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I am a photographer with a passion for sharing my vision of the world through the images I create. I also love to travel and firmly believe it’s in the journey that experiences are born ... and it is my goal to expand my experiences. I find it both exciting and humbling exploring new places. I am touched by where I’ve been, mindful of where I am and hopeful to where I’m going.

Cruisin' with Holly on the Valor!

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach August 12th 2011

There isn’t anything sadder than waking up on Debarkation Day. So, the night before we were given the option to pack and place our bags outside the door for Carnival to carry our bags off or keep our bags and self-debark. Given the time we finished with Chef’s Table (and all that free-flowing wine) the decision really was no longer up to us ... we would keep all our bags and self-debark. Which would have been fine if I had at least started packing the bags that day. It was the crack of 7 a.m. when that annoying noise came over the P.A. system (I don’t remember announcements being annoying during the cruise). “Those choosing to Self-Debark are requested to do so at this time ... blah, blah, blah” I got up and was immediately hot ... read more
Doing what I love aboard Carnival Paradise
Rod doing what he loves aboard Carnival Paradise
Carnival Paradise

Oceans and Seas » Pacific August 11th 2011

We already felt like VIPs with Chef Jorg’s visit to our table in the Main Dining Room on Elegant Night. Then we had the pleasure of meeting him again during the Behind the Fun Tour earlier and he acknowledged us and our Chef’s Table reservation for later in the evening. Chef Jorg also spotted us at the Lido Buffet as we were getting lunch and reminded us not to eat too much because he had a special meal planned for us. Wow, that’s special! We all met at the Atrium Bar - our home away from home - and at 6:15 p.m. Chef Jorg came to whisk us away for an evening we soon wouldn’t forget. Want to feel like a VIP AND a Celebrity? Simple, just participate in the Behind the Fun Tour prior to ... read more
Chef's Table Menu
Chef's Table Menu
Chef's Table Invitation

Oceans and Seas » Pacific August 11th 2011

We booked the Behind the Fun Tour when we embarked the ship on Monday. It’s a ‘first-come, first serve’ type situation so we made sure to sign-up at the Shore Excursion desk right when we got onto the ship. It was here we were told that we weren’t allowed to bring any cameras, cell phones or other recording devices and that we needed to wear closed-toed shoes. It pays to be a member of a cruise forum (Cruise Critic) to get the heads up on this! We met in the Blue Riband Library at 9 a.m. where we were offered coffee, juices and pastries. Once everyone arrived we were asked to give up any cell phones we may have on us, we were wanded by Security and then the tour began. We were led through the ... read more
Behind the Fun Tickets
Carnival Paradise
Behind the Fun Gifts

Oceans and Seas » Pacific August 10th 2011

Tonight was the Deck Party and late-night Mexican Buffet ... woo hoo! We decided to grab our cameras and photograph some of the festivities. Shooting at night allows for some slower shutter speeds ... which really helped bring out the impression of movement from the dancing, don’t you think? INSIGHT: When shooting with slower shutters there is a high chance for blur (obviously). While we do want some motion blur to happen ... movement of dancing, etc ... there should also be something stationary in the frame (such as the Carnival Paradise name) to give the viewer a reference. Stabilizing the camera and using a remote or the timer for the shutter is a must. We wanted to make good use of the lighting available. The Lido Deck on the Carnival Paradise was especially pretty with ... read more
Carnival Paradise at night
Painting with Light
Whale Tail!

North America » Mexico » Baja California » Ensenada August 10th 2011

I have come to an awareness in my life that you can experience just about anything ... for the right price. For example, in Alaska next year, I have the opportunity to fly in a helicopter to the top of a glacier and mush a dog sled. Now, I’m a mom who lives in Southern California (not exactly dog-mushing material) but, for the right price ... I can mush a dog sled, if I choose to. This shows you the mindset I am in while at the Port of Ensenada when I spot this lovely creature ... an energetic three-month old tiger named Lola. Little Lola sits in a playpen of sorts, not really a cage but she is pretty well contained. Now, for the right price (a donation to help care for endangered and wild ... read more
Lola and me!
Lola and me!
Did I get bit? Of, course I did!

North America » Mexico » Baja California » Ensenada August 10th 2011

While looking online at the different shore excursions Carnival offers for Ensenada, I kept bypassing the City & Shopping Tour because, quite frankly, the name didn’t sound very interesting at all. I am glad that I pressed further and read the description because once I did I found we would be traveling by bus to three different stops in three hours. The first stop was the Riviera Del Pacifico, “a glamorous resort and casino during the roaring 20s.” Our second stop would find us visiting Bodegas de Santo Tomas, “the oldest winery in Mexico and taste its famous wines.” And finally, our tour would leave us some time for “browsing around the city’s main shopping district” before returning to the ship. Now, that sounds way more interesting than the name of this excursion implies. So, the ... read more
Riviera Del Pacifico
Mission Mural - Riviera Del Pacifico
Bodegas de Santo Tomas Winery

Oceans and Seas » Pacific August 9th 2011

Tonight was Elegant Night ... AKA Formal Night ... AKA Get Spiffed Up Night ... AND we were looking good! We shine up really well! First stop, the Atrium Bar where we noticed our piano player, Geza, was all dressed up for Elegant Night, too. I love the live music Carnival has in the Atrium, it really helps set the mood and creates a nice atmosphere. We stopped long enough to taste-test some of Carnivals' tropical drink concoctions ... mmmmm! The ship photographer’s were all around the Promenade offering various backgrounds and props for formal portraits ... scenes from the bow, ship’s railing, a piano and even the grand staircase from Titanic (yikes!). We were dressed and on the Promenade pretty early, around 6 p.m., and noticed there weren’t any lines at that time. Later it ... read more
Carnival Tropical Drink
Towel Elephant
Geza the Piano Player

Once back on the ship from our day in Catalina we headed up to the Lido Buffet for lunch then off to see what was happening on deck. Boy, there was a lot going on both on the ship and off! On the ship, the water slide was in full use and the kids looked like they were having a great time. The hot tubs were filled to the brim with sun-worshipping cruisers. Security was working overtime enforcing the 'no kids in this hot tub ... they can only be in that hot tub' rule. And all the while, onlookers were enjoying the show ... like us! We were still anchored and Catalina proved to be a luscious backdrop for all of the afternoon's activities. Off the ship, we watched parasailers being pulled by like ... read more
Tenders to Catalina
Sea Gulls on Carnival Paradise
Carnival Paradise Slide

The ship dropped anchor at Santa Catalina Island sometime before 7:30 a.m. I know this for a fact because from where we were it sounded like we had run into something. I really don’t mind noises on the ship, in fact I actually like all the different sounds you hear. Besides, dropping anchor makes for a great wake-up call. So does ordering breakfast from room service the night before. Right around 8 a.m. we received a much-welcomed knock on the door and lo and behold *key the grand music* there was breakfast. A word of caution - every number you place by a food item on the room service order form produces a covered plate. We had seven covered plates ... most of which was fruit! I wish I had taken a photo of the breakfast ... read more
Carnival Paradise
Who's watching the road?
Casino in Catalina

There is so much to do when you first get on the ship! But, now we can go outside and see what's going on for Sail Away! But first ... Safety Drill We were Lifeboat Station #5, but we had to meet in the Normandie Main Lounge and then be led here by Carnival Team Members. Hopefully, we won't have to use this emergency system during the trip ... I don't think I could find my way here myself! Also, back in the day (as my kids say) we had to go the the Muster Drill with our Life Vests on. Not anymore. I guess they got tired of looking at a sea of tourists in orange vests all blowing their emergency whistles and making 'original' jokes about the ship going down ... am I the ... read more
Sail Away Party!
Sail Away Photo Op!
Sail Away!

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