly which makes it hard not to go back. Delish food, friendly people and amazing beaches, why ... read more
Pure love wont hurt - I love you too Bali
Studio hotel room
Wining in my backyard

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Surabaya January 8th 2020

Surabaya is the second larger city of Indonesia. The city where I was born and spent half of my life which has changed enormously since I was last there. Everything changed so fast that I needed time to adjust. I didn't recognise my home or my neighbourhood. The home I grew up in was located in a spacious area surrounded by only a few neighbours with loads of greens, but that turned into an extremely tight neighbourhood where houses are literally attached to each other and some have been separated by tiny alleyways in between. Dad designed and built the house himself (with the help of a few constructors) which was cool but it did not look the same, everything has changed. However, despite all the changes, I am pleased that Surabaya city has become more ... read more
Food again
Home where food ang giggles never run out
Chilling in the front yard

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur January 7th 2020

My one day transit in KL was never better. I love this city so much, the food, the awesome people and lingo that I can understand a bit, oh KL...I wish to live with you someday despite all the complications. My late arrival from Delhi was not at all an issue because everything at KL airport is arrangeable including late-night authentic Malaysian street foods to uncomplicated Uber drivers. I am glad that my trip ran smoothly all the way to my hotel. Well.. there was a wee bit of hiccup finding the hotel. The hotel has two locations in KL, and my driver took the wrong one for which he apologised endlessly. Nasi lemak and all the fun stuff to do is all I had in my head. I got up the next day full of ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra January 2nd 2020

It's time to leave Beijing to explore Agra via New Delhi. The journey to get there was not at all smooth from Indian visa inspection, luggage check-in to immigration. it starts at Beijing airport, it took over 3 hrs to get my luggage checked in and over 2 hrs at the Chinese immigration queue. After loads of frustration and complain about the holdup, the customs finally let me go. I was very fortunate to caught my flights in time to Delhi via Hong Kong, which went according to schedules. I arrived at Delhi airport after midnight and was amazed how quick Indian immigration worked, they worked ten times faster than China. I felt alive as soon as my plane landed. I was free from surveillance cameras, free from internet restrictions, free from expressing my thoughts freely ... read more
Old Delhi spice market
Old Delhi
The famous Chicken Tandoori

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City January 1st 2020

I will limit my texts here and let my photos take you there. I spent my last day in Beijing to check out The Forbidden City, which is now called The Palace Museum. My hotel was pretty close to this place, so I didn't need to take a train to get there. The opening days are from Tuesday to Sunday, and an entrance fee can be purchased at the entrance gates. This place is always packed with tourists, but inside is big enough to move around. Every house in the village looked the same and it is very well maintained. I counted the animals on the roof of a few houses, it's a trick I learnt from Mike. The Forbidden City reminded me of Andy Liu a Hongkonger actor who played a Chinese television series called ... read more
The giant metal bucket
The Dragon Warrior
The Turtle Warrior

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China December 31st 2019

In all of my travel experiences, China was the most challenging country I have ever visited. It took me loads of drama to enter Beijing, stay in Beijing and to exit Beijing. Not only the immigration regulations were strict, but the language barrier was also a massive issue. Chinese public security was extremely tight, multiples surveillance cameras were installed in every block of the city. The city is guarded by military everywhere. Beijing got me frustrated at times however, sweet Beijingers made that drama disappear. I spent four days in Beijing under the Beijing 144 hours visa-free program. My travel point began in Beijing city, where I took half of the day to recover from long haul flights. I felt the damn jetlag linger on the next day. To beat it, I decided to spend my ... read more
Winter at the Great Wall
Traditional Mongolian musicals performed at my hotel lobby
My sweet personal shopper. She conquered the fashion world.

Asia » Mongolia » Dornogovi December 31st 2019

I can feel the low-temperature decreasing as I climb up higher altitude. I stand still observing those amazing landscapes surround me and I continue to inhale the freshness air of -14 degrees while the sun illuminating my face. Oh Mother nature, where shall I begin to describe your beauty... Mongolia 2019.... read more
Mongolian's mountains in winter

Living in Amsterdam truly gives me the privilege to travel around Europe either for a weekend getaway or a short break. Germany is one of the few countries where I frequently spent my weekend getaway. I go there at least 3 times a year to pay regular visits to my good old friends in Frankfurt and Munich and the other times just to explore more of the country. I particularly love nature in German’s little towns and villages. The places where I can breathe some fresh air, enjoy freshly baked bread, buy myself freshly picked flowers at the local market, take a stroll in the forest, get on the bike from a village to the next one or read a book in serenity. I recently visited a little town in Germany called Rheinfelden which is about ... read more
International swans
Sound of nature
Serenity below the clouds

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China November 24th 2019

I have a massive love for Asia and I can't wait to start my journey. My upcoming trip begins from Beijing down to New Delhi then further down to Malaysia and Indonesia. Aside from pleasure, this trip is also a part of my world's seven wonders collection which I have seen 4 so far.... read more

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