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31st October 2011

I for one must admit that I felt close to you before, and after those two days much more. And I made a new friend in John K as well.
1st November 2011

To Cousin Tom
Now aren't you glad that you met up with Crazy Great Aunt Max and her lovely husband John under the Neolithic skies? Let's meet up in the Derbyshire soon. I will miss you so much until then.
31st October 2011

How FUN!!!
I can officially say I'm all caught up with all your wonderful blogs. A piece of me feels as though I was there with you, with your details to historical sites and delicious dinings. Thank you for the history, fun and food! One day TC and I will travel in the same direction, and I feel like we'll have a head start with your travel fun, trials, and mishaps that turned into wonderful surprises. It's not just about getting there; it's about enjoying every moment of that road that's going to get you there, whether it's the right one or not. Thank you for that life lesson Max & John. Life is too short to worry about wrong turns. Unless of course you're running late to the airport :)) Peace to you both, Val
1st November 2011

To Val and TC
I hope that we have spurred you on with travel plans and we are so happy to have helped. Glad to have you with us as we traveled--you really can't know how much it helps to reach out to friends and family as you set out on unknown roads. Love to all Max and John
30th October 2011

Nice picture
While you say you are forcing a smile, it is a nice picture of both of you. We are not looking forward to that trip home on the plane either. We will have to remember the champagne.
12th October 2011

you just go to one of the hundred barclays rentabike machines, pay 2 quid on your credit card, and you are off! Then you leave it at any machine. Easy as making hay.
31st October 2011

Now if I could just remember how to ride a bike.
12th October 2011

To Jennifer:
One of my DNA cousins is related to one of the many mistresses of Charles II. We were hatching a plan to write an historical fiction bodice buster about her, but then found that one had already been published. Appears to be a whole genre.
11th October 2011

Now you have a growing list of things you want to get bacl to on your next trip! Nell Gwynn was one of Charles II\'s mistresses, and it was because she wanted to be an actress and had the ear and several other parts of the king under command, that women finally got the right to perform on the stage again in England (you\'ll recall that in Shakespeare\'s day (and up into the reign of Charles II), all parts were played by men. Charles II had quite a few mistresses. Nell was distinguished by being the Protestant among them.
6th October 2011

Welcome home
Hope you're both sad and happy to be back. Cheers!
1st October 2011

i want a baby hedgehog!!!! Bring me a baby hedgehog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, please, please, please, puhhhhleeeeease!
30th September 2011

Keep the pictures and story line flowing
Someone talked about the worst summer in years? All your photos show blue sky? Guess you didn't take pictures when it was raining? I want the guest house.
17th September 2011

Glad you are keeping the tradition of Zesty Walks alive - and expanding it beyond just happening around meal times!
16th September 2011

I don\'t think I completed my comment correctly for it suddenly disappeared. To Repeat: I love \"traveling\" with you. You make it all so interesting and fun! You always have great adventures. Thanks!
15th September 2011

too good
too good a time to do the blogging? that\'s how travel should be.....
12th September 2011

good to hear you made it across both the pond and the channel. Max ,you look great pith a pint, John not so much :) Enjoy
12th September 2011

You guys look more awake than I would be under the same circumstances! Keep having a great time! :)
12th September 2011

Glad you guys made it there safely! Being retired military, I've had the opportunity to travel the globe. England and Ireland were 2 places I never made it to. Now go have fun and keep the posts coming!
10th September 2011

To Caitlin
YOU thought it was crazy seeing Alan in Heathrow? Try being us...and by the way Alan, you're not Jewish, you're a Brit like everyone else!
10th September 2011

So glad you landed safe and sound!!!! i'm already green with envy, so you better keep these blogs a'comin.' Love you both! ps - How is Alan supposed to hand over the keys when he's so busy welcoming people to Ireland? (i really thought you had photo shopped a picture of him onto that poster!)
21st November 2010

Re: Morsels
Hello Diane, It was out pleasure!
16th November 2010

Narratives you can taste
Max - your descriptions of people, places and food are so complete that I feel like I know exactly of what you speak. Your narratives put the reader there, where you are. Thanks for these scrumptious morsels of life!
11th November 2010

Re: Salisbury to Greenwich
Glad to have brought back some memories for you. We loved England and hope to return soon!
11th November 2010

Re: Laser
That is very awesome! Thanks for pointing it out. Gosh, we do good work..
10th November 2010

Salisbury to Greenwich
I have just read your blog (first time reading a stranger's travels, I'm British by birth and live in Australia). I cannot believe that someone would feed you sausages and mash (or even haggis) for dinner in Southern England. Either roast lamb or roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, surely, would be the meal of the day!!! Salisbury is a beautiful city to visit, with the cathedral and spire especially. My husband and son spent happy hours visiting the Greenwich Observatory on their last vist together. Australians do not have a problem driving in the UK, as we also drive on the left.

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