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Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap » Knar January 11th 2012

Cambodia – Siem Reap – The mighty temple of Angkor Wat and an unwelcome sneaky hand during a massage!! With my last night in Bangkok completed and my goodbyes said to Maam and Gav I got ready to get the bus to Siem Reap. Everything was really easy, I already had an e-visa organised a few weeks before hand and the bus journey, although a little tight on space was pretty painless. We stopped just short of the border for food and this is when the sales pitch commenced and the attitude of some of the staff took a slight u-turn. Because I already had my visa I was not a prime target for the sales team and my lovely orange square sticker I had to wear told them this, the cost of my visa was ... read more
Siem Reap - The pool at the hostel
Siem Reap - Angkor Wat
Siem Reap - The amazing cinema

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui January 4th 2012

Thailand – Koh Samui – Beach parties, paradise locations, buffalo fighting and a random pool party! I told you Thailand has everything. After the antics of Bangkok we all headed to one of Thailand’s better known Islands called Koh Samui in the South. The combination of the bus and ferry ride were very straight forward thanks to the help of Maam’s local knowledge. When we arrived at Koh Samui it was raining, not exactly what we had hoped for but fingers crossed it would improve fairly quickly. We found our hostel, checked in and ventured straight out for some food. To say the food was basic was a mild understatement, it was sticky rice and chicken from a road side vendor but to be honest none of us cared because we were so hungry by this ... read more
Koh Samui - Gav-lar and JP chilling
Koh Samui - Why did they only have pink?!
Koh Samui - Buffalo fighting - The fight

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Erawan NP December 24th 2011

Thailand - Kanchanaburi - Heavenly waterfalls and daylight "monkey" robbery! No sooner had I landed in Bangkok I would be on the move again to Kanchanaburi, this is where Maam and I would spend a few days before Gav would join us for the new year celebrations. After taking a late night minivan from Bangkok and sitting in traffic for what seemed like hours we eventually arrived. Because it was late I couldn't really appreciate the setting but the following morning all was revealed. It was like a mini swamp or tropical jungle with a central walkway leading to several huts and bungalows, it was incredibly beautiful and so quiet, I couldn't have asked for more and I really wasn't anticipating it. The next morning we hired a motorbike and set off to a well-known waterfall ... read more
Kanchanaburie - Maam and I using the local transport
Kanchanaburie - Erawan falls, the little shit that stole are food!
Kanchanaburie - Me looking good in my helmet!

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur » Bukit Bintang December 22nd 2011

A six month self-diagnosis and review! Well it's been six months since I left the UK to embark on this incredible experience and journey of a lifetime! I don’t know why but I felt like doing an alternative blog, one containing a few facts about my travels to date, a few lessons I've learnt and best of all what I've learnt about myself, or in some cases confirmation of what I thought I already knew. I hope this isn't to boring for you all, if it is then normal service will resume with the following blogs. A few random facts.......... Number of countries visited : 12 (But this does include two touch and goes on connecting flights so I guess 10 really.) Number of cities visited : 53 Approximate air miles : 26,270km Forms of transport ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur » Bukit Bintang December 20th 2011

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur (part 2) – A very random week involving my own little white Christmas and drift car madness. Following on from Brunei and the Outer Peninsular of Malaysia it was time to head back to Kuala Lumpur for six days before my flight back to Bangkok where I will be spending Christmas and New Year. I didn’t really have a great deal planned for KL as I had been here a few weeks back and apart from trying to go up the Petronas Towers and going to the Batu Caves I was wandering how I would pass the six days. Well this soon became pretty easy after instantly meeting to really nice guys called Tim and Stephen. They were pretty much in the same boat as me with none of us knowing what ... read more
KL - Drift finals
KL - View from the bridge at the Petronas Towers
The "Twitter" door

Asia » Brunei » Bandar Seri Begawan December 12th 2011

Brunei –Bandar Seri Begawan - An oil rich nation but a tale of two halves. Mt Kinabalu completed and fourteen hours later I'm on a ferry to Brunei along with a very achy body. I don't know what it is about the ferries in Malaysia but they seem to run them like cold storage units and it's simply so uncomfortable. Ok enough of my moaning, I'm grumpy when I'm tired so in all honesty it probably wasn't that bad. Anyway after a quick ferry change on an island mid-way I was on yet another bloody freezing ferry for the last leg of the journey. It was all pretty plain sailing and easy which was a welcome relief because I was exhausted and didn't want a stressful day. After hopping on the local bus I made my ... read more
Brunei - Water taxi's at the ready
Brunei - Boys and their toys
Brunei - Leaving the port at Kota Kinabalu

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Mount Kinabalu December 9th 2011

Malaysia – Kota Kinabalu – Another epic trek with two fellow travellers from……..NORWICH! When I stated in my last blog that normal service had resumed that wasn’t quite the case because things went a bit pear shaped after departing from my parents, I originally headed to the East Coast to a city called Kota Bharu because I was hoping to catch a ferry or maybe a flight to Borneo. Well as it turned out Kota Bharu was very un-interesting and the only sensible priced option to get to Borneo was to fly from Kuala Lumpur, bring on another ten hour bus journey back to KL, mistake number one. Mistake number two was trying to stay in budget accommodation whilst in Kota Bharu, after laying on my bed mid-afternoon for about twenty minutes I was covered in ... read more
Kota Kinabalu - The group looking fresh still
Kota Kinabalu - The amazing view at the top
Kota Kinabalu - The sign at the guesthouse

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi December 1st 2011

Malaysia - Langkawi and Penang – A great way to end the family get together! Our next destination was a small island called near the border with Thailand called Langkawi but in order to get there we needed to hop on board another bus from the Highlands to an island called Penang and then catch a ferry the following morning to Langkawi. So another 24 hours of travelling between locations was in store. I think Mum and Dad were starting to realise what some of my travelling life was like, not easy at times but don't get me wrong I'm not complaining. The bus journey to Panang was painless although not a VIP bus that dad had enjoyed previously but he made it without any issues, travelling result number two, back of the net! I might ... read more
Langkawi - More from the beach plus a bit of tree for artiitic affect
Langkawi - The Pregnant maiden mountain
Langkawi - Feeding time for the Eagles

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands » Tanah Rata November 26th 2011

Malaysia – The Cameron Highlands – An extreme never ending jungle trek and a new addition to the family travelling group for a couple of days. I’m sure you’ve all been eager to read the next blog after I left you in suspense from the previous blog, yeah right! Well as you can see from the photos the bus was thankfully a VIP bus and Dad is still talking to me. I’m sure if he’s being honest I think it’s fair to say he actually found it quite comfortable and seemed to be able to sleep for most of the journey, result! After reassuring my parents that there would be no need to book accommodation in advance and that it would simply be a case of just turn up and find something, I was a little ... read more
Cameron Highlands - The family shot
Cameron Highlands - Mum and Dad on their first bus
Cameron Highlands - Dad Picking his nose, I mean strawberries

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur » Bukit Bintang November 23rd 2011

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur - A family reunion a few thousand miles from home. A visit from my parents had been planned for many weeks and we had coordinated schedules several times to ensure I would be at the airport to meet Mum and Dad who would bravely (or foolishly) travel with me for ten days. Well I think it's fair to say I'm renowned for being an over the top planner as are my parents, this is why I was a little surprised at the airport when I asked where I could find the arrival area for the KLM flight from Amsterdam and their response was not here, different airport???? Not once did we consider KL has two airports and needless to say I landed at one and my parents at the other, Rodders you ... read more
KL - The Patronas Towers
KL - Mum ready for a dinner
KL - View from the square

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