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10th August 2010

envious of Russia
Just love your notes on Russia - a must trip for us. so glad that John does what Rob does and hangs back to take piccies....very precious...... I think they both have the same listening powers or maybe they don't understand....... Love all your comments about the weather......we know what you are going through hot cold and comfortable. Love to you all - we are thinking of you and following your tracks. Love the renovation house also obviously Dianne is not satisfied with the reno we sent her....he he
9th August 2010

Ireland travels
Hi all - Ireland looks lovely and just as you would imagine it to be. Also, what's wrong with a pub crawl over Ireland - would have thought that was a given!!!
7th August 2010

Re: england
HI brother - yes enjoyed our short time in London and am loving Ireland - just like Ballarat when we were growing up - in so many ways! Love the irish people and their food - oh yum! I have written down your new email address - didn't have it and emails I have tried to send to you have bounced back - must go shower now and get on with our travels - be good and take care both of you xxxx
5th August 2010

Irish pubs
Hi Lyn and John - looks like you are trying all the Irish pubs you can find!! Looks great!!
From Blog: Ireland - Dublin
4th August 2010

Envious again
Hey can you not once do when in" rome do as the romans do"!!! trust you 2 to have chilled wine on a muslim plane. PLus it was only a short flight oh thats not right you did not fly out of Darwin did we???? Glad you are having a good time whilst we freeze up here with cool winds and lots of sun sun sun hey and we dont pay to chase it it!!! take care guys catch up with you both in Brizzie at Xmas and Kay's big Birtday bash 20th
2nd August 2010

Hi Lyn - have been reading all your blogs entered over the last few days (its all I have got energy for on a Monday afternoon) have been really busy since returning from Hong Kong. Looks like you and John are having a great time and seeing lots of historical interesting buildings - you even looked good in the photo on the hottest day in 300 years?? Really liked that very attractive locally made red hat Lyn - very becoming I hope you whipped out your purse and bought it?? Look forward to catching up soon.. XMary
2nd August 2010

St Catherine's Palace
Hi to you all - love the photo of the Palace - hard to believe the scale of the place. To live in such a palace would take you so long to get from one end to the other in a day!! Keep you fit!! While you have been sweltering - Ken and I went to Adelaide - absolutely freezing cold!!! Rather have been you than us!! Love Noveen
1st August 2010

always interesting!
Mmm, St Petersburg - amazing to see, but don't know whether I will include it in my list of where to go particularly if Mr What will be there. Hope you are well and out of the heat! x
28th July 2010

That Hat!!!
Where on earth did you get that hat. You can bring one back. NOT!!!! Looks like a tea cosy.
From Blog: Baltic Sea
28th July 2010

Looks like you are having a good time!
Hi Lyn - you certainly are getting around. Berlin photos interesting - not sure about the two men kissing!! How's Dianne, is she better from her Shingles? How cold is it on the ship? I see John is wearing a jacket up on deck. I suppose you are sailing in the North Sea so I would expect it would be chilly!! You will be experts at Canasta by the time you get back! Look forward to the next instalment. Love Noveen and Ken
From Blog: Baltic Sea
26th July 2010

England is special
We were so impressed with England we will go back for longer next time. Do you agree? Sounds like you had a great time. Hope the cruise is great and enjoy the food/brandy. Try not to put on as much weight as I did. Catch you later or when you get home.
23rd July 2010

glad to hear you still have brandy time
Hi Guys Love your blog - always so well written and entertaining. Mmm, I think London won't be on my list of places to see, well, stay for a long period! Hope the cruise is going well and your room is a decent size. Hear from you soon. Keep having fun. Eva x
22nd July 2010

Hello - you have been busy!!!
Hi Lyn and John - wow! you have been busy. Great photos! The size of hotel rooms in England is a surprise - not used to such small rooms and no facilities - Aussies are truely spoilt! Can I say thank you so much for the gift voucher, hoping you didn't have to pay for it. Looking forward to the massage in particular!
22nd July 2010

Sounds fab so far, bugger about the bag[s] and the buskers wonderful!!!
12th January 2010

Another string to your bow
Your blogs of this fabulous holiday have been read with great interest and and set off by the photographs. Perhaps with the coming year's planned travels you could be set to make a travelogue, hence the comment title. Good luck to you both and may 2010 be just a wonderful experience. I look forward to more arm-chair travel.
11th January 2010

Hi Eva, We've just had the best time on our holidays together - can't imagine doing all this with anyone else - it has been fantastic. Heading home tomorrow all being well with the flights... leave it to the Gods - and hey if we don't get there - well - we'll keep travelling on!! xxxx
From Blog: January 10th
11th January 2010

G'day - LOL - Just read about Monsteratt - well done on all points - amazing what courage one has when they are on holiday! I have visions of you trying to catch that train, and sorry, but had to laugh. Glad you have had such fun, and the scenery looks pretty good! Enjoy the rest of your trip! x
From Blog: January 10th
11th January 2010

Accommodation in Barcelona
There are many great hotels and if you want to stay in an apartment then check out - it has some great little apartments all over the place here and would do that next time we come here - you can stay in most of them from 2 days to several months.
11th January 2010

Noveen & Ken
Hi guys, forget the rabbit - in any shape or form thanks - forgot to mention that one day we thought we'd give lamb one more try and ended up with goat!! Yes am calling John the Michelin Man!! We have walked our damn feet off everywhere but have still put on a little bit of weight and will be working it off as soon as we get home that's for sure. We have had the best time this last month & sadly heading home tomorrow afternoon and should be back by Thursday I think. We've been checking the weather very often for Frankfurt just in case - but hey if we don't get back - we'll keep holidaying!!! We are loving it.
From Blog: January 10th
10th January 2010

Are your clothes getting too tight?
Hi Lyn & John, after all the eating and drinking you have been doing I hope you have walked millions of miles to work off your restaurant food!! The restaurant in the Hotel looked absolutely beautiful!! Monsterrat looks great did you expect snow? We have been watching the weather in Europe particularly England which is completely snowed in and wondering how this would affect you. I would imagine Frankfurt is going to have plenty of snow as well hope all goes well. Ken says we will have a good rabbit stew waiting for you on your return! Stay safe. Love Noveen and Ken
From Blog: January 10th
5th January 2010

Hi Eva!! We are having a ball here and have had a fantastic holiday so far - only a couple of very minor hiccups but boy, have we had fun - so much to see and do - and so much to drink too.... Am about to do more blogs and photos - also check out the facebook.
5th January 2010

Happy New Year! Tried to read your earlier comments, but computer playing up. Sure sounds like you guys are having fun apart from driving in Rome. Now enjoy the shopping in Barcelona I hear it is pretty good, and you do realise that if you don't have enough baggage you can always have your extra purchases sent home!!!!! Keep enjoying yourselves. And by the way, we are looking at a few 40* (temperature) days here in SA in the next few days! Wouldn't you love to swap places? xxx
3rd January 2010

Look out Barcelona...they're back
What a great finale to the cruise ,Iraklion sounds wonderful then the three onboard shows to finish it all off , just perfect. Now for that shopping spree in Barcelona, happy hunting, can't wait to hear what you buy. Interesting about the interview hope it all works out. Will love seeing all the photos later, the ones on here are all marvellous. Love always xxx
2nd January 2010

HI Mum, All is good and another blog done today - hope you enjoy - will bore you with more photos when we get home. Love you
From Blog: Athens/Piraeus
2nd January 2010

We stayed the night before our cruise at the Catedral but will be staying in a different one for 9 nights so will let you know about that one.

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