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Europe » Germany » Saxony » Dresden November 21st 2010

Everyone in Munich has been telling me "oh la la Dresden is the most beautiful city in Germany". Seeing as my best friend lives there I thought I'd give it a shot. Deutsche Bahn (the national German railway) had a special offer for a few weeks if you ordered through their facebook. The offer was 25 Euro to go anywhere in Germany, no matter where, so I bought a ticket to Dresden to visit Mia for the weekend. Surprisingly, even though I had three connections, I got there without any problems. The ride from Munich was about 7 hours with all the connections and I arrived in Dresden at midnight on Friday. On Saturday I got to see where Mia (Her Blog) lives and some of the stores and shops in the area. She lives in ... read more
Fish Statue
the art district

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich November 14th 2010

Since the weather was really nice today I decided to walk around and see a section of Munich that I haven’t seen yet. We’ve had a huge storm blowing through Germany earlier this week, but yesterday and today have had beautiful weather. I went to the east bank of the Isar River and found almost all the sites that I had looked up and written down earlier. I took the U-Bahn to the East side of the river and got out at Max-Weber Platz. From there I walked west towards the river. The first sight I had planned was Maximilianeum, the seat of the Bavarian government. It’s in a huge walled enclosure and the building towered over the rest of the street. I walked along Maximiliansbrücke (Maximilian’s Bridge), which had a few cool statues. Halfway along ... read more
Isar with Saint Lukas Church
Saint Lukas Church

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich November 7th 2010

This blog is going to be more about pictures than words, because it's about the zoo! After sleeping a lot last night we took the U-Bahn south to the Thalkirchen stop, where the Tierpark Hellabrunn (the Munich zoo) is. I really liked the U-Bahn station at Thalkirchen, which was decorated with sketches of different animals, making it clear that this was the stop for the zoo. The zoo isn’t far from my home at all, only about 12 minutes or so with the U-Bahn I think. To get to the zoo from the station we had to walk across a bridge over the Isar River, which is the river that runs through Munich. The zoo in Munich is pretty unique. It was the first zoo to group the animals by their habitat geographically. We were there ... read more
aw :)
an orangutan fur ball

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Neuschwanstein November 6th 2010

Schloß Neuschwanstein is one of the many castles built by King Ludwig II during his reign. King Ludwig II is known also as the “fairy tale king”, because of this and the many other castles he built. Neuschwanstein was unfortunately never finished. Before the castle could be finished Ludwig was forced to abdicate by the members of government, because he was so deep in debt from building so many castles. The very next morning after arriving in Munich, he was found drowned in the Starnbergersee (where I went last weekend!). The circumstances of his death are still a mystery. Neuschwanstein is only one kilometer away from another castle called Schloß Hohenschwangau, which we were also able to see. Neuschwanstein is the castle that Walt Disney modeled the castle in Sleeping Beauty and the Disneyland castle after. ... read more
Beim Olivenbauer

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Starnberg November 1st 2010

12 miles south of Munich is the Starnbergersee. It’s one of the most historical lakes around Munich and people have been coming out to enjoy its beautiful sights and weather since the 1600’s. I was a little bit tired from the Prague trip, but since we have Monday off from school (a Bavarian holiday) I decided to join some friends who were buying reduced S-Bahn tickets to go visit the lake. We ended up doing a ton of walking. As soon as we stepped off the S-Bahn we were at the edge of the lake. The lake is really clear and clean and across the lake you can see the Alps towering above everything else. I saw then why this lake was a “must-see” of the lakes in Munich. Everyone wanted to stop and eat at ... read more
beautiful houses

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town October 31st 2010

So I'm finally in Prague. The ride here actually wasn't bad at all. I took a bus with Autobus Oberbayern, it was an amazing deal and I would recommend the company. The ride was only 6 hours from Munich and I got an awesome seat on the bus with a great view. It was a double decker bus and since I got there really early I got a seat on the top of the bus right in the front so I could see out the top windshield. I couldn't sleep on the bus, as usual, but the trip went really well. The countryside the whole way there was really beautiful. We passed a lot of beautiful small towns, rivers, and then through a few Czech towns. Crossing the border into the Czech Republic was just like ... read more
View from the Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge statue

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dachau October 24th 2010

Today, even though I was still tired from yesterday, I went with a group of friends from school to see the first Nazi concentration camp - Dachau Konzentrationslager. Seeing everything was more brutal than I thought. We walked the path that all the new inmates would have walked when they were sent to Dachau. On the gate to the camp was a sign that said “Arbeit Macht Frei”, which means “Work brings freedom.” After crossing the bridge and walking through this gate you were no longer a person, but a number. Out of the 200,000 prisoners sent here, at least 30,000 were killed. Some of the barracks inside were still intact or renovated and we saw the bunks and toilets and bathrooms of the prisoners. It was a freezing and wet day. Every time I thought ... read more
Arbeit Macht Frei
Never Again

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna October 24th 2010

We had a really great day today in Vienna. Our bus left at 6am so I got up at 4am to catch the U Bahn so I could make it on time. Some of the people who went stayed out all night Friday drinking and partying and came straight to the bus. I don't know how they did it, because I couldn't tour a city drunk. The bus ride was 6 hours and we stopped halfway in a small town in the Alps. Our bus was a double decker and all of the students with us had the top section reserved. And since we drove next to the Alps all day we had an awesome view. The rest area we stopped at was really cool. It was a hotel with an awesome breakfast dining room with ... read more
My day
Our first break from the bus

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Passau October 16th 2010

Today Mia and I went on the trip with the school to Passau, a small town in Germany that the Danube river flows through. Passau is actually known as a river city because three different rivers all meet here, the Danube, Inn, and Ilz rivers.. We took the train there and got to see a lot of the countryside. When we got there we went to the two domes church first. We took a lot of pictures outside and walked around the courtyard for a little bit. Unfortunately, just like the Frauenkirche in Munich, one of the towers was under construction. There was a concert going on inside so we had to come back later to go in. After seeing the two domes we went to a traditional Bavarian restaurant and most of us got wiener ... read more
Photo 4
Photo 9
Photo 3

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich October 11th 2010

October 11, 2010 It's been a stressful day, but I got a lot done. I had classes at noon so this morning I went grocery shopping since I moved into my new place. I still need to get some bowls and other silverware, but I'm ok for now. After class I went to the gym, then I took all my clothes to the laundry mat and got that done. Tomorrow I'm meeting everyone to decide which museums we're going to see on Saturday night. In case I didn't already explain, we're going to Die Lange Nacht der Münchner Museen, which is a local special deal type thing here in Munich. We pay 15 euro up front for a ticket, then from 7pm to 2am we have a bus that takes us to any of the 90 ... read more
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Schloss Nymphenburg

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