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Jonathan Olsson

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The most dangerous strategy is to jump a chasm in two leaps.

-- Benjamin Disraeli

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador December 31st 2006

New Year Party South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador By JonteDecember 31st 2006Jonathan OlssonStill in Salvador, we're invited to a fancy party at an hotel complex. See the pictures! Brought our luggage to the hotel. Enjoyed the dinner, survived this year too! and the huge party after it. Our flight left Salvador sometime during the night, don't remember what time, but we got a taxi from the hotel there, took some work getting a driver to do that drive, that night... I'm getting used to these idiotic flights now. Arrived safely back in São Paulo, spent two more days there ... read more
Getting ready for dinner
Ready for dinner!
I said fancy, didn't I?

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador December 25th 2006

Christmas! South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador By JonteDecember 25th 2006Jonathan Olsson We considered back and forth what to do and where to go for christmas, finally we decided. Salvador, Pri's sister had been working at an hotel there and had already decided to go there over christmas to visit friends. We booked tickets for us on the 23'd and flew there on the 24'th! The airports were crowded... Arriving in Salvador was HOT! Damn, and I thought São Paulo was warm... Courtesy of friends, we had an awesome condo with an 8 meter wide panoramic window, just a few feet away f... read more
Christmas Party
Playing by the water
Playing by the water

South America » Brazil » São Paulo December 22nd 2006

After the insane events preceding my arrivel in Brazil, I'm finally here. God! I love this weather, to trade the snow and cold mud of Sweden, for walking around in shorts and a shirt morning to evening. São Paulo is a huge city, with 11 million habitants, or 29 million counting the entire metropolitan area. However you count it ranks high up in the lists... I've been here, staying with my friend Priscila and her familly now for a few days now. I've just enjoyed the time off, been out in the city, at the restaurants and many bars. Meeting friends, went to the tivoli outside of the city. Driving is insane - as expected, since I'd been warned ahead of time... redlights doesn't mean anything after dark. It's more dangerous to stay at them, ... read more
São Paulo 2
Chopstick food

South America » Brazil » São Paulo December 17th 2006

Finally, the day had come when I would get to visit South America, and Brazil! I had flight tickets, leaving from Gothenburg around 6 am om sunday morning! As things turn out, the travel god almost didn't let me leave the coldness of Sweden this time. I know beforehand I would have to work on saturday evening, quitting around 1 am, which was fine. I'd just stay up, go catch the flight and sleep over the atlantic. As usual, doing all the packing the very last minute, I got a call and had to fix some stuff for work during the day when I was supposed to be packing. Oh well, there's still lots of time between 1 am and 3 am when I need to leave for the airport. Having recently sold my car, I ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna July 25th 2006

In Vienna we felt like we were starting to get closer to home again, most people spoke good english and we had no problems communicating :) Or maybe it was just us getting used to gestures instead of words... We got hold of a (for our standards) big apartement, and since it was empty we got a good deal on it. Us three in an apartement with two rooms, and that would easilly host three more people in it - luxury! First thing we had to do was get a real wienerschnitzel. Then we went on to the usual walking around town as clueless tourists business... Second day we went and visited Schönbrunn Palace, which is one of the most important cultural monuments in Austria. It was suggested by our host that the palace was ... read more
Wien Film Festival
St. Stephen's Cathedral in moonlight
Schönbrunn Palace 1

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome July 23rd 2006

Got here around midnight and after some searching found a fairly priced hotel. Spent all day just walking around, looking at all the sights. Personally I liked the colosseum the best, unfortunately we got there too late to enter. In the evening we went to the Trevi Fountain. Viking and Pri walked down to get a nice picture close to the water and immediately one of the guys selling roses came up to them. Pri being from Brazil and just recently coming back from our stop in Morocco very well know their tricks. This guy was persistent though and offered to take their picture on the edge of the fountain. He basically took the camera from Viking and put the entire bouquet of roses in Pri's hands all while she tried hard not to touch them. ... read more
Vatican #1
Vatican #2
Vatican #3

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pisa July 21st 2006

We stayed a day and night in Nice, I was still feeling bad and since I spent almost a week there last year I mostly took it easy and didn't do much at all which was nice for a change. This "vacation" has been going in high-speed so far. Viking and Pri enjoyed the rocky beach and mediterranean water. After getting different messages from everyone we spoke to at the train-station we ended up just jumping on the train w/o booking any seats since the train was full anyway, we did find some seats in a coupé with an australian couple. We almost didn't get a train from Genova where we were to switch since there was some strike going on. Most or all regional trains including ours got cancelled and no ticket offices were open. ... read more
Pisa #2

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona July 20th 2006

Caught a night-train from some small spanish city, where we had soup for dinner, towards Barcelona. The soup was nice - to the taste. Both me and Viking didn't feel so good when we arrived in Barcelona, and we suspect the calamaris and shellfish, Pri didn't eat much of those. My stomache was quite upset all day and I mostly followed Pri and Viking as a zombie. Did manage to see the Gaudi church and some other things before catching the next night-train heading towards Nice.... read more
Gaudi #2
Gaudi #3

Next day in Marrakesh we figured we'd take on of the tourist-busses and get a guide instead of walking around by ourselves. There are two different tours, one that covers all the city and attractions, and one that goes out of the centre and shows "the beautiful gardens", both are included on the same ticket so naturally we wanted to get the most for our money. The beautiful gardens displayed on the pictures were all lush and green, the ones we saw were mostly dry and a bit of green here and there. The gardens are probably very nice, but I wouldn't recommend the tour if you visit in the hot/dry season. The highlight for everyone on the bus seemed to be the camels lying around when we got outside of the city. You would imagine ... read more
Breakfast #2
Jemaa el Fna
Tour #1

It's funny, you're a long way from home, there's people you don't know all around you and still you see the same people everywhere. I don' only mean that everyone look alike, one traveller the same as the next, no - the same people. It started in Albufeira where we made notice of a familly looking gypsy, speaking perfect english waiting for the same train as us. Later we also saw them on the bus to Sevilla. They then stepped into the same McDonald's at night in Sevilla, that may not be so odd since there weren't that many places open. Next time we saw them was not as obvious, a restaurant in Tanger that we had selected randomly just walking around, and not in the immedient city centre either. We've also been seeing two german ... read more

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