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2nd August 2012

Just started following you on your fantastic trip...
keep up the great blogging.
10th June 2012
Kaoh San Road

Message from Me, Mum and Dad!
I am currently under duress, so take everything that i write with a pinch of salt! Bastard said MUM. Its a massive heat wave and its 40 degrees Celcius here, our air con has broken, our shoes and melted and everyone is driving around in Yuktuks(?). Also, someone has discoverd Aripima in the Grand Union Canal. Joe has been down there ALL day catching one after another! In another (less realistic news), I am still a miserable old git, Dad has done a David Bowie Impression, James has got a Tattoo....on his phallis. Sometimes its really strong in colour but sometimes its really bland...seems to vary with his mood...strange. Just don't stick around when its strong in colour! Fent has got a Batchelor of homosexual studies, Geoff is still living with Nan, and Dad has decorated and painted around him! Nan Silve is OK, but she has a bad wrist. YAWWNNN...Mum has decorated and James's room has been done too (I said I was UNDER DURESS!) My Boss is still a bellend, and I am still focused on leaving. James is still on hols, but comes back Friday at 17.30 hours. Dad, also asked, where did Anna work, so he can pop into the staff room to get all his cutlery back?! Also, what time is good for you on the Skype front? As for some reason Mum wants to see your ugly faces? Seriously, Mum is suprised how much she doesnt miss you....HAHAHAHAHA. Only joking, your sorely missed by all esp. Mum (only Joking.....!) OUCH....Mum whacks usual (only joking about mum hitting me....!) Hope you are having a good time. Love, Joe, Mum, Dad....and Jattoo (James with his new Tattoo....LOL!) xxx P.s. I nearly didn't send this.....jokes!

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